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published on 07 October 2023


Creating a professional website is a major hurdle for many startups and entrepreneurs today. Without a quality website, it's incredibly difficult to establish credibility, share your story, provide value, and ultimately drive business growth. But for most non-technical founders lacking advanced coding skills, building a custom site can feel daunting or impossible.

Thankfully, the recent rise of intuitive no-code website builders like Unicorn Platform now empower entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality with custom sites tailored to their exact needs.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, professionally designed templates, seamless integrations, automated hosting and speed optimizations, and more all handled behind the scenes, Unicorn Platform enables anyone to launch a beautiful, functional website or landing page in hours, not months. Whether you need a marketing site, online store, SaaS platform, or blog, Unicorn makes website creation simple for non-coders.

In this post, we’ll explore the key benefits of no-code website builders, criteria for selecting the best platform, and how Unicorn Platform allows startups to establish an impressive web presence in record time. Let's dive in!

Key Benefits of No-Code Website Builders

No-code website builders like Unicorn provide numerous advantages that make building sites fast, easy and affordable:

  • Enable anyone to build professional sites without coding - With an intuitive editor, templates and drag-and-drop simplicity, no prior development experience needed.

  • Provide intuitive drag-and-drop editors - Easily add, edit, customize any element just by clicking and dragging.

  • Offer beautifully designed templates - Launch faster by modifying templates designed by professionals.

  • Integrate tools seamlessly - Built-in forms, chat, payments and more added with a click.

  • Allow quick and easy updates on-the-fly - Tweak site content, images, layouts in real time.

  • Handle hosting, speed, security - No need to worry about the technical heavy lifting.

Research shows that no-code platforms allow sites to be built over 5x faster on average compared to traditional coding. With pre-made templates and simple editing, launching a complete website in less than a day is possible.

Enable Anyone to Build Quality Sites Fast

With their intuitive drag-and-drop editors and pre-designed templates, no-code website builders allow complete beginners to create professional sites incredibly quickly:

  • Drag-and-drop makes building as easy as clicking and dragging elements into place.

  • Those with zero coding experience can still easily customize any aspect of their site.

  • Professionally designed templates eliminate the need to design pages from scratch.

  • Make updates and changes on-the-fly by editing text, images, colors etc.

  • Launch a complete website in under 1 day - exponential faster than coding from scratch.

Unicorn's editor is so user-friendly that no coding is required at all. Even total beginners can build beautiful sites.

Deliver Professional Quality & Consistency

While easy for anyone to use, no-code platforms still enable you to build polished, visually consistent sites.

  • Template designs crafted by experts ensure beautiful aesthetics.

  • Sites automatically have modern, mobile-friendly designs.

  • Templates include professionally shot images and graphics.

  • Consistent templates result in sites with a unified visual style.

  • No need to hire expensive web designers and developers.

For example, Unicorn offers a "Startup SaaS" template with a clean, contemporary design perfect for modern software companies.

Seamlessly Add Functionality

No-code platforms handle the technical heavy lifting of building functionality into your site:

  • Forms, chat, payments and more integrate seamlessly.

  • Blogging and articles can be added in just a few clicks.

  • SEO optimizations are configured automatically behind the scenes.

  • SSL certificates, security protections, backups are all included.

Unicorn has 100+ built-in integrations including Stripe, Typeform, Intercom, MailChimp, and more so you can get up and running quickly.

Key Criteria for Evaluating No-Code Platforms

When researching no-code website builders, focus on these key criteria:

Quality Templates

More template options make it easier to get started:

  • Access to hundreds of professionally designed templates.

  • Templates for different types of sites - blogs, stores, portfolios, etc.

  • Modern, mobile-responsive template designs.

  • Easily preview and search templates to find what you need.

  • Frequent new templates added to keep options fresh.

Intuitive Editing

An intuitive editor is critical for easily modifying templates:

  • Drag and drop enables simple changes without coding.

  • Edit text, images, videos directly in the editor.

  • Reorder sections by dragging and dropping.

  • See edits instantly with live previews.

  • Add new pages and sections with a click.


Built-in integrations eliminate the need for third-party apps:

  • Forms, surveys, live chat, ecommerce.

  • Email marketing, social media.

  • SEO, speed optimizations, security.

  • Payment gateways, membership portals.

Support Resources

Great support content helps you learn the platform:

  • Documentation, knowledge bases, FAQs.

  • Onboarding tutorials and courses for beginners.

  • Community forums to ask questions from real users.

  • Technical support team for any issues.

Pricing & Scalability

Choose pricing that scales as your needs grow:

  • No hidden fees or rigid pricing tiers.

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade plans easily.

  • Transparent pricing - no surprise upcharges.

  • Discounts for annual plans versus monthly payments.

  • Free trial periods to test drive the platform.

Top Website Builders for Startups Compared

Here's an overview of top no-code website builder options for startups and entrepreneurs:


  • 500+ templates but hard to filter through them all.

  • Drag and drop editor with extensive options.

  • Strong built-in blogging and ecommerce.

  • Many third-party integrations.

  • Very robust but more complex than some competitors.


  • Gorgeous award-winning templates.

  • Simple editor but limited customization capabilities.

  • Good for blogs, portfolios, stores.

  • Fewer native integrations and apps than other platforms.

  • Limited for extensive customization needs.


  • Build sites visually without coding.

  • Very powerful and flexible customization.

  • Steep learning curve for complete beginners.

  • Limited built-in features like forms or blogging.

  • Focus is design flexibility over simplicity.

Unicorn Platform

  • Made specifically for high-growth startups.

  • Modern templates designed for SaaS sites.

  • Extremely easy drag and drop editing.

  • 100+ integrations like Stripe, Typeform, Intercom built-in.

  • Great tutorials and docs for beginners.

  • The best no-code builder for non-technical founders.

Learn more about Unicorn Platform's website builder designed just for startups.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

No-code website builders like Unicorn Platform empower startups and entrepreneurs to create professional-quality websites entirely on their own with no coding expertise required.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, beautiful templates designed by experts, built-in tools for forms, payments and more, anyone can turn their idea into an impressive reality online in just hours or days, not weeks or months.

When evaluating no-code platforms, be sure to assess the quality of templates, depth of built-in features, ease of use, resources for learning, and flexible pricing. For startups specifically, solutions like Unicorn designed exclusively for high-growth companies stand out as the best way to establish a web presence fast.

With no technical knowledge needed, now any founder or entrepreneur can build the startup website of their dreams quickly and easily!

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