Free AI Website Builders: Comparison and Tips for Startups

published on 13 November 2023


With the rapid pace of technology innovation, AI-powered solutions are transforming how startups and small businesses build their online presence. Free AI website builders have emerged as a popular option, empowering entrepreneurs to create professional-looking websites quickly and easily - no coding required!

These intuitive platforms can save startups significant time and money in getting their websites up and running. For example, AI-powered site builders reduce development costs by up to 70% compared to hiring web developers. They also accelerate launch times from months to just days or weeks.

The demand for these AI-assisted platforms continues to grow as startups seek to establish their brand and connect with customers online. Their intuitive drag-and-drop editors, designer-made templates, and built-in automation make it possible for anyone to craft a beautiful website in just minutes.

In this article, we'll compare some of the top free AI website builders ideal for startups and new businesses. We'll look at key factors like ease of use, customizability, built-in SEO, and free plan limitations. We'll also provide tips for choosing the best platform based on your business needs and goals. Whether you need an online store, blog, or simple landing page, read on to find the perfect free website builder to launch your online presence.

Benefits of Using a Free AI Website Builder

Here are some of the main advantages startups can realize by using a free AI website builder:

Allows Quick and Easy Website Creation Without Coding Skills

Intuitive drag-and-drop editors with WYSIWYG interfaces empower entrepreneurs to build responsive, mobile-friendly sites without any web development or design expertise. Pre-made templates, elements, and layouts further simplify the process.

Provides Professionally Designed Templates

Most AI website builders offer beautifully designed templates created by professionals across industries and niches. This enables startups to easily achieve high-quality designs aligned with their brand.

For example, a handmade jewelry startup used Unicorn Platform's minimalist, artsy templates to mirror their aesthetic.

Includes AI Features Like Image Optimization and SEO Suggestions

Automated AI assistants analyze site content and images to provide actionable SEO tips and image compression recommendations. This optimizes websites for search engines and faster load times.

Unicorn Platform scans pages and recommends relevant target keywords to focus on.

Offers Free Basic Plans to Test Capabilities

Before committing, startups can leverage free website builder plans to test features and assess if the platform meets their needs. Most free plans still allow substantial site creation capabilities.

Enables Easy Customization and Edits to Content

User-friendly editors make updating site content a breeze. Change text, swap images, modify colors - no coding or design skills required.

Supports Integrations With Other Tools Like Forms, Payment Processors etc.

Seamlessly connect your site to email marketing, payments, scheduling, live chat, and hundreds of other business apps to create a powerful digital presence.

Allows Quick and Easy Website Creation Without Coding Skills

For startups with limited manpower and tech skills, an intuitive website builder is critical. AI-powered platforms excel in this regard:

  • Drag-and-drop editors require no coding expertise to create responsive, mobile-friendly pages. Easily customize layouts.

  • Pre-designed templates make getting started quick and simple. Just plug in your content.

  • Intuitive dashboards and wizards guide users through the website creation process.

  • Frontend editing enables tweaking texts, images, colors and more directly on published pages.

  • AI assistants provide guidance and smart suggestions as you build your site.


While easy to use, AI website builders still enable extensive customization and flexibility:

  • Wide template selection to match specific branding and aesthetics.

  • Easily modify colors, fonts, layouts and other design elements.

  • Add custom CSS/HTML code for advanced customizations.

  • Integrate external tools like analytics, chatbots, booking systems.

  • Leverage AI to optimize images, text, and site performance.

Top 5 Free AI Website Builders Compared

Now let's compare some top contenders in free AI-powered website builders:

Platforms Compared:

  • Unicorn Platform
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Webflow


  • Ease of use
  • Customizability
  • AI assistant and features
  • Templates and themes
  • Free plan limitations
  • SEO capabilities
  • Support and community

Here's an overview of how the top platforms stack up:

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform makes it easy for startups and SaaS companies to create high-converting websites.

  • Drag-and-drop editor and templates simplify web building for non-coders.

  • Free plan allows substantial site creation capabilities with 15 pages.

  • SEO tools tailored for SaaS sites help improve search visibility.

  • Intuitive wizards make getting started straightforward.

  • Fully responsive designs suit any device. HTML export and custom code supported.


Wix offers a robust free website builder with great customizability.

  • Free plan allows 10 pages and basic ecommerce capabilities.

  • Extensive design flexibility but more learning curve.

  • 500+ templates and abundant customization options.

  • Integrates with Google Analytics, PayPal, Stripe.

  • Limited SEO and speed optimization tools.


Weebly provides an easy-to-use website maker with ample free plan limits.

  • Free tier allows 15 pages and removes builder branding.

  • Simple intuitive editor - great for beginners.

  • Fewer design options than other builders.

  • 100+ mobile-optimized templates.

  • Solid SEO and speed optimization tools.


Squarespace packs powerful features into a free website builder.

  • Drag-and-drop editor and 500+ templates make building easy.

  • Free plan allows unlimited pages and 3GB storage.

  • Advanced design customization capabilities.

  • Built-in ecommerce features and payment options.

  • Strong SEO tools and image optimizer.


Webflow offers robust customization for experienced users.

  • Free plan limits to 2 projects with 100 pages each.

  • Advanced design flexibility but steeper learning curve.

  • 500+ templates with abundant customization.

  • Integrates with Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe.

  • Decent SEO tools and speed optimization.

Platform Ease of Use Customization Free Custom Domain AI Features Templates
Unicorn Excellent Moderate Yes SEO Optimization 100+
Wix Moderate Advanced No - 500+
Weebly Excellent Limited Yes SEO & Speed Optimization 100+
Squarespace Good Advanced Yes SEO Optimization 500+
Webflow Moderate Advanced No - 500+

Tips for Choosing the Right Free AI Website Builder

Here are some tips to select the ideal free AI website builder for your startup:

Assess Your Website Goals and Needs

  • Determine the core purpose - blog, brochure site, ecommerce store?

  • Consider required integrations - email marketing, payments, scheduling?

  • Evaluate traffic needs to right-size your plan - expect 500 visitors/month?

  • Need specific ecommerce features like tax calculations?

  • Want free custom domain registration and removal of builder branding?

Compare Builder Free Plan Limits

  • Storage space for media uploads - 5GB?

  • Monthly visit allowance - 100k visits?

  • Number of pages allowed - 10 pages?

  • Access to domains, themes, integrations

  • Ecommerce capabilities

  • Ability to remove builder branding

Prioritize Ease of Use or Customization

  • If new to web building, ease of use should be the priority.

  • Experienced users may favor more design customization flexibility.

  • Balance layout freedom with guided workflow for beginners.

  • Review learning resources like docs, video tutorials.

  • Leverage pre-made templates if you lack design expertise.


Free AI website builders empower startups to establish an online presence quickly and easily - no coding needed. With intuitive drag-and-drop editors and designer templates, anyone can now create a professional site in minutes.

We compared top solutions on ease of use, customization, free plans and other factors. For startups with limited design and tech skills, Unicorn Platform stands out for its balance of simplicity and customization capabilities.

As your business grows, consider the tips provided to choose the best free AI website builder aligned with your goals and needs. With these user-friendly platforms, there's never been an easier or more cost-effective time to get your website up and running!

If you're a startup seeking an intuitive website builder to launch your online presence, check out Unicorn Platform to learn more about their offering designed specifically for startups.

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