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What people say

  • "I can't think of any other landing page builder that is better and
    prettier than Unicorn. We put together a landing for Funden within hours
    instead of days. The best part is that the UX is not overwhelming: you have
    all the gears you need and zero fuss. Love it."

    Daniel from Funden App
  • "Unicorn is super easy to use and fast in terms of performance. More than anything, I love the support Alexander offers. I would vote this as the best landing page builder in the market."

  • "Unicorn Platform is by far the easiest tool I've ever used to launch a landing page and validate my ideas. Plus, they have great tech support :)"

    David, founder of
  • "Unicorn Platform allows us to spend time focusing on what we tell our customers while still having a nice and professional-looking landing page."

  • "Is Unicorn Platform limited? Yes.
    Is it worth it? Absolutely, YES.

    It forced me to focus on the customer journey and removed the distraction of the flashy animations. I'm a paid user and intending to use it for all my marketing landing pages going forward."

  • "We tried many website builders, and would confidently say that Unicorn Platform is the most modern among all. Beautiful templates and well-designed pre-built blocks make Unicorn a great choice for all startups. We've got so many compliments on our website, thanks to the Unicorn Platform. We highly recommend everyone to try it out!"

    Read the story in our company blog.
  • "Unicorn Platform is certainly a good tool to create engaging landing pages. What we do like about the platform is its rapid evolution. From a static page generator, it has eventually grown into a full-scale website builder with the chance to create inner pages, edit fonts and colors, connect third-party services, and more."

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