Build Landing Pages With High Conversion Rates

published on 27 July 2023

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you know that your landing pages are the gateway to converting visitors into customers or subscribers. If your landing pages aren’t optimized for high conversion rates, you’re likely leaving money on the table and missing out on growth opportunities. The good news is that creating high-converting landing pages isn’t difficult if you have the right tools and strategy. Check out our article on must-have features for high-converting ecommerce landing pages to learn more about how to optimize your landing pages for higher conversion rates.

Why High Conversion Rate Landing Page Matter

High conversion rate landing pages are essential for any business. They are designed to capture leads and convert visitors into customers or subscribers. The higher the conversion rate, the more effective your landing page. Here are some tips to build landing pages with high conversion rates:

Focus on Your Offer and Call-to-Action

Your landing page should clearly highlight your offer or call-to-action (CTA) above the fold. This means placing it front and center, where visitors see it as soon as the page loads. The CTA should be a concise statement that tells visitors exactly what action you want them to take. For example, "Sign Up Today" or "Buy Now".

Simplify Your Message

Keep your messaging simple and focused. Don't overwhelm visitors with too many options or unrelated information. Have a clear headline and subheadline that capture the key benefits and solutions. Use bullet points to highlight main points. Keep paragraphs and sentences short and scannable.

Use Visuals to Reinforce Your Message

Include images and graphics that visually represent your offer and make the page more engaging. For example, product images, explainer graphics, customer photos, etc. But don't overcrowd the page. There should be a good balance of text and visuals.

Build Trust and Social Proof

Add elements like customer testimonials, case studies, reviews, logos of companies you've worked with to build credibility. Mention noteworthy facts and statistics about your business and product. These social proofs instill confidence in your visitors and increase conversions.

Mobile-Friendly and Fast Loading

With more and more people accessing the web via mobile devices, your landing page must be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It should load quickly, in 3 seconds or less. Studies show that 40% of visitors will abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So, optimize your page for speed and performance.

In summary, an effective landing page highlights a clear offer and call-to-action, simplifies the message using visuals, builds trust, and is optimized for all devices. By following these tips, you'll be able to create landing pages with high conversion rates and turn more visitors into customers.

How to Design a Landing Page With High Conversion Rates

To design a landing page with a high conversion rate, there are several factors you need to consider.

First, focus on a single offer or call to action. Keep your landing page laser-focused on getting the visitor to convert. Remove any links or offers that could distract them from the primary goal. A page filled with options will overwhelm visitors and reduce your conversion rate.

Second, use persuasive copy and social proof. Build trust and credibility by explaining the benefits and value propositions of your offer. Include testimonials, ratings and reviews from happy customers. This validation from others will convince visitors to convert.

Third, use eye-catching visuals. Images, video and graphics capture attention and help to visually reinforce your key selling points. Studies show pages with relevant images have higher conversion rates. But don't go overboard, as too many visuals can be distracting.

Next, simplify the form. Only ask for information necessary to complete the transaction or sign-up. Keep your form short, with minimal fields. This reduces friction and makes it easy for visitors to convert. Offer a clear call to action button, like “Subscribe Now” or “Get Started Today”.

Finally, make the page easy to navigate and load quickly. Visitors want a seamless experience. Ensure buttons, links and media are working. Optimize images and video and remove anything unnecessary to improve page speed. With a simple, fast-loading page, visitors will stay engaged and convert at a higher rate.

Following these proven techniques for creating high-converting landing pages will lead to more sign-ups and sales. Keep your messaging focused, build credibility, captivate attention, simplify the process and optimize the experience. Do this and your landing page will convert visitors into customers and drive business growth.

Landing Page Copywriting Tips to Boost Conversions

To boost conversion rates on your landing pages, focus on compelling copywriting. Well-written copy persuades visitors to become customers. Here are some tips to improve your landing page copy:

Speak to Your Audience’s Needs and Desires

Clearly articulate how your product or service solves your target audience’s key problems or fulfills their top priorities. Use empathetic language that acknowledges their pain points and shows how you can alleviate them.

