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published on 22 October 2023


Having a professional online presence is absolutely essential for startups today to establish credibility, attract customers, and drive growth. However, building an effective website from scratch can be an incredibly challenging undertaking for founders with limited resources. Lacking design expertise and coding skills, most startups struggle to create the stunning, feature-rich websites they need to share their vision and make sales.

This is where Unicorn Platform comes in. As one of the best websites to make a website, Unicorn provides startups with an intuitive website builder specifically tailored to their needs. With beautiful templates optimized for diverse niches, a flexible drag-and-drop editor requiring no coding, and powerful built-in tools for forms, payments, CRM, and more, startups can build fully functional websites incredibly quickly and easily on Unicorn.

In this post, we'll explore the key website building struggles faced by startups, how Unicorn solves these pain points through simplicity and customization, and the platform's unique capabilities like integrated CRM and startup-focused features. We'll also compare Unicorn to competitors and showcase real-world examples of startups that used Unicorn to launch successful sites across different industries.

Whether you need to create a landing page, marketing site, online store, or entire website, Unicorn provides the efficiency, ease-of-use, and purpose-built tools you require to establish your digital presence quickly. Let's dive in!

Challenges Faced By Startups In Building Websites

For resource-constrained startups, creating an effective website poses major difficulties:

Lack of Design Expertise

Startups rarely have professional designers on staff to craft visually stunning sites. Without attractive designs, they lose credibility and visitors. Hiring agencies is expensive and slow.

For example, an AI startup struggled for months to design their website in-house using basic templates. This hurt their ability to capture investor and customer attention.

No Coding Skills

Most founders have limited web development skills. Hard-to-use website builders require manual coding for customization. Startups end up dependent on developers, unable to update sites themselves.

Building their platform initially required over $15,000 in developer fees for a bootstrapped edtech startup. Every minor update involved more costs thereafter.

How Unicorn Platform Solves These Website Building Struggles

Unicorn removes the complexity of building websites for startups through two core capabilities - simplicity and customization.

Easy-To-Use Visual Editor

Unicorn's intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables anyone to build and customize their entire site visually without any coding. Founders can quickly add content blocks, modify templates, and create professional pages simply using clicks.

Features like undo/redo, responsive editing, and accessibility checking further optimize the user experience. Unicorn's editor simplicity makes it the easiest website creator for non-technical founders.

Customizable Niche Templates

Unicorn offers 100+ professionally designed templates optimized for diverse startup niches like SaaS, crypto, ecommerce, and more.

Startups can visually customize these templates by tweaking colors, fonts, layouts, images, and other elements via the easy editor without design expertise.

Integrations & Advanced Tools For Startups

Beyond core website building, Unicorn provides startups with powerful capabilities via app integrations and built-in tools:

Marketing & Sales Integrations

Integrate email providers like MailChimp for newsletters. Embed chatbots for instant communication. Connect analytics tools like Google Analytics to track visitor data. Unicorn enables seamlessly integrating these critical marketing platforms.

Built-In CRM & Collaboration

Unicorn's integrated CRM enables organized tracking of contacts, deals, tasks, and goals across teams. Features like file sharing, user roles, and permissions allow enhanced productivity and collaboration.

For example, a recruiting platform startup used Unicorn's CRM to manage job candidates in a structured manner by creating custom pipelines and sharing candidate profiles internally.

Startup-Focused Capabilities in Unicorn

What makes Unicorn unique is its purpose-built features for startups' specific needs:

Investor & Advisor Portals

Startups can provide customized portals for investors and advisors to share traction, metrics reports, financials, and progress updates.

An AI-powered recruitment startup leveraged this to build trust and confidence with investors by providing real-time data through their portal.

Built-In Ecommerce Tools

Unicorn enables startups to easily sell products directly on their sites. Add shopping carts, payment processing, promotions, inventory management, and other advanced ecommerce capabilities.

For example, a hardware startup sells their IoT devices seamlessly via their Unicorn-powered online store integrated with Stripe payments and automated order tracking.

How Unicorn Compares to Other Website Builders

When it comes to building startup websites quickly, how does Unicorn stack against traditional website builders?

Template Quality & Customization

Competitors offer generic templates lacking startup focus. Their editors have limited customization options compared to Unicorn's flexible visual editing.

Integrations & Advanced Features

Unicorn provides a vast library of marketing, sales, and communication integrations tailored specifically to startups' needs. Competitors lack these robust CRM, ecommerce, and portal tools.

Examples of Startup Websites Powered by Unicorn

Let's look at some real-world examples of startups from diverse niches that used Unicorn Platform to build their sites:

Digital Health Startup

A startup aiming to improve patient engagement leveraged Unicorn to rapidly create a modern, medtech-focused website with booking integrations, secure portals, and sales automation.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

A crypto startup used Unicorn's API connectivity to build a fast, real-time cryptocurrency portfolio management platform with user dashboards, pricing data, and interactive charts.

Recruitment Firm

A recruitment agency startup designed a corporate-style site on Unicorn with lead capture forms, a careers portal, and easy access to their candidate database - reducing hiring costs.

Conclusion & Next Steps

For startups seeking to establish an impressive online presence quickly and easily, Unicorn is undoubtedly one of the best websites to make a website. With its designer templates optimized for startups, intuitive drag-and-drop editor requiring no coding expertise, powerful integrations and purpose-built tools for CRM, ecommerce, and portals, Unicorn enables startups to create effective, functional websites incredibly fast.

To start building your startup's website and experience Unicorn's simplicity, customization, and robust feature set, get started today with a free account.

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