Stand Out with These Creative Landing Page Design Ideas

published on 13 October 2023


Landing pages are a crucial touchpoint between businesses and potential customers. With just a glance, visitors form impressions that influence conversions. That's why crafting an eye-catching, effective landing page design is so important for startups and small businesses aiming to capture leads and sales.

A well-designed landing page provides a focused, streamlined experience that guides visitors through key information and calls-to-action (CTAs). When done right, it can dramatically boost conversions compared to a generic website home page. With innovative approaches that think outside the box, you can create a landing page that stands out, engages visitors, and drives results.

This article will explore creative strategies for optimizing landing page design. We'll look at approaches like unique layouts, compelling content, strategic visuals, and deliberate color use with real examples and actionable tips you can apply. Let's dive in to learn how to craft landing pages that convert!

Thinking Outside the Box with Layout

Most landing pages stick to the standard header, content, footer layout. While familiar, this can blend in with the crowd. That's why trying more unconventional, creative layouts can help your landing page make an impact. With a flexible page builder like Unicorn Platform, testing different structures is simple.

Some unique landing page layouts to try:

Scrolling Layouts

Long scrolling pages can work well by guiding visitors through a narrative or showcasing visuals. For example, a services business could use scrolling to share their origin story and values. Photography sites also leverage scrolling to feature portfolios. The continuous flow keeps visitors engaged.

Unicorn Platform's templates include scrolling layouts that work perfectly for service businesses of all types.

Multi-Step Flows

Breaking up long forms or lots of information into multi-step flows helps avoid overwhelming visitors. Educational sites use this technique to chunk content. SaaS companies also integrate multi-step flows on their landing pages to progress visitors through the sales funnel.

For example, UnicornMail uses a multi-step flow on their landing page to take visitors from learning features, to pricing, to account setup. The discrete steps keep users focused.

With Unicorn Platform's powerful multi-step form widget, implementing this engaged flow is seamless.

Bold Background Visuals

Using striking visuals or graphics as backgrounds can instantly capture attention. For highly visual businesses like photographers, graphic designers, or architects, this technique aligns well with their brand. The prominent visuals make a bold first impression.

With Unicorn Platform's image, animation, and video components, adding bold backgrounds is simple.

When determining the layout, analyze your business goals and audience expectations. A novel layout demonstrates creativity but also needs to resonate with your target users and move them towards conversions.

Crafting Compelling Content

No matter how beautiful the design, a landing page requires quality content to engage visitors. Avoid dense blocks of text that are difficult to digest. Instead, focus on concise, scannable content that addresses pain points and clearly conveys benefits.

Unicorn Platform's intuitive editor simplifies polishing content for higher conversions.

Address Pain Points

Directly addressing customer pain points shows you empathize with their problems. For example, a HR platform could focus on the headaches of manual performance reviews. A scheduling app may highlight the frustrations of coordinating calendars.

Research your audience to uncover relevant pains so you can provide solutions on your landing page. Unicorn Platform's built-in forms help easily capture visitor pain points too.

Concise, Scannable Content

With short attention spans, you want content that's easily scannable. Break up sections with short paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists, and bolding key info. Avoid large blocks of unstructured text.

Unicorn Platform's editor has all the formatting options needed to optimize content for skimming.

Compelling Calls to Action

CTAs should clearly state the desired action, like "Register Now" or "Start Free Trial". Make sure they stand out on the page without being distracting. Include CTAs throughout, not just at the end.

With Unicorn Platform's versatile CTA widget, you can easily optimize placement and design.

Integrating Engaging Visuals

Relevant visuals are crucial for capturing attention and improving comprehension. Photos and videos that connect with your brand and audience are most effective. Avoid stock imagery that feels disconnected from the subject matter.

Strategically place visuals near corresponding content sections. You can also use images to draw the eye to your CTAs.

With Unicorn Platform's image, animation, and video components, creatively integrating visuals is simple.

Photos That Connect

Selecting photos visitors emotionally connect with makes concepts more resonant. Images of recognizable situations, people, and emotions work best. Choose photos with authentic moments instead of stiff, staged shots. Prioritize images with eye contact, natural smiles, and warm lighting.

Unicorn Platform's stock photo library has diverse, authentic images that are easy to integrate.

Demonstration Videos

For products and services that benefit from demonstrations, short videos can effectively showcase features on your landing page. Keep videos under two minutes with clear narration to stay engaging.

With Unicorn Platform's video embedding capabilities, you can easily add product demos to your landing page.

Strategic Image Placement

Where you position images impacts attention and comprehension. Place them next to relevant sections, interspersed thoughtfully among paragraphs. Images are also useful for highlighting CTAs.

Unicorn Platform provides full control over image placement on your page.

Optimizing with Color

Strategic use of color influences the overall feel and effectiveness of your landing page. Pick colors that align with your brand identity and evoke the desired emotional response from visitors.

Unicorn Platform's advanced color customization empowers easy optimization.

Choosing Brand Colors

Using your established brand colors consistently throughout your landing page creates cohesion. Tie together buttons, headings, backgrounds, and typography with brand colors.

Unicorn Platform makes implementing brand colors simple across your entire page.

Accent Colors Strategically

Accent colors attract attention, so use them strategically on key elements you want to highlight, like CTAs. Vibrant shades like orange or green work well. Test different accent colors to determine which ones increase conversions.

Unicorn Platform's color tools let you customize accents to find the best options.

Match Color to Emotion

Certain colors evoke predictable reactions. Blue conveys trust, while yellow grabs attention. Select colors that align with the tone and emotion you want visitors to feel.

With Unicorn Platform's color picker, you can easily test color combinations and optimize based on data.

Mobile Optimization

With growing mobile usage, optimizing landing pages for mobile is crucial. Responsive design ensures your page adapts seamlessly across devices. Additionally, proper spacing, font sizes, and sizing of elements enhances mobile UX.

Unicorn Platform is fully responsive out-of-the-box, handling mobile optimization for you.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Crafting a high-converting landing page requires thinking creatively about layout, content, visuals, and color use. By trying unique approaches backed by research, you can develop landing pages that engage your audience and deliver results.

Key strategies include:

  • Experimenting with unconventional layouts like scrolling or multi-step flows
  • Optimizing content by addressing pain points and improving scannability
  • Strategically integrating relevant, authentic visuals
  • Using color deliberately to align with brand identity and influence emotions
  • Ensuring proper mobile optimization

Remember, your landing page makes a vital first impression. A design tailored to your business and audience can significantly impact conversions. Leverage versatile tools like Unicorn Platform to swiftly implement innovations and optimization ideas. With creativity and testing, you can build landing pages that stand out and convert.

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