Create a Landing Page in Minutes

published on 14 October 2023

Introduction to Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages are specialized pages that focus on converting site visitors into leads and customers. Unlike a website's home page, landing pages have a singular conversion goal and optimized content to drive visitors to take a desired action. They play a crucial role in lead generation and sales for startups and businesses.

The key benefits of using dedicated landing pages include:

  • Increased conversion rates compared to sending traffic to a general website homepage
  • Focused messaging and content tailored to get conversions on a specific offer
  • Effective lead capture through forms, CTAs, and compelling content
  • Flexibility to test different offers and landing pages to maximize results

This post will demonstrate how Unicorn Platform makes it easy for anyone to create professional, high-converting landing pages in just minutes with its user-friendly drag and drop editor - no coding required. With its mobile optimization, built-in forms, and other conversion-focused features, Unicorn Platform streamlines landing page creation to help startups quickly launch targeted pages that turn site visitors into leads and customers.

We'll cover choosing a template, customizing content, optimizing conversions, and launching your new landing page. Whether you need a simple lead capture page or a sophisticated sales page with sections and multimedia, Unicorn Platform provides the tools to build stunning landing pages aligned with your business goals. Let's get started!

Choosing the Right Landing Page Template

Selecting the right template lays the foundation for an effective landing page aligned with your business niche, branding, and conversion goals. Unicorn Platform offers diverse, professionally designed templates optimized for conversions across different industries and aesthetics.

Compared to generic website builders, Unicorn Platform templates are tailored for business use cases like lead gen and sales. The templates integrate tools like CRM, email, accounting to create cohesive user experiences. Built-in features like testimonial sections, SEO optimization, and lead capture forms make it easy to create high-converting pages.

When choosing a template, consider your industry, branding style, and desired visitor conversions. For example, an ecommerce site may select a template with shopping integrations, while a webinar page needs registration and scheduling components.

Business and Industry-Specific Templates

For startups and tech companies, the "Startup" template spotlights your product, team, investors with sections and layouts tailored for SaaS and tech branding. It integrates tools like Stripe, HubSpot, Slack.

Industry templates for finance, real estate, healthcare, ecommerce and more come pre-loaded with relevant components. Real estate templates integrate MLS search while ecommerce templates have shopping cart widgets.

Creative and Portfolio Templates

For photographers, designers, and creatives, Unicorn Platform has templates to showcase visual portfolios and galleries. Animated transitions, full-width images, and bold fonts let you highlight art, photos, and projects.

While templates provide a starting point, you can customize them to match your desired minimalist, retro, or bold colored aesthetic using the flexible editor.

Customizing Your Landing Page Content

Once you've selected a template, customizing the content with your own messaging, images, videos and more is simple and intuitive in Unicorn Platform. Using the drag and drop editor, landing pages can be updated in real time with no coding skills required.

Compared to other landing page builders, updating content in Unicorn Platform is easy and requires no technical expertise. Options like text, fonts, colors, backgrounds can be changed in a few clicks. You have full creative control to match the page to your brand.

When customizing your landing page:

Craft Effective Messaging

Your headlines, value props, and text copy set the conversion tone. Tailor messaging for your audience and goals. Focus on their pain points and how your offer is the ideal solution.

Try problem-focused headlines like "Struggling with X? Here's the solution" or benefit-focused ones like "Achieve X with our product". A/B test messaging approaches to optimize.

Incorporate Striking Visuals

Reinforce messaging with photos, illustrations, graphics, videos in your brand style - whether bold colors, minimalist or retro.

Strategically place key visuals for maximum impact. Use background images/videos to set the theme. Memorable visual content makes pages more engaging.

Provide Concrete Details

Elaborate on your product/service benefits with specific details and real examples. Outline the exact value proposition. Avoid vague descriptions - get granular on how you solve customer pain points.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Beyond good messaging and visuals, optimization focuses on elements that directly impact conversions like CTAs, forms, trust factors. Unicorn Platform provides diverse options to maximize conversion rates.

Compared to Leadpages, Unicorn Platform offers more advanced A/B testing capabilities to iteratively optimize page conversions. Test different CTAs, layouts, images, content to determine what resonates most with your audience.

When optimizing your page, consider:

Lead Capture and Contact Forms

Prominently place forms and reduce friction with smart fields and conditional logic. Integrate with CRM, email, chat tools for a seamless workflow.

Set up confirmation messages, redirects and notifications to create a smooth post-submission experience. Pre-made form templates add common fields quickly.

Build Trust with Social Proof

Boost credibility by adding logos, testimonials, security badges like Norton or TrustPilot. Spotlight positive customer feedback and case studies.

A/B testing determines which trust elements have the biggest impact. Relevant, authentic social proof alleviates doubts and boosts conversions.

Launching and Optimizing Your Page

Before launch, thoroughly test forms, links, speed, and mobile-friendliness. Consider launch options: link from current site or launch on a new domain?

Add tracking pixels for analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook to monitor performance. Setup redirects from old URLs to maintain traffic.

Promote your page through social media, email, and ads. Monitor conversions and continuously refine elements to maximize results. Effective landing page optimization is an ongoing process of improvement.

Unicorn Platform empowers you to easily make changes and create high-quality, high-converting pages that deliver results.

Start Creating Your Own Landing Pages

Unicorn Platform makes it fast and easy to create beautiful, mobile-ready landing pages tailored for your goals with its user-friendly drag and drop editor.

Check out their landing page templates and examples to see how Unicorn Platform can help you quickly build landing pages that convert visitors into leads and sales.

With flexibility, scalability, and reliable performance, Unicorn Platform has everything you need to launch targeted landing pages that drive growth for your startup or business. Stop struggling with DIY solutions - let Unicorn Platform provide you with specialized tools optimized for conversions.

Take the first step now to create your new high-converting landing page today!

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