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Unicorn Platform is a simpler alternative to WordPress.
SEO-ready, fast and responsive out of the box.

Sign up and start building instantly. No credit card required.
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Wondering why you should consider Unicorn Platform over WordPress?

Building a website with WordPress is not a pleasant experience. It's not a cheap one either. And the results are not neceserrily fast, responsive or good-looking.

If you are looking for a modern website builder that allows you to create responsive websites quickly, then you should definitely give Unicorn Platform a try. Interested? There's more down here 👇

Everything a perfect landing page needs

Design, build, launch and host easily — with no additional plugins installations required.

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    Unicorn Platform provides all the essential tools

    Unicorn Platform has all the features you need. We have marketing tools integrations, form integrations, Stripe integration. All native and lightning-fast.

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    WordPress requires additional installation for everything

    You need plugins for everything. Free pluigns break, conflict, cause security issues and slow your website. Paid plugins works well, but you need to pay each time you need to make an update.

Rank Higher on Google

Unicorn Platform provides everything that Google loves. Fast loading speed, clean code, responsiveness, CDN, SSL.

We take speed seriously

Unicorn Platform uses CDN to deliver images and CSS/JS, uses smart caching. It was designed to work fast .

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Fully responsive.
No need to adjust anything

WordPress requires themes manipulations and extra effort to make your website work well on mobile devices. 

Every page on Unicorn Platform is automatically adapted for every device.

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Friendly experience

Unicorn Platform requires zero design and coding skills.

Easy visual builder

Build beautiful websites quickly. 100% zero code. Start from blank or choose a template.

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Live support

We have a live chat 😉
Ask us anything a get a support of a real human.

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Unicorn Platform vs. WordPress

Unicorn Platform 🦄


Custom code
From $6/month
From $4/month
Visual editor
✓ Included
Up to $999/year
✓ Included
Up to $600/year
✓ Included
Up to $599/year
Website templates
✓ Included
Up to $129 per theme
Live chat support
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"Unicorn Platform is by far the easiest tool I've ever used to launch a landing page and validate my ideas. Plus, they have great tech support :)"

David A. Chang

Co-Founder of Sidewise

So why should I switch to Unicorn Platform from WordPress?

We made Unicorn Platform because we got tired of WordPress 🙇
We got tired of plugins conflicts, of themes bugs, of slow loading speed and exhausting user experience.

We believe that WordPress is powerful. But this level of power is not necessary for everybody.
If you just need a landing page and blog, there should be a simpler solution. And this solution is Unicorn Platform

We understand that making a switch may be troublesome. So we offer you to just try
Unicorn Platform before making any serious steps. Get familiar with our builder, put it in your toolbelt and may be use it for your future projects.

Give it a try ✨

Unicorn Platform is a modern website and blog builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try the magic for free.

Secret deal for ex-WordPress users only: use the MODERN20 discount code to get a 20% discount on any plan. No strings attached.


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