Build Trust and Social Proof

Include reviews, testimonials, logos of companies you work with, or media mentions to establish credibility. Share your company’s story and mission to build connection. Using “we” and “our” helps to forge a personal relationship.

Write a Persuasive Headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see. Make it count. A good headline intrigues readers and gives them a reason to keep exploring the page. Promise your solution to their problem or offer a benefit that sparks interest.

Use Simple, Scannable Copy

Write in a friendly, conversational tone using simple words and short sentences. Break up sections with spacious formatting so your page is easy to skim. Bullet points, numbered lists, and bold text draw attention to important information.

End with a Strong Call-to-Action

Tell visitors exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s to sign up, buy now, or get in touch. The CTA should match your headline’s promise. Make buttons big, bold, and eye-catching. Repeat your CTA at the bottom of the page as well so visitors see it as they scroll.

Following these copywriting best practices will transform your landing pages into conversion powerhouses. Keep testing and optimizing your copy over time to improve results even further. With persuasive words that resonate with your target customers, you’ll turn more visitors into business.

High-Converting Landing Page Made With Unicorn Platform

To build a high-converting landing page with Unicorn Platform, follow these best practices:

Focus on a single goal or call to action. Keep your message simple and centered around one conversion goal, such as a product purchase or demo request. Remove any distractions from your page.

Optimize your page for mobile devices. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Ensure your page is responsive and the content displays well on smaller screens. Include large buttons and minimal scrolling for the best mobile experience.

Use visuals to capture interest. Images, graphics, and video can help quickly convey your key message and product benefits. Select high-quality, relevant visuals that emotionally resonate with your audience.

Craft a compelling headline. Your headline is the first thing visitors see and it sets the tone for your page. Write a benefit-driven headline that speaks to your target audience and aligns with your conversion goal.

Share useful and engaging content. Write in a friendly yet professional tone using an active voice. Explain how your product or service solves customer pain points and include customer testimonials or case studies. Provide details on features, pricing, and next steps.

Include clear calls to action. Place prominent call to action buttons above the fold and reiterate your conversion goal throughout the page. Make your CTAs large, brightly colored, and easy to find.

Test and optimize. Use heat mapping tools to see how visitors interact with your page. Look for any friction points preventing conversions and make changes to improve user experience. Test different page elements like headlines, images, and CTAs to increase your conversion rate over time.

Continually optimizing your landing page and using a platform like Unicorn Platform can help achieve conversion rates well above industry averages. By following proven best practices, you'll build high-converting landing pages that turn more visitors into customers.

Examples of High-Converting Landing Pages
Examples of High-Converting Landing Pages

Examples of High-Converting Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages share several common characteristics that are worth emulating. By following the examples of successful companies, you can design landing pages that effectively capture leads and drive conversions.

Clear Headline and Subheader

An attention-grabbing headline and subheader quickly communicate your key message and value proposition. For example, HubSpot’s landing page headline reads “All the Tools You Need to Grow Better” with the subheader “Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.” This clearly conveys what HubSpot offers to visitors.

Compelling Visuals

Impactful images, graphics, and videos demonstrate your product or service in action. They help visitors visualize how it can benefit them. For instance, HubSpot’s landing page features eye-catching graphics of their tools and an explainer video on their homepage.

Simple and Focused

Keep your landing page clean and focused on one goal, like collecting an email or selling a product. Remove any unnecessary links or distractions. For example, HubSpot’s CTA is prominently featured in the center, with minimal links to other pages.

Benefits-Focused Copy

Your copy should focus on the key benefits and solutions for your target audience. Explain how your product or service solves their problems. For example, HubSpot’s copy highlights how their tools can help businesses “Reach new customers, engage your audience, and grow revenue.”

