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Unicorn Platform is a super easy-to-use alternative to Webflow that is actually affordable.

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Create Glorious Websites in Minutes 🚀

Sign up, build a rad landing page, publish it online — all within a single day.

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    Unicorn Platform is as simple as ABC

    No need to edit every single pixel. Focus on the content while all the noise is kept aside.

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    Webflow is complex and requires a ton of time

    While providing vast functionality, Webflow requires days of hard learning before you can see the first results.

Save $64 per Year

This is how much you'll save by choosing Unicorn Platform's Maker plan over Webflow's Basic plan. 

Every Unicorn Platform plan includes:

  • 📫 Unlimited form submissions

    Vs. Webflow's 100 submissions limitation on Basic plan.

  • 🌐 Unlimited bandwidth

    Vs. Webflow's 50GB per month limitation on Basic plan.

  • 👯‍♂️ Unlimited monthly visits

    Vs. Webflow's 25,000 visits per month limitation on Basic plan.

Unicorn Platform vs. Webflow

Unicorn Platform

from $
from $


from $
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Price per account
From $8/month
From $24/month
Price per each website
The cost of additional paid website plans.
✓ Included ☝️
From $15/month
Website templates
Style customization
301 redirects
Paid plans only
Custom code
Paid plans only
Live support
Simple pricing
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"I can't think of any other landing page builder that is better and prettier than Unicorn. We put together a landing for Funden within hours instead of days. The best part is that the UX is not overwhelming: you have all the gears you need and zero fuss. Love it."

Daniel Rongo

Co-Founder & CEO at Funden

So why do people prefer Unicorn Platform over Webflow?

The answer is simple: Unicorn Platform is super easy-to-use and affordable.

There is no doubt that Webflow is an extremely powerful tool. It gives you full control over every little detail. However, such flexibility comes with a steep learning curve. Be prepared to spend days or even weeks of hard learning before you can see the first results.

Unicorn Platform allows you to go from zero to hero in minutes. If you are looking for a tool that keeps it simple and saves you time — Unicorn Platform is the best choice hands down.

Webflow's pricing system is known for its complexity. There are 6 plans for the whole account and 7 plans for each website. This means 42 possible combinations of plans for one website and 294 combinations for two websites. Eventually, this may get really confusing.

Unicorn Platform's pricing is dead simple. Build a website and publish it on a subdomain for free. Upgrade to publish more websites and unlock additional features such as custom domain or collaboration.

Webflow is an expensive tool. The cost of Webflow's top plan is $235/month per website. Considering complexity of Webflow, you may end up paying extra for features that you will never use.

Unicorn Platform is affordable for everyone. By choosing Unicorn Platform's Maker plan over Webflow's cheapest website plan, you will save $64 per year.

Save Days on Building

Unicorn Platform is a simple website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers. Try the magic for free.

Secret deal for ex-Webflow users only: use the SIMPLE20 discount code to get a 20% discount on any plan. No strings attached.


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