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published on 06 October 2023


Creating a professional online presence is crucial for startups and small businesses looking to establish credibility and connect with customers in the digital age. However, building a custom website from scratch has traditionally required technical skills like coding and web development. This can present a major barrier for many entrepreneurs who would rather focus their time and energy on their core business.

Fortunately, website builders like Unicorn Platform have revolutionized the process of creating websites - now anyone can make a stunning site in minutes with no coding required! Website builders provide intuitive drag and drop editors and a wide selection of templates to easily customize the design, content, and functionality of your site. They handle all the technical details like hosting, security, and updates behind the scenes so you can focus on your business.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of website builders for startups and small businesses. We’ll compare some of the top website builder platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and We’ll also discuss key factors to consider when choosing a website builder so you can find the right solution to create a powerful online presence. Let’s dive in!

Defining Website Builders

A website builder is a platform that allows you to make a website using pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop editors, without needing to write any code. Some key features of website builders include:

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface - Easily add and customize design elements, content, images, videos and more by dragging and dropping.

  • Professionally designed templates - Choose from hundreds of templates for different industries made by professional designers.

  • Integrations and apps - Many builders offer integrations with payment systems, email marketing, live chat, calendars and more.

  • Managed hosting and security - Platforms handle hosting, backups, updates and security protocols for you.

This makes website builders ideal for non-technical users compared to traditional web development which requires HTML, CSS and other coding skills. Popular options include Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and more.

Benefits for Startups

Website builders provide an array of advantages specifically for lean startups and small business owners looking to establish an online presence quickly and easily:

  • Fast and easy website creation - Get a polished, professional site up and running in an afternoon without any coding. Easily make changes anytime.

  • No web developers required - Build your own site without expensive developers. Effortlessly update your site yourself.

  • Industry-specific templates - Many builders offer beautifully designed templates for different industries like restaurants, services, events and more.

  • SEO features - Optimized site formats, meta tag editors, SEO apps and more help improve search engine visibility.

  • Cost effective pricing - Website builders offer affordable monthly subscription plans and even free tiers to get started.

  • Validate ideas quickly - Launch a website in hours to start testing product-market fit and iterating.

  • Built-in analytics - Understand visitor behavior to make data-driven decisions.

  • Easy to customize - Update and tweak pages frequently to refine messaging and offerings.

In summary, a website builder like Unicorn Platform allows startups to launch a website quickly, test ideas, and establish their brand without technical hurdles or high costs. Now let's compare some top options.

Comparing Top Website Builder Platforms

There are many excellent website builder platforms to choose from, each with their own strengths and ideal use cases. Here we’ll compare some of the most popular options:


  • Drag and drop editor - User friendly editor to customize site with 500+ designer templates.

  • Robust features - Integrates with payment, email marketing, live chat apps and more.

  • Free and paid plans - Free basic plan with ad banner. Paid plans for custom domain, more storage and no ads.


  • Beautiful templates - Professionally designed templates across a variety of niches.

  • Commerce focus - Advanced ecommerce features like transactions, coupons, fulfillment integrations.

  • 14 day free trial - Paid plans start at $12/month.

  • Open source WordPress - Easy-to-use version of popular open source WordPress platform.

  • Themes and customization - Choose from hundreds of themes with ability to customize design and features.

  • Free and paid plans - Free plan with ability to upgrade for more features and storage.

Unicorn Platform

  • Startup focus - Website builder tailored specifically for startups and SaaS companies.

  • Modern templates - Professionally designed templates and components for startup sites.

  • Lead generation - Built in analytics, lead capture forms, email integrations.

This comparison shows that top website builders share user-friendly interfaces but differ in their specialities. Consider your specific business needs when choosing a platform. Now let's go over some key decision factors.

Key Factors To Consider

When evaluating website builders, keep these important criteria in mind:

Ease of Use

For non-technical users, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface is essential. Look for:

  • Simplicity - Easy enough for complete beginners to navigate.

  • Templates - Professionally designed templates to modify instead of starting from scratch.

  • Responsive design - Mobile previews and responsive design elements.

  • Accessibility - Features like alt text reminder to help build accessible sites.

Starting simple is recommended. Avoid advanced customization early on.


While templates provide a head start, you'll want to add your own personal touch:

  • Design - Customize colors, fonts, layouts, animations.

  • Content - Easily update text, images, videos across your site.

  • Code - Options to add custom CSS/HTML for more advanced personalization.

  • Features - Integrate popups, forms, live chat, etc.

Choose a flexible platform that empowers your vision and brand identity. But balance simplicity with extensive customization.


As your business grows, ensure your website can grow with it:

  • Add/manage pages - Easily create new pages and navigation structures.

  • Traffic - Upgrade plans to support more visitors and bandwidth.

  • Integrations - Platform offers apps and integrations to add functionality.

  • SEO - Built in SEO features help improve search engine visibility.

  • Ecommerce - Ability to create online store or accept payments.

Select a website builder that aligns with your long term goals for storage, traffic, features, and functionality.


In summary, website builders like Unicorn Platform empower startups and small businesses to create stunning, professional websites quickly and easily - no coding required. With an intuitive drag and drop editor and professionally designed templates tailored for startups, you can build a beautiful site to establish your brand online in no time.

Ready to create your startup website? Get started with Unicorn Platform today and launch your online presence in just minutes with a website uniquely designed for your startup.

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