Strong Call-to-Action

An effective CTA prompts visitors to take your desired action, like signing up or making a purchase. Position your CTA prominently on the page and make it visually compelling. For instance, HubSpot’s orange “Get Started Now” CTA button catches your eye and invites you to start your free trial.

By following these best practices, you can design high-converting landing pages that turn more of your website traffic into leads and customers. Focus on a clear value proposition, impactful visuals, simple and focused content, benefit-driven copy, and an effective call-to-action. Optimize and improve your pages over time based on key metrics like conversion rates, time on page, and bounce rates.

Landing Page Optimisation Tips: A/B Test Your Way to Success

To optimize your landing page and achieve high conversion rates, consider the following tips:

A/B Test Different Elements

A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of your landing page to see which one performs better. You can test things like headlines, images, button colors, and content. Even small changes can lead to significant improvements in conversion rates.

Simplify the Layout

A clean, uncluttered layout is essential for high-converting landing pages. Remove any unnecessary elements and focus on a simple headline, image, bullet points highlighting key benefits or product features, and a clear call-to-action. Lots of extra links, menus, and distractions will only confuse your visitors.

Use Social Proof

Include testimonials, reviews, case studies, or media mentions to build trust and credibility. Seeing what other real customers have said about your product or service can help convince visitors to convert.

Focus on One Goal

Your landing page should have one clear goal, such as getting visitors to sign up for a free trial, book a demo, or make a purchase. Don't try to accomplish too many things on a single page or you risk confusing your visitors and lowering conversion rates.

Place the CTA Above the Fold

Your call-to-action, like a signup, subscribe or buy now button should be prominently displayed at the top of the page, above the fold. This makes it easy for visitors to find and click, leading to higher conversion rates.

Mobile-Friendly Design

With more and more people accessing websites via mobile devices, your landing page needs to be fully responsive. If it isn't easy to read and navigate on a small screen, you'll miss out on many potential conversions. Optimize for mobile with large text, minimal scrolling and tap-friendly buttons.

Following these best practices for optimizing your landing page and diligently A/B testing will help boost your conversion rates over time. Pay close attention to how visitors interact with your page and make continuous improvements to provide the best user experience.

Tools to Help You Build High-Converting Landing Pages

To build high-converting landing pages, leverage tools that simplify the process. Some recommended options include:

Unbounce is a popular drag-and-drop landing page builder with over 100 responsive templates to choose from. It allows you to easily add elements like images, videos, forms, and calls-to-action. Unbounce seamlessly integrates with email marketing services, CRMs, and analytics tools. Pricing starts at $80/month.

Instapage is an easy-to-use landing page platform with analytics, A/B testing, and personalization features. It offers over 200 mobile-friendly templates as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Instapage integrates with many third-party services and starts at $99/month.

Leadpages is an affordable landing page builder with over 160 responsive templates. It provides simple drag-and-drop functionality, integrations with email marketing and sales automation tools, A/B testing, and analytics. Pricing for Leadpages begins at $37/month.

HubSpot Landing Pages allows you to quickly build customized landing pages with its designer tool. It features over 100 mobile-friendly templates, integrations across the HubSpot CRM and Marketing platform, A/B testing, and analytics. Pricing starts at $50/month as an add-on to HubSpot Marketing or Sales Pro.

These tools significantly simplify the process of building high-converting landing pages. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, stylish templates, and essential features like A/B testing and integrations, you can create landing pages that generate more leads and drive higher conversion rates. By optimizing your landing pages, you gain a competitive advantage to grow your business.

The fees for these landing page builders represent a small investment that can yield a high return on investment if used properly. The choice ultimately comes down to your specific needs, technical skills, and budget. Whichever tool you select, be sure to A/B test different versions of your landing pages to maximize conversions. High-quality landing pages, coupled with A/B testing, are a proven way to improve your key metrics and gain valuable customer insights.

