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Unicorn Platform is a simple no-code landing page builder for startups, mobile apps, and SaaS – at 1/13 the cost of Unbounce.

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Easy visual builder

Unbounce requires extra hours of work just to make your website look good.

Unicorn Platform makes building websites a breeze. Use beautiful pre-designed components. Start from blank or choose a template.

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Create a blog in seconds

There are no blogs in Unbounce. Get ready to pay extra money for a 3rd party blogging solution.

Unicorn Platform provides built-in blogs out of the box. Get both landing page and blog under one account. Turn your readers into customers.

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Save $75 per Month

This is how much you'll save by choosing Unicorn Platform's Maker plan over Unbounce's Launch plan. 

Every Unicorn Platform plan includes:

  • 👯‍♂️ Unlimited monthly visits

    Compared to Unbounce's 20,000 visits per month limitation on Launch plan.

  • 🏆 Unlimited conversions

    Compared to Unbounce's 500 conversions per month limitation on Launch plan.

Fully responsive.
No need to adjust anything

Unbounce forces you to make manual adjustments for mobiles.

Every page on Unicorn Platform is automatically adapted for every device.

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Unicorn Platform vs. Unbounce

Unicorn Platform 🦄


From $6/month
From $81/month
Free plan
✗ 14-day trial
Landing pages
Custom domains
Website templates
Live chat support
✓ Automatic
Unlimited visitors
Unlimited conversions
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"Not only can you make beautiful landing pages, but this tool helps you focus on content, and consider how to position your product..this can be very important for early stages. The different modules give you a helpful structure to craft your story. Plus you can build subscribers!"

Graeme Fulton

Founder of Letter

So why should I prefer Unicorn Platform over Unbounce?

The biggest disadvantage of Unbounce is the price. The cheapest plan is $81/month, and you will be forced to upgrade when the number of your visitors and conversions grows.

Unicorn Platform is affordable for everyone. The basic “Maker” plan is only $6/month when paid annually. It's 13.5 times cheaper than Unbounce. You will not be forced to upgrade if you don’t need to. The number of visitors and conversions is not limited in any way.

If you’d like to test Unbounce before purchasing it, you’ll face another difficulty – there is no free plan. Only a 14-day trial.

You can try Unicorn Platform for as long as you need to. There is a free-forever plan with unlimited builder functionality. You can create and publish 1 website and 1 blog for free. Upgrade only when you need to connect a custom domain or to get more websites.

The drag & drop editor in Unbounce requires extra time and effort to get things right. You will have to edit components manually to make them look good, align blocks and adjust content for mobile devices.

Unicorn Platform makes creating websites a matter of minutes. Choose one of the pre-designed components and customize them easily. Zero skills are required to make a beautiful landing page.

The built-in blog is the feature that Unbounce lacks completely. If you wish to use a blog to promote your product, you will have to pay for another service.

Unicorn Platform provides a blogging solution out of the box. Create a blog and start writing in a couple of clicks. Your blog will be automatically connected to your landing page.

Give it a try ✨

Unicorn Platform is a modern website and blog builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try the magic for free.

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