Create a Stunning One Page Website in Minutes with No Coding

published on 07 October 2023

Introduction: Why Create a Single Page Website

One page websites have become increasingly popular in recent years for several key reasons:

  • They load faster and are easier for visitors to navigate since all the main content is accessible on one page with minimal scrolling required. This improves user experience, especially on mobile devices where attention spans are short. Studies show that users spend 20-40% more time on websites with single page layouts.

  • The single page format works very well for simple websites that are focused on converting visitors into leads or sales. It allows you to guide users through a clear path and call them to action at the optimal points.

  • You can showcase your brand, products/services, and all your most important information together on one visually striking page. This works great for small businesses, portfolios, landing pages, and more.

  • Typical sections on a one pager include a hero banner, about section, services/features, testimonials, contact info, and more. You control the exact layout and flow.

  • With a single page site, users don't have to hunt through menus and get lost clicking around multiple pages to find what they need.

For these reasons, one page websites are fantastic for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses looking to create a lean yet powerful online presence optimized for conversions.

Choosing the Right Page Builder for One Page Websites

With the right page builder tool, anyone can create a beautiful, functional one page website without needing to code. But how do you select the best option for your needs?

Key Features to Look For

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a page builder if you want to create a high-converting one page site:

  • Drag and drop editor - Easily build your page visually by dragging and dropping elements like text, images, buttons, and more. This is much faster than coding everything by hand. Look for builders with intuitive editors.

  • Library of templates - Professionally designed one page templates kickstart your website and save tons of time compared to designing from scratch. Leverage great designs.

  • Mobile responsiveness - Since one pagers are often used as landing pages, they must adapt seamlessly across desktop, tablets, and mobile to maximize conversions. Pick adaptive sites.

  • SEO optimization - Page builders that allow you to configure metadata like page titles and descriptions are ideal. Plus automatic inclusion of SEO best practices.

  • Integrations - Forms, payment, live chat, email marketing, and other integrations are key for capturing leads and sales from your site. Find comprehensive options.

  • Analytics - Understanding your visitor behavior is crucial. Choose a builder with built-in analytics and A/B testing capabilities.

Top Page Builders for One Page Sites

Here are some of the most popular and capable page builders specifically for crafting effective one page websites:

  • Unicorn Platform - Offers customizable one page templates along with a powerful drag and drop editor and website builder tailored for startups and SaaS businesses.

  • Leadpages - Specializes in conversion-focused one page landing pages with hundreds of templates plus A/B testing.

  • Instapage - Similar to Leadpages with a heavy focus on A/B and multivariate testing for landing page optimization.

  • PageCloud - Simplified editor to create smooth one page sites along with ecommerce capabilities.

  • Carrd - Great for minimalist personal one page websites and portfolios.

  • Shogun - Landing page builder that streamlines creating high-converting pages on Shopify sites.

With these user-friendly page builders that require no coding knowledge, anyone can craft a beautiful one pager tailored to their unique business needs.

Design Tips for Engaging One Page Websites

While tools make building one page sites easy, great design sets sites apart and engages visitors. Here are some key design tips for core sections on any effective one page website:

Hero Section

Your hero banner is like the cover of a good book - it introduces your brand and hooks visitors within seconds. Include:

  • A catchy headline like "Stunning Websites Made Easy" and subheading that immediately convey your value proposition

  • Relevant, high-quality images or graphics that align with your brand style. Use appealing visuals like a product demo screenshot or team photos.

  • A prominent call to action button like "Start Free Trial" to guide visitors to take your desired next step

  • Messaging that clearly establishes your brand identity and key differentiators from competitors

  • Minimal clutter, negative space, and visual focus on the core hook

About Section

The About section is your chance to briefly explain your business, product, or service and build credibility with visitors. Be sure to:

  • Explain who you are, what you do, who you help, and what makes you different. Share your origin story.

  • Build trust with certifications, testimonials, security badges, etc. that reinforce your legitimacy. For example, include a Trustpilot rating.

