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published on 11 October 2023

Introduction to Landing Page Software for Startups

Landing pages are specialized pages built for a singular conversion goal, often lead generation or sales. They allow you to guide visitors into targeted action through clear messaging and design. For startups and SaaS companies, high-converting landing pages are essential for capturing interest and driving growth. Studies show that implementing landing pages can lift conversion rates by over 30%. However, building custom landing pages from scratch requires web development skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The coding process is time-consuming and challenging to optimize. This is where dedicated landing page software becomes invaluable.

Landing page builders provide intuitive drag-and-drop editors and pre-made templates to create beautiful, effective landing pages quickly, without coding. The best platforms integrate natively with email marketing, analytics, payments, forms, and other tools needed to convert visitors and grow your business.

With landing page builders, startups can launch lead capture and conversion pages in hours or days instead of weeks. The visual editors empower anyone to build responsive pages optimized for conversions and SEO. You can easily test variations with A/B testing and continuously improve pages over time based on data.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the top 12 landing page software options for startups and SaaS companies. You'll learn key use cases, benefits, tips for creating high-converting pages, and conclusions to help you boost conversions. Let's dive in!

Top Landing Page Builders for Startups

Here are the top 12 landing page builders recommended for startups and SaaS companies:

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform offers an AI-powered landing page builder made specifically for startups. It provides hundreds of professionally designed templates ideal for SaaS and startup use cases. The easy drag-and-drop editor simplifies customization for non-coders. Unicorn Platform also integrates growth tools like email marketing, analytics, payments, and more.


A very popular landing page builder, Leadpages offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. It's known for conversion-focused templates and built-in A/B testing capabilities.


Instapage specializes in landing page speed optimization and provides a visual editor to customize landing pages.


GetResponse combines landing page building with its email marketing and automation platform. It's a good option for users already in the GetResponse ecosystem.


Beyond landing pages, Wishpond provides popups, forms, and other lead generation tools. It's one of the more robust lead gen suites.


ClickFunnels markets itself as an all-in-one sales funnel builder and landing page editor. It offers funnels for courses, memberships, and other digital products.


HubSpot offers basic, free landing pages as part of its broader marketing suite. The templates are fairly limited but may appeal to HubSpot customers.


Landingi provides a template marketplace for finding niche landing page designs. It also offers team collaboration features.


Ucraft is an open-source landing page builder that boasts fast global CDN distribution for landing page speed.


Landen advertises its landing page load speeds as the fastest in the industry, promising sub-second response times.


Launchaco is a landing page builder focused on startups, with templates optimized for investor pitches and crowdfunding campaigns.


Pagewiz is a beginner-friendly landing page builder with a large collection of templates and integrations tailored for small businesses.

Key Features to Evaluate

When comparing landing page builders, some key features to evaluate include:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor - How easy is it to customize templates and content?

  • Template quality and customizability - Are there enough templates for your use cases? Can you easily tailor them?

  • Integrations - What other marketing tools like email, payments, webinars, etc. integrate natively?

  • A/B testing - Does it offer split testing and optimization capabilities?

  • Analytics - Can you analyze landing page performance and visitor data?

  • Heatmaps - Does it show user click tracking to see engagement?

  • Page speed - How fast do pages load? Speed impacts conversions.

  • Ease of use - Is the platform intuitive for non-coders? Is there a learning curve?

  • Pricing/value - Do the features justify the pricing for your needs?

  • Reviews - What do other users say about the product and customer support?

Top Use Cases and Examples

Some top use cases and examples of effective startup landing pages:

  • Lead generation - Email list signup, free trial, contact request

  • Webinar/event registration - Product demo signups, conference registration

  • Promotions - New product launch, limited-time sale

  • Crowdfunding - Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign pages

  • Newsletters - Blog/newsletter subscription pages

  • Free trial signup - Software or service free trial pages

  • Job listings - Open positions and application pages

  • Online course sales - Course and membership checkout pages

  • Quizzes/surveys - Interactive pages to capture leads

  • Coming soon - Building buzz for upcoming products

  • Case study downloads - Get an ebook by submitting contact info

  • Content upgrades - Offer premium content in exchange for email

Benefits of Using Landing Page Builders

Landing page builders offer many advantages over coding pages manually:

Speed and Efficiency

  • Pre-designed templates accelerate the landing page creation process.

  • Drag-and-drop editors enable anyone to build pages without coding.

  • Real-time editing allows for quick changes instead of static HTML pages.

  • Integrations avoid needing custom code for things like forms, payments, etc.

  • Page cloning lets you duplicate existing pages as a starting point.

  • Collaboration features help teams work together on landing pages.

Conversion Optimization

  • Proven templates designed to maximize conversions.

  • Easy A/B testing for continuous optimization.

  • CRM integrations enable better lead follow-up.

  • Analytics provide insight to improve pages over time.

  • Mobile responsiveness ensures pages work on all devices.

  • SEO best practices increase search visibility.

  • Built-in forms capture leads directly on landing pages.

  • Increased conversion rates - Landing pages can lift conversions by over 30%

Tips for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

Here are some best practices for optimizing landing page conversions:

  • Fast load times - Pages should load in under 2 seconds.

  • Clear, benefit-driven copy - Communicate value simply and directly.

  • Limit distractions - Remove anything irrelevant to your goal.

  • Prominent CTA buttons - Make calls-to-action obvious.

  • Relevant quality images - Images should align with messaging.

  • Social proof - Build trust with testimonials, reviews, logos.

  • Match messaging to traffic source - Tailor copy to your campaigns.

  • Lead capture integration - Collect leads directly on the landing page.

  • Continuous testing - A/B test elements like images, headlines, copy etc.

  • Data analysis - Use analytics to optimize over time.

  • Ruthlessly focus on one goal - Guide visitors through a clear user journey.

  • Optimize page layout - Direct attention to key elements and calls-to-action.

Page Copywriting Tips

  • Lead with your strongest value proposition first.

  • Communicate benefits clearly and concisely.

  • Speak directly to visitors using "you" and "your."

  • Avoid hyperbole and excessive adjectives.

  • Back up claims with proof points like stats, testimonials.

  • Use a single, clear call-to-action.

Page Design Best Practices

  • Align page with a single conversion goal.

  • Use white space carefully.

  • Make clickable elements obvious.

  • Limit text styles and fonts.

  • Orient pages vertically rather than horizontal.

  • Ensure mobile responsiveness.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  • Landing pages are vital for capturing visitor interest and conversions.

  • Using landing page software can simplify and accelerate creation.

  • Many excellent options exist like Unicorn Platform.

  • Benefits include improved speed, efficiency and significantly higher conversion rates.

  • Follow proven best practices for copy, design and conversion optimization.

  • Continuously test and optimize landing pages over time.

Implementing a dedicated landing page solution can transform your startup's ability to generate leads, drive trials, and capture sales. The visual drag-and-drop editor empowers teams to quickly build beautiful, high-converting pages that help grow your business. Check out Unicorn Platform's landing page builder to explore how it can help you lift conversions.

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