Build Stunning Landing Pages in Wix Without Coding

published on 27 October 2023


Creating high-converting landing pages is crucial for successfully promoting your business or campaign online. But building beautiful, effective landing pages usually requires web design and coding skills. This can make it challenging for startups and small businesses lacking those technical capabilities.

Fortunately, Wix's user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder makes creating custom landing pages easy - no coding required! With its intuitive editor, professionally designed templates, and robust features, anyone can craft stunning landing pages that drive results.

This guide will walk you through the entire landing page creation process in Wix step-by-step. We'll cover choosing the right template, customizing the design, optimizing for mobile, writing compelling content, capturing leads, and tips for improving performance. Whether you're launching a new startup website or promoting a campaign, read on to learn how to build landing pages that convert!

Choosing the Right Template

Selecting the right template is key for creating an effective landing page tailored to your goals. Browse Wix's template library and look for options built for specific purposes like welcome pages, online courses, product launches, email list signups, webinar registrations, and more.

For a lead generation or email signup landing page, consider a minimalist, uncluttered template to highlight your unique value proposition and call-to-action. Overly complicated templates with multiple sections and distracting animations can work on websites, but aren’t ideal for landing pages with one focused goal.

If you need a landing page template for a startup or SaaS business, check out Unicorn Platform's selection designed specifically with new ventures in mind. Their templates balance visually compelling designs with a streamlined, conversion-driven structure.

Customizing the Design in Wix

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s easy to customize the design to match your brand style. Open the template in the Wix editor and tweak the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more using their intuitive controls.

Upload your logo and integrate any brand imagery. Adjust the layout and content sections as needed while maintaining good visual hierarchy on the page. Use high-quality relevant photos and graphics that reinforce your messaging.

Some tips for customizing your Wix landing page design:

  • Change colors globally to match brand palette
  • Swap headline and body fonts for consistent branding
  • Resize and position images/graphics for visual impact
  • Adjust section spacing, margins and alignment for clean layout
  • Animate subtle elements like icons and logos sparingly
  • Select background colors/images that align with brand style

Unicorn Platform makes restyling templates even easier with its simple drag-and-drop design features. Change colors globally, swap fonts with one click, and apply brand styles rapidly.

Optimizing Wix Landing Pages for Mobile

With Google prioritizing mobile-friendly pages and over 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, optimizing for smaller screens is essential. Enable Wix’s mobile preview mode to view your landing page on different device sizes.

Identify any issues like small text, clutter, or buttons that are hard to tap. Consider using a vertical layout with a single CTA button prominently placed above the fold. Simplify messaging, scale up fonts, and eliminate unnecessary details.

Some tips for optimizing Wix landing pages for mobile:

  • Use responsive design templates
  • Check page loading speed on mobile
  • Adjust button/link sizes for easy tapping
  • Reduce large image file sizes
  • Simplify navigation and menus
  • Display key info above the fold

Unicorn Platform’s templates are fully responsive out of the box, adapting beautifully to any screen size.

Crafting Compelling Content

The copy on your landing page must quickly communicate your value proposition and convince visitors to convert. Keep the text succinct, scannable, and focused on articulating benefits. Avoid excessive body copy that distracts from your CTA.

Guide visitors with a single, clear call to action like “Start Free Trial” or “Download eBook”. Unicorn Platform provides useful copywriting examples and templates tailored specifically for startups.

Some tips for writing effective landing page copy:

  • Lead with a strong headline and value proposition
  • Use bullet points and short paragraphs for skimmability
  • Focus on articulating benefits to the user
  • Use persuasive language tailored to audience needs
  • Include only essential info - cut fluff
  • Direct readers clearly toward CTA

Lead Capture Forms

To convert visitors into leads, include opt-in forms for capturing contact information. Add forms like email signup, contact request, or free trial registration. Customize form fields, confirmation messages, and styling.

Integrate your form with CRM and email marketing tools like Mailchimp to automatically collect lead data. Offer an incentive like a discount code or free ebook to encourage signups. Unicorn Platform seamlessly integrates forms with popular email and CRM platforms.

Some tips for optimizing landing page lead capture forms:

  • Keep forms short and only ask for essential info
  • Offer a compelling incentive or freebie
  • Thank users and confirm subscriptions
  • Use minimalist styling aligned with page design
  • Integrate with CRM and email tools
  • Place form prominently above the fold

Using Media Effectively

Relevant images, videos, and other media not only add visual interest but also engage visitors and demonstrate your product value. Select photos that establish credibility and reinforce your brand style.

Videos can further explain your product and establish trust. Testimonials, customer logos, and security badges like SSL also increase credibility while remaining unobtrusive. Ensure any media complements your messaging instead of distracting from your CTA.

Some tips for using media effectively on landing pages:

  • High-quality images/video conveying product benefits
  • Genuine customer testimonials establish trust
  • Company logos demonstrate social proof
  • Relevant captions reinforce messaging
  • Security badges signal safety to convert
  • Restrict media use to avoid distractions

Optimizing and Promoting Your Wix Landing Page

Once your landing page is complete, add metadata like page title and descriptions for better SEO rankings. Install analytics tools like Google Analytics to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Promote your page through email, social media, Pay Per Click ads, and other channels to drive targeted traffic. A/B test different versions of elements like headlines, copy, designs, and CTAs to optimize conversions.

Unicorn Platform has built-in SEO tools and Google Analytics integration to help startups improve landing page search visibility and performance.

Some tips for optimizing and promoting Wix landing pages:

  • Add relevant page title, meta descriptions, alt text
  • Install Google Analytics to track metrics
  • Promote through email, social, PPC, content, SEO
  • A/B test page elements to improve conversion
  • Check speed, mobile optimization with Google tools
  • Create more landing pages for specific campaigns
  • Update content frequently for freshness

Ongoing Refinement

Continually test and refine your landing page even after launch to maximize results. Monitor conversion rates, bounce rates, and other analytics to pinpoint issues. Experiment with changes to page speed, content, layout, forms, and more to improve conversions.

Unicorn Platform’s built-in A/B testing feature lets you easily try variations of elements to determine which perform best. Landing page optimization is an ongoing process as new tests reveal better-performing variations over time.

Some tips for continually refining your Wix landing pages:

  • Review analytics regularly and run A/B tests
  • Try different headlines, copy, designs until you find the optimal variation
  • Look for high bounce rates or slow page speeds that indicate issues
  • Refine forms by adjusting fields, incentives, placements
  • Update imagery and videos over time for freshness
  • Monitor search visibility and improve SEO and backlinks

Expanding Beyond Landing Pages with Wix

Once you’ve mastered creating landing pages with Wix, consider using it to build your entire business website for a cohesive brand experience. With consistent design across your homepage, product pages, online store, membership portal, and more, Wix can support your business as it grows.

Just be cautious of creating an overly complex site with too many competing pages that dilute your messaging. Maintain focus on your value proposition even as you expand your online presence. Unicorn Platform in particular provides a full suite of powerful site-building features tailored specifically for high-growth startups.


With its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and professionally designed templates, Wix makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, effective landing pages. Select a conversion-optimized template, customize the design, optimize for mobile, capture leads with forms, and continually refine your page over time.

By tapping into Wix’s robust features to develop targeted, high-converting "landing pages in Wix" without coding, you can successfully promote your startup’s offering online. Consider a specialized platform like Unicorn Platform if you need landing pages purpose-built for high-growth startups. With the strategies in this guide, you’ll be ready to build stunning landing pages that drive results.

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