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Use our gallery of components that are a perfect fit for any NFT websites. Designed by crypto-geeks like you.

  • 1

    Showcase your NFTs

    Use a gallery component to list your beautiful assets.
    Displayed well on all devices.

    Unicorn Platform gallery component
  • 2

    Add a roadmap

    Your project has a a big future.
    Tell your audience about your plans to engage them more.

    Unicorn Platform roadmap component
  • 3

    Present your team

    Use one of our Team components to tell the visitors about your amazing team.

    Unicorn Platform team component
  • 4

    Add FAQ

    They have questions. You have answers.
    Use the FAQ component to inform them.

    Unicorn Platform FAQ component
  • 5

    Embed Discord

    Your Discord community is the hearth of your project. Embed your server widget in 2 minutes to get more members.

    Unicorn Platform Discord embed

Use the special template for a super quick start

We designed a ready-to-use website template for NFT projects. It is yours. Click here to view and copy the template. For free. 

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