  • Include logos of recognizable brands you've worked with or are affiliated with if possible.

  • Focus on the problems you solve and the outcomes/benefits you provide customers. Prevent pain points.

  • Use tight, scannable copy that communicates your value clearly and concisely

Services/Features Section

The Services or Features section highlights your core offerings, products, or capabilities. Best practices include:

  • Bullet points, icons, graphics to communicate key details at a glance

  • 2-3 columns to logically organize multiple services/features

  • Emphasize the specific value and differentiation of each item from competitors

  • Link out to dedicated pages for more details on each service (if applicable)

  • Above the fold placement so visitors see this content immediately

Call-to-Action (CTA) Section

CTAs convert your one page site's visitors into leads and customers. Include:

  • A free offer, like a free trial, demo, consultation, or downloadable resource in exchange for their email

  • Compelling, action-focused button copy like "Get My Free Guide", "Start My Free Trial", etc.

  • Focus on one primary CTA instead of distracting visitors with too many options

  • Reinforce the key benefit or solution you provide the customer

  • Place the CTA strategically in the visitor flow and make the button visually stand out on the page

With these design considerations in mind, you can craft an incredibly effective one page website optimized for conversions.

Optimizing Your One Page Website for Conversions

Beyond great design, optimizing your one page site for speed, clarity, and user experience will maximize conversions. Here are crucial tips:

Speed Up Page Load Times

Nothing kills conversions faster than a slow loading page. Optimize speed with these tips:

  • Image compression - Use a tool like TinyPNG to reduce image file sizes without losing quality.

  • Lazy loading - Only load visible images first, then render others as users scroll.

  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files by removing unnecessary spaces, comments and characters.

  • Enable caching in your web host control panel to store static assets for faster loads.

  • Defer non-critical scripts lower on the page when possible.

  • Reduce HTTP requests through caching, image sprites, and avoiding unnecessary plugins.

Focus on Most Important Content

  • Prioritize above the fold space to showcase your hero CTA, headline, and key differentiators.

  • Draw maximum attention to your primary CTA - bold colors, strategic placement, etc.

  • Guide visitors through your desired conversion flow using layout, visual hierarchy, and clear messaging.

  • Remove distractions or unnecessary elements that compete for attention.

Mobile Optimization

With Google prioritizing mobile-friendly pages, responsive design is essential:

  • Use responsive frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation to adapt site layout across devices.

  • Check site on actual mobile devices, not just the emulator, to catch issues.

  • Simplify messaging for smaller screens using shorter paragraphs, more whitespace, etc.

  • Ensure tap targets are large enough for fat fingers on touchscreens.

  • Carefully craft information hierarchy and layout specifically for mobile users.

Include Quality Calls-to-Action

  • Place CTAs strategically at points where visitors are primed to convert based on your customer journey mapping.

  • Match CTA to the emotional appeal of specific page sections like social proof testimonials.

  • Make CTAs prominent, colored buttons that visually stand out on the page.

  • Use action-oriented language like "Add to Cart" or "Get Started Now" for button copy.

  • Limit competing CTAs on page that distract visitors and diffuse conversions.

With relentless focus on speed, clarity, and thoughtful UX design, your one page website will convert visitors into customers and leads at maximum rates.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In summary, one page websites provide a lean yet powerful way for businesses to create an online presence optimized for conversions. With the right page builder, anyone can now build stunning one page sites in minutes without coding.

Focus your design on speed, clarity of messaging, strategic CTAs, and guiding visitors through your desired path. Craft an exceptional user experience that engages visitors above the fold and eliminates friction.

Leverage the simplicity and focus of the one page format to capture more leads and drive more sales for your startup, service, or product.

Continuously measure results using analytics and A/B testing tools. Then refine and optimize your one pager for higher conversion rates over time.

Ready to create your own high-converting one page website? Check out Unicorn Platform's easy drag and drop builder designed specifically for startups and SaaS businesses to launch quickly.

With a well-designed one page website that speaks directly to your customers, you can establish a disruptive online presence and dramatically grow your business.

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