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published on 13 November 2023


A single page personal website is a great way to showcase your best work, skills, and story in one place online. Unlike traditional multi-page sites, a one page site allows you to present the most important information about yourself on a single screen.

The benefits of this approach include simplicity, visual focus, and ease of creation. With the right design, content strategy, and development, a single page site can serve as an online resume, portfolio, or personal brand.

In this post, we'll provide a guide to building your own effective single page personal website. We'll cover key principles for the visual design, crafting compelling content, technical implementation, optimizing conversion and engagement, and growing your site over time.

Whether you're a designer, developer, photographer, writer, or simply looking for a personal space online, a tailored one page site can help you tell your story and leave a lasting impression. Let's get started!

Design Principles and Best Practices

The visual design of your single page site sets the tone and shapes the user experience. Follow these best practices when planning your design:

  • Use an attractive color palette - Limit your colors and aim for a palette that enhances your brand. Bold accent colors can make key elements stand out.

  • Pick easy-to-read fonts - Font pairings with contrasting styles work well. Combine a headline font with a complementary text font.

  • Organize clear content sections - Arrange your sections in a logical flow using whitespace between elements.

  • Focus on visual hierarchy - Make important items like headlines and calls-to-action prominent in the layout.

  • Simplify navigation - With one page, navigation is straightforward. Include simple internal page links.

  • Add visual interest - Use original imagery, illustrations, or video clips to enhance the design.

  • Leverage tools like Unicorn Platform - The customizable editor makes it easy to tweak fonts, colors, and layouts. Explore their wide selection of professionally designed templates to save time and effort over building from scratch.

Keep your site uncluttered and draw attention to what matters most. The goal is an intuitive flow focused on your projects and story.

Crafting Your Content Strategy

With a single page site, your content needs to be concise yet compelling. Here are some tips:

  • Highlight your best work - Curate a portfolio of your top 3-5 most impressive projects or products to focus attention on quality over quantity.

  • Summarize about you briefly - Focus your story on elements most relevant to your goals.

  • Make contacting easy - Prominently display contact info and include contact forms.

  • Include social proof - Testimonials and client logos can build credibility. Consider including a dedicated testimonials section.

  • Write succinctly - Every word counts. Trim unnecessary text and get straight to the point.

  • Feature visuals - Images, video, and graphics make content more engaging.

  • Link to detail pages - For more info on projects or services, link off to separate pages.

The core sections to include are About, Work, and Contact. Treat your site content like an online resume - customize it for your audience.

Implementing Your Site Technically

Once your design is set and content created, it's time to technically implement your site. Here are key steps:

  • Choose your platform - Use a website builder like Unicorn Platform for easy drag-and-drop creation. Their pre-built templates, drag and drop editor, and integrated forms/plugins simplify development tremendously.

  • Make it fast - Optimize images, enable caching, and minify code to ensure quick load times.

  • Ensure responsiveness - Test across devices and make fully mobile-friendly.

  • Handle forms and integrations - Connect forms to services like email providers. Embed calendars, chats, etc.

  • Implement analytics - Add tracking codes to measure traffic and engagement.

  • Optimize SEO elements - Include meta titles, descriptions, alt text, and headings. Generate a sitemap.

  • Go live - Choose a custom domain, enable SSL, test thoroughly, and promote your new site.

Take advantage of the wide array of pre-built components and integrations platforms like Unicorn provide to simplify development. As the site grows over time, consider integrating with CMS platforms like WordPress for additional content creation and SEO capabilities.

Optimizing Conversion and Engagement

Driving conversions and engagement is crucial for single page sites. Here are some optimization tips:

  • Highlight clear calls-to-action - Use contrasting buttons for key actions like contacting you.

  • Focus contact forms on key fields - Reduce friction by only asking for essential info upfront.

  • Summarize your value proposition - Clearly articulate your skills and experience.

  • Make contacting easy - Include links to email, phone, social profiles in the header and footer.

  • Display prominent contact info - Repeating your contact details increases conversions.

  • Feature customer testimonials - Success stories build trust and credibility with visitors.

Test different page elements and be relentless about providing visitors with an easy path to get in touch.

Growing Your Site Over Time

Launching your site is only the first step. To maximize its value long-term:

  • Drive organic traffic - Create content and optimize for search to gain organic visitors.

  • Leverage social media - Share your site and content across your social platforms.

  • Add fresh projects - Update with new work samples, testimonials, and accomplishments.

  • Track analytics - Identify opportunities to test and optimize page elements.

  • Promote offsite - Link to your new site from other profiles and platforms.

Continue iterating on your design, content, and technical implementation to make your single page site as compelling as possible for new and returning visitors.


A tailored single page personal website is an impactful way to showcase your best self online. With the right strategic approach to design, content, and technical execution, you can create a site that stands out and achieves your goals.

The benefits of simplicity, visual storytelling, and ease of creation make the single page format ideal for personal sites. Follow the tips covered in this guide to develop your own one page website and take control of how you present yourself on the web. Check out Unicorn Platform to explore how their website builder can simplify creating your single page site.

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