Landing Page Checklist: Are You Ready to Launch?
Landing Page Checklist: Are You Ready to Launch?

Landing Page Checklist: Are You Ready to Launch?

Before launching your landing page, double check that all elements are in place for high conversion rates. Follow this checklist to ensure your page is optimized and ready to go live.

Clear Headline

Your headline should capture attention and communicate your key message. Include keywords targeted for your ideal customers. Aim for a compelling yet concise headline of 60 characters or less.

Benefit-Focused Copy

Write copy that focuses on the benefits and solutions for your customers. Explain how you will solve their problems or improve their lives. Use a friendly, conversational tone and short paragraphs for easy reading. Repeat your main keywords and phrases for improved search engine optimization.

Strong Call-to-Action

Place call-to-action buttons prominently on your page, especially above the fold. Use action-focused text like “Get Started Now” or “Sign Up Today.” Make buttons large, brightly colored, and contrast well with your page design.

High-Quality Images

Feature images of your product, customers, or team. Choose photos that evoke emotion and build credibility. Images should be high resolution, optimally sized, and help strengthen your brand identity.

Simple, Responsive Design

Keep your landing page clean, uncluttered, and focused. Use plenty of white space and align elements neatly in a grid. Ensure your page is mobile-friendly with a responsive design. Test how it displays on multiple devices.

Analytics Tracking

Install analytics software to track how visitors interact with your landing page. Analyze metrics like bounce rates, time on page, and conversion rates. Make data-driven optimizations to improve performance over time.

Following these best practices will help you create a high-converting landing page. Continue testing and optimizing to achieve even better results. When all elements are ready, you can feel confident launching your landing page.

FAQs: How Can I Improve My Landing Page Conversion Rates?

To improve your landing page conversion rates, there are several best practices you should implement:

Simplify the page design.

A clean, minimal layout will focus the visitor's attention on the key elements of your offer or call-to-action. Remove any unnecessary distractions. Use plenty of white space and align elements clearly.

Focus on a single goal or call-to-action.

Your landing page should have one clear goal, such as getting the visitor to sign up, purchase a product, or download content. Place your primary call-to-action prominently at the top of the page. Remove or minimize any secondary buttons or links.

Use persuasive copy.

Your copy should highlight the key benefits and value propositions of your offer. Use an engaging headline and bullet points to convey these quickly. The body copy should elaborate on the benefits, features, and solutions in more detail. Keep sentences and paragraphs short for easy reading. Address any common objections or concerns. Also use words like "you" and "your" to speak directly to the reader.

Include social proof.

Add logos, reviews, testimonials, and case studies from satisfied clients or customers. This social proof builds credibility and trust in your offer. Mention any prominent companies you work with as well.

Optimize the page for mobile.

With more and more people accessing the web via mobile devices, your landing page must display well on smaller screens. Use a responsive design or mobile-optimized template. Simplify the layout even more for mobile, with minimal scrolling required. Ensure buttons and links are large enough to tap easily with a finger.

Test and optimize.

Continually test different elements on your landing page to improve conversion rates. Try different headlines, copy, images, button placements, and more. Analyze the data to see what's working and make changes accordingly. Small tweaks can lead to big improvements over time.

With these techniques implemented, you will be on your way to building landing pages with high conversion rates. But remember, optimization is an ongoing process, so keep testing and refining your page for the best results.


In conclusion, by following the steps outlined in this article, you'll be able to build landing pages with high conversion rates in no time. Unicorn Platform provides an easy to use drag and drop interface so you can create customized pages for your business or startup. Focus on a clear value proposition, use social proof and testimonials, keep your form short, and provide an incentive for people to sign up. A/B test different elements on the page to optimize and improve over time. With some practice, you'll be designing landing pages that convert visitors into customers and accelerate the growth of your business. The key is to keep learning and improving - your landing pages and your business will benefit as a result.

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