Product Hunt Campaign Insides: Traffic, Signups, Sales

published on 28 August 2023

Sup! Unicorn Platform has been featured on Product Hunt and won #1 of the day!

I want to share the results of the launch week: traffic, signups, and revenue.

The Launch

It was super spontaneous. There was no specific date for the launch in my roadmap.

I started searching for a good hunter. The first man who came up was Chris Messina. He liked my product and agreed to hunt me in a day.


In a day?! Holy macaroni! I urgently started the preparations.

First thing I did is the launch of Unicorn Platform on IndieHackers. IH is full of talented designers, developers, and makers who can give valuable feedback.

The guys helped me to clarify my offer and do some important changes on my landing page.

To be honest, 90% of the Product Hunt preparation was during the product building. You make a good thing for a real market – you get upvotes. Easy as a pie, and it always works. But there are still some important things that you would better know. So have a look at my post about PH tips.

By the way, don’t expect many clicks from Twitter. It works indirectly. People see you on Twitter first. Then they see your logo/face again on Product Hunt and upvote a familiar thing. This works better if you are tweeted by a trusted person.



Here are some numbers for you. It is always fun to peek into the undercover details:


The second spike (1 Oct) is caused by the Product Hunt email newsletter. The newsletter also gave ~100 upvotes to the product.


As we can see, Product Hunt gladly gives us a great amount of high-quality traffic. The guys who visit your website are truly interested in the project.


I did a terrible mistake that took away hundreds of signups. My Sign Up button was hidden under the profile picture. Always make it visible and easily accessible.


I’ve got roughly 300 sign-ups. That is a conversion of 3.75%. Neat.

Sales $$$

That was a SUPER surprising to me actually. As you may know, I had 2 paid offers.

First, is the Pro access for $80 per year (beta price) that unlocks the premium components. Second, the exclusive Lifetime Deal giving you the premium access forever (including all the future versions) for $180 once.

You know what? People believed that I can ship a great product and started buying the lifetime deals more often that a Pro subscription. Cool!

The total amount earned during the launch week: $2447.

That includes:

  • 11 Lifetime access subscriptions ($1695, 69% of all revenue)
  • 11 Pro accounts ($753, 31% of all revenue)

Btw, I used Paddle to sell subscriptions. Paddle works pretty smooth. It is the best option if you can not use Stripe.

My goal now is to sell the rest 39/50 Lifetime Deals and hire 2 devs. Together we will ship v2.0 Unicorn Platform (with hosting and online editor). While there is huge interest around the project I will focus on sales and delay any product updates.



Another surprising event is that an angel investor showed interest in Unicorn Platform. If we will come up to an agreement, the v2.0 Unicorn Platform will be delivered much sooner.


This post is intended to reveal the numbers only. If you want to learn some Product Hunt tips, view my blog post (the post is regularly updated).


This is just the start of the game. Though Product Hunt gave me tons of attention, I need to build my own sources of traffic and discover new promo channels.

I want to say big thanks to everyone who helped with precious feedback and supported me! Without this amazing community, nothing would be possible. Special thanks to the SoloFounders Telegram Community. I love you guys!

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