Craft Website Landing Pages That Convert

published on 03 November 2023

Introduction: Crafting High-Converting Website Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential for lead generation and driving sales. An effective landing page clearly conveys your value proposition, highlights benefits, and motivates visitors to take action through a prominent call-to-action. Optimizing landing pages for higher conversion rates is crucial for any business looking to boost leads and sales.

This guide will cover choosing the right landing page template, writing compelling copy, and implementing conversion rate optimization techniques. Following these best practices will help you create website landing pages with higher click-through and conversion rates. Let's explore how to craft landing pages that convert visitors into leads and customers.

Choosing the Right Landing Page Template

Choosing the optimal template is an important first step in creating effective landing pages. The template establishes the page layout, components, and initial impression visitors get of your brand.

For most websites, a simple one-page template without too many distractions works best. Unicorn Platform offers a great collection of minimalist, mobile-friendly templates to choose from. Simpler templates load faster and reduce bounce rates from slow page speeds. Visually complex templates can increase cognitive load and prompt visitors to click away.

Types of Landing Page Templates

Different types of landing pages and goals require different templates:

  • Long-form sales pages work well for promoting ebooks, online courses, or high-ticket offers. These feature lengthy copy and multiple sections.
  • Lead gen squeeze pages use short forms to capture emails and contacts. They contain minimal text and a singular CTA.
  • Webinar or event pages highlight the details and facilitate registrations.
  • Product launch pages build hype and interest before a launch.
  • Location-specific pages target customers in specific geographic areas.

Customizing Your Template

Unicorn Platform makes it easy to customize templates by editing text, images, colors, and more. Focus on conveying your unique brand messaging by adding or removing sections. Leverage custom CSS/code support for greater customization like animations.

Be careful not to over-customize - simplicity and clarity should take priority. Use A/B testing to determine the optimal template design and layout.

Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts

Compelling copy is crucial for communicating your value proposition to visitors. Align your copy with the visitor's journey from awareness to consideration and finally decision. Use conversational language to connect with visitors and focus on addressing their pain points.

Headline and Subheadings

Your headline should quickly establish the purpose of the page and highlight the main benefit. For example, "Get More Leads With Unicorn Platform's Landing Pages" clearly conveys the key benefit - more leads.

Use subheads to break up long sections and guide visitors down the page. Subheads also present opportunities to incorporate relevant keywords. Avoid excessive cleverness - clarity is more important than being cute.

For instance, the subhead "Customize Your Pages in Minutes" is a simple, benefit-focused subhead.

Body Copy

Explain your offering in simple, direct language. Address customer pain points like "Difficulty customizing landing pages without coding" and demonstrate how you solve them. Use bullet points to highlight key features and your value proposition.

Share customer stories and social proof when possible to build trust. Conversational tone helps connect with visitors. Avoid formal or overly salesy language.

Using Images Effectively

Relevant, high-quality images reinforce your messaging and build engagement. For example, featuring customer testimonial videos or screenshots of your product in use.

Ensure images align with your copy. Don't use generic stock photos that distract. Optimize images for fast loading and visually represent your brand identity.

Optimizing Landing Pages for Higher Conversions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) involves making small tweaks and improvements to boost conversion rates. Factors like page speed, forms, trust signals, and calls-to-action impact conversions.

Use A/B testing to experiment with different versions of landing page elements. Unicorn Platform's built-in CRO tools make optimization easy.

Page Speed Optimization

Faster page speed reduces bounce rates and lifts conversions. Reduce image file sizes, enable caching, and minify CSS/JS code. Use a content delivery network (CDN) like Unicorn Platform for faster load times.

Leverage browser caching and code minification. Test site speed using online tools and address any issues.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Prominent, clickable CTAs should match visitor intent. Test CTAs for wording, color, size, and placement on the page.

Keep forms short, easy to complete, and mobile-friendly. Try adding exit-intent popups to capture more email leads. Track CTA click-through rates to identify underperforming CTAs.


Optimizing landing pages is crucial for boosting conversions and driving sales. Follow the tips covered in this guide - choose simple, fast-loading templates, write compelling copy, and implement conversion rate optimization techniques.

Small tweaks can lead to big gains. Continuously test and refine landing page elements with Unicorn Platform's built-in A/B testing. Crafting high-converting landing pages takes effort but delivers tremendous value for your business. Start optimizing your pages today to increase leads and sales!

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