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published on 23 October 2023


Creating an effective landing page is crucial for converting website visitors into customers, especially for startups looking to grow their business. However, building and optimizing landing pages typically requires technical skills like coding as well as extensive time and effort. This poses a major challenge for non-technical founders and marketers who need to get their landing pages up and running quickly.

That's where Unicorn Platform comes in. Unicorn Platform is the best drag and drop website builder to create landing pages incredibly fast without needing to code. With its intuitive visual editor, 100+ designer templates, and built-in integrations, Unicorn streamlines landing page creation so startups can launch high-converting pages in minutes.

This article will highlight how Unicorn's powerful features allow even beginners to easily create customized, mobile-friendly landing pages optimized for conversions. We'll discuss Unicorn's benefits over competitors, provide a step-by-step guide to building a landing page, and explain why it's the ideal landing page creator for startups looking to quickly build their online presence. Let's dive in!

Benefits of Using Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform simplifies landing page creation by providing all the tools startups need in one place:

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

Unicorn's drag and drop editor allows anyone to build landing pages visually without needing to know how to code. The intuitive WYSIWYG interface lets you easily:

  • Add and customize text, images, videos, shapes, buttons, and other elements
  • Undo/redo changes one-click
  • View pages responsively on mobile to optimize layout

Compared to manually editing HTML and CSS, Unicorn's visual editing is much faster and beginner-friendly. You can focus on creating an amazing page rather than wrestling with code.

100+ Customizable Page Templates

Unicorn offers over 100 professionally designed templates for all types of landing pages including:

  • Welcome and capture pages to collect emails
  • Contact and appointment pages to generate leads
  • Pricing and features pages to showcase offerings
  • Blogs, portfolios, and more

For example, their modern homepage template is perfect for software companies to highlight their products. Simply choose a template, customize it by editing text, colors, fonts, images, and you have a polished page ready to launch.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Easily expand your landing pages' functionality by integrating elements like:

  • Lead capture forms from MailChimp to collect emails
  • Intercom live chat to engage visitors
  • Google Analytics to track performance
  • Stripe payments to sell products

With Unicorn's integrations, you can add these advanced features in just a few clicks without coding.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Landing Page

Here is an overview of how easy Unicorn Platform makes it to create a complete, conversion-optimized landing page:

Choosing and Customizing a Template

First, browse Unicorn's extensive template library and select an optimal pre-made design for your needs. For example, choose a simple capture template to collect emails.

Tailor the template by tweaking elements like:

  • Headlines, text, colors
  • Images and videos
  • Font sizes and styles

Leverage Unicorn's stock media library to find engaging graphics and videos for free.

Adding Elements and Integrations

Next, easily add any elements you need to maximize conversions like:

  • Eye-catching calls-to-action
  • A MailChimp form to capture leads
  • Testimonials for social proof
  • FAQ sections to answer questions

Connecting to tools like analytics and payments takes just a couple clicks - no coding needed.

Optimizing and Publishing Your Page

Follow best practices in Unicorn like A/B testing different headlines to optimize your landing page. Then go live by publishing your page and sharing the link!

Later, you can update your live pages anytime by editing in Unicorn again. Publishing and maintaining pages is incredibly easy.

Why Unicorn Platform is the Best Landing Page Creator

For non-technical startup founders and marketers looking to quickly build landing pages without coding, Unicorn Platform beats competitors like Wix, Squarespace, and when it comes to:

  • Page templates - Unicorn offers 100+ templates tailored specifically for startups, far more than other website builders.

  • Easy customization - Unicorn's drag and drop editor makes tailoring pages simple with no coding needed.

  • Integrations - Unicorn provides seamless connections to the tools startups rely on to convert visitors.

  • Startup focus - Unicorn builds features tailored to startups, unlike generalized website builders.

With its focus on speed, conversion optimization, and startup-friendly integrations, Unicorn is the ideal landing page maker for non-technical founders.


Creating optimized, mobile-friendly landing pages is crucial for startup growth, but overly complex for non-coders. Unicorn Platform solves this problem by empowering beginners to launch high-converting landing pages in minutes with its visual editor, templates, and built-in integrations.

By radically simplifying landing page creation for startups, Unicorn allows founders to focus on their business instead of wrestling with code.

Ultimately, Unicorn streamlines website building so non-technical founders can build the online presence they need to succeed and scale their startup.

Try Unicorn Platform today to easily create beautiful landing pages that convert visitors into customers in minutes - no coding needed!

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