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published on 27 October 2023

Introducing Unicorn Platform's Free Website Builder

Unicorn Platform offers an incredibly valuable free website builder program that empowers startups and small businesses to create a professional online presence quickly and easily, without needing to code.

This free DIY website builder is specifically designed for early stage startups and bootstrapped entrepreneurs who want to launch their websites efficiently. The easy-to-use drag and drop editor makes it simple even for those with no technical skills to build great looking, mobile-friendly pages.

Best of all, Unicorn Platform's website builder is 100% free, with no hidden fees or gotchas. Users get full access to all the core features needed to build a complete website for free forever.

Key Features of the Free Website Builder

Unicorn Platform packs its free website builder with powerful features to help startups build effective sites.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

The user-friendly drag and drop editor makes building pages easy. Simply drag website elements like text, images, videos, buttons and more onto the page canvas and customize them. The responsive editor enables anyone to design mobile-friendly pages with minimal effort. No coding expertise is required, allowing for quick page building.

The drag and drop functionality allows elements to be precisely positioned by clicking and dragging. Pages can be rapidly assembled through an intuitive visual process.

Design Customization

Customizable templates and themes allow matching sites to brand aesthetics. Fonts, colors, layouts and more can be modified to create a unique look. Logos, graphics, icons and images can be incorporated seamlessly.

Advanced options like typography controls, shape dividers, and gradient backgrounds provide extensive design flexibility. A/B testing features help refine designs for maximum impact.

Marketing and Conversions

Robust tools like email collection forms, popups, live chat, and more help convert site visitors. Built-in ecommerce capabilities handle payments, shipping, taxes and more.

SEO optimizations like title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and schema markup improve search visibility. Analytics integration provides data to enhance effectiveness.

Additional Features

Other valuable features include blog integration, multi-language support, member portals, and events management. The website builder is fully customizable with CSS and HTML code editing options available.

Getting Started with the Free Website Builder

Using Unicorn Platform's free website builder is simple:

  • Sign up for an account at
  • Select a template and start editing pages with the drag and drop editor
  • Customize designs, add content, integrate features like forms and popups
  • Publish the site and manage it going forward
  • Contact Unicorn's expert support if any guidance needed

With its user-friendly editor and powerful features, the free website builder makes creating an online presence easy for startups.

Success Stories of Startups Using the Website Builder

Many startups have already created amazing websites using Unicorn Platform's free website builder.

Sunny Solar, a small solar energy startup based in Arizona, used the website builder to quickly launch their site in just a few days. The easy drag and drop editor helped them showcase their offerings even without coding expertise. Their founder Jane was thrilled with how professional and modern their new site looked.

Likewise, John at Adventure Quest used Unicorn to build landing pages optimized for conversions. The lead generation and email collection tools helped grow their subscriber list by over 30% in a month. The marketing features made growth simple without expensive agencies.

The intuitive website builