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published on 20 October 2023

Introduction [1]

Developing customized landing pages is crucial for startups and small businesses looking to drive conversions and grow their customer base. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with landing page creation due to limited design skills and technical barriers. The goal of this article is to provide actionable tips on how you can easily build stunning landing pages tailored to your business - without needing to code.

By leveraging [[Unicorn Platform->]]'s intuitive drag and drop editor and professionally designed templates, even non-technical users can quickly develop beautiful, high-converting landing pages. We'll cover key strategies for creating effective landing page copy, calls-to-action, layouts, and more using Unicorn's robust features.

By the end, you'll have a practical guide to designing and optimizing landing pages that attract your ideal customers. Let's dive in!

Defining Landing Pages [2]

A landing page is a standalone web page focused on a single goal or conversion. Common uses include promoting product launches, capturing emails, driving sales, and generating leads.

Key elements of effective landing pages include compelling headlines, succinct copy, prominent calls-to-action (CTAs), and forms to collect information. In contrast to home pages, landing pages have very singular messaging and fewer navigation options to keep visitors focused.

Best practices for landing page development include simplicity, clarity, focused value propositions, and creating a seamless user experience across devices. Eliminating distractions helps visitors quickly grasp your offering and convert.

Benefits of Custom Landing Pages [3]

Building custom landing pages tailored to your business and audience provides many benefits compared to using generic templates:

  • Improved conversion rates: Research shows custom landing pages aligned to your specific offers and messaging convert up to 2x better than generic templates.

  • On-brand experience: Matching your colors, fonts, and images builds brand recognition and trust. Studies show over 80% of users feel more confident in brands with consistent visual branding.

  • Targeted messaging: Crafting copy and visuals focused on each campaign improves relevancy for visitors by over 30%.

  • Better UX: Curating content and features specifically for your users creates a seamless experience proven to boost conversions.

  • Higher ROI: Optimized landing pages increase your conversions and the return on your marketing investment by over 40%.

  • Full control: Building from scratch allows you to construct landing pages exactly as you want.

Design Considerations [4]

Design has a huge impact on landing page effectiveness. While you don't need advanced design expertise, following core principles will enable you to create high-converting landing pages:

Visual Design [5]

  • Use consistent brand colors, fonts, and imagery throughout for a professional look. Studies show consistent branding boosts revenue by 23%.

  • Ensure visuals resonate with your target audience and help convey your messaging. Relevant images improve user engagement by over 60%.

  • Craft compelling headlines like "How [Company] Achieved [X Benefit] in [Short Timeframe]" and subheads that capture attention.

  • Allow plenty of whitespace for an uncluttered, easily scannable page. Proper whitespace improves readability by over 35%.

  • Ensure the page is mobile responsive to accommodate all device sizes. Over 50% of traffic is from mobile visitors.

  • Leverage [[Unicorn Platform's->]] style editor to customize colors, fonts, spacing, and more with just a few clicks.

Layout [6]

  • Organize sections logically, highlighting your value proposition and CTA above the fold. This draws visitor attention to key actions.

  • Use a single-column, minimalist layout with clear callouts and ample whitespace. [[Unicorn's->]] pre-made startup templates follow these best practices.

  • Remove excessive navigation links or page elements to minimize distractions. Decluttered pages deliver up to 20% more conversions.

  • [[Unicorn's->]] drag and drop editor makes it easy to design an optimal page layout.

Copy [7]

  • Use succinct, scannable copy with short sentences, bullets, and emphasis on key points. This improves readability by up to 30%.

  • Clearly explain your offering's benefits and value to the reader using "you" focused language.

  • Incorporate messaging tailored to your audience and goals. Targeted copy resonates up to 2x better.

  • Leverage [[Unicorn's->]] text editor to craft persuasive copy optimized for conversions.

Calls-to-Action [8]

  • Make your CTAs prominent with high contrast buttons that stand out. This draws visitor attention to key actions.

  • Tailor button text to match your specific conversion goal, like "Start Free Trial" or "Schedule Demo".

  • Place your main CTA both above the fold and at the bottom. Repeating CTAs boosts conversions by up to 15%.

  • Limit to 1-2 primary CTAs to avoid overwhelming visitors. Decluttered pages deliver up to 20% more conversions.

  • [[Unicorn->]] enables full customization of buttons with size, color, fonts, and more.

Optimizing Landing Pages [9]

To maximize results, continuously optimize your landing pages using goal tracking, A/B testing, and refinements.

Setting Goals and Metrics [10]

  • Define specific conversion goals like email signups or purchases.

  • Identify key metrics like click-through-rate to gauge performance.

  • [[Unicorn's->]] built-in analytics help you easily track interactions and conversions.

  • Monitor goal completions and optimize pages to improve your key metrics.

A/B Testing [11]

  • Test headline, CTA, and layout variations to determine what resonates best.

  • Make incremental changes to page elements to see impact on conversions.

  • Evaluate results using [[Unicorn's->]] split testing capabilities.

  • Double down on what tests well to further optimize your landing page.

Continual Refinement [12]

  • Monitor metrics frequently and tweak pages to improve performance.

  • Update visuals and offers to reflect new products, promotions, or campaigns.

  • Leverage [[Unicorn's->]] templates and customization tools to refresh your landing pages quarterly.

  • Keep pace with landing page best practices to further boost conversions.

Conclusion [13]

Creating high-converting landing pages is crucial for startups, and [[Unicorn Platform->]] makes it easy. With its drag and drop editor, mobile responsive templates, and built-in analytics, you can quickly build customized landing pages that attract and engage your ideal customers.

Focus on crafting targeted messaging, prominent CTAs, polished visuals, and thoughtful layouts. Set conversion goals, continually A/B test and refine your pages, and watch your marketing ROI skyrocket. With these tips, you can develop landing pages that drive real business results - no coding needed.

Looking for an intuitive platform to build stunning landing pages? Check out [[Unicorn Platform->]] to start creating high-converting pages tailored to your startup today.

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