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published on 28 October 2023


Artificial intelligence has completely changed how websites can be built, enabling anyone to create professional-looking sites with no coding required. AI website builders provide intuitive drag and drop editors, curated templates, built-in SEO features, and easy customization to revolutionize web design. Now entrepreneurs and startups with any skill level can build beautiful, functional websites entirely through visual editors.

Leading options like Unicorn Platform, Bubble, Webflow, and others make website creation highly accessible. With their pre-made templates and simple editors, you can swiftly build landing pages, online stores, blogs, and more. These AI-powered solutions allow you to customize the design, add your branding, integrate apps, and publish your site in just a few clicks.

Benefits of AI Website Builders

Some of the key advantages AI website builders provide include:

  • Intuitive editing - Drag and drop modules and edit everything visually

  • Optimized for SEO - Built-in tools to improve site ranking

  • Designer templates - Professionally created templates to start from

  • Easy customization - Tailor design with colors, fonts, layouts

  • App integrations - Connect to other tools like email and payment

  • No coding needed - No technical skills required to build

These capabilities make creating a quality website extremely simple and efficient.

Top Free AI Website Platforms Compared

Let's explore some of the top free website building platforms powered by artificial intelligence:

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform focuses specifically on startups and SaaS businesses. It offers free templates designed for high-converting sites. Their drag and drop editor is very intuitive with components tailored for startups like testimonial sliders and FAQ widgets. Unicorn also provides built-in SEO optimization, analytics, and smooth ecommerce integrations.

"We built our entire landing page in a weekend with Unicorn. The templates are perfect for showcasing our startup's benefits and features." - Sarah, Founder of AnalyticsFlow


Bubble lets you build database-driven web apps with no code using their visual programming editor. There is a forever free option for one site. While their interface is easy to use, more complex sites may require learning their visual workflow.


Webflow provides designer templates and an elegant drag and drop editor. Their free trial lets you test drive building sites visually with access to interactions and animations. However, Webflow's customization options are more limited outside of paid plans.


Carrd offers free simple one-page sites great for landing pages and coming soon pages. Their templates and layouts are minimal but their editor is restricted. You cannot connect a custom domain name for free sites.


Duda has a user-friendly editor with many templates and assets available. Their free trial allows you to try their ecommerce features and apps. However, Duda requires technical knowledge for advanced customizations beyond their widgets.

Key Considerations for Selection

When evaluating the best AI website builder for your startup or business, consider these key factors:

  • Your budget constraints
  • The level of creative customization needed
  • Required features and functionality
  • Your technical skill level and coding knowledge

Priority should be placed on an intuitive drag and drop editor and designer templates to accelerate creation. Customization capabilities are also vital to craft a unique brand experience over time.

Before selecting a platform, test building sample pages to gauge the ease of use and capabilities based on your specific needs.

Getting Started with AI Website Builders

Follow these tips when beginning to build your site with an AI website platform:

  • Browse the template library to find relevant designs for your industry and style.

  • Gather brand assets - logo, colors, fonts - before starting design.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different layouts and modules.

  • Optimize for SEO from day one with keywords, metadata, alt text.

  • Use integrated analytics to understand site performance.

  • Leverage Unicorn's startup templates and components to accelerate your build.

Starting with templates allows for much faster customization. Take time to familiarize yourself with the platform's editor and available integrations.

Promoting Your Website

To maximize your new AI-built website's impact:

  • Run A/B tests to optimize pages and boost conversions.

  • Analyze analytics regularly to identify high-traffic and underperforming areas.

  • Strategically place calls-to-action, popups, content upgrades.

  • Promote your site across social media, email, partnerships, and more.

  • Continuously add fresh content and make improvements to engage visitors.

  • Use integrated apps and plugins to expand functionality over time.


In summary, AI website builders like Unicorn Platform empower startups and businesses to create stunning websites through intuitive editors and pre-made templates - no coding needed.

Key factors when selecting a platform include budget, design needs, features, and technical skill level. Prioritize ease of use, customization, and relevant templates.

Optimize and promote your finished site across channels to maximize its impact. AI website builders have made quality web design quick and accessible for all.

Explore Unicorn Platform's templates and startup components to easily build your SaaS site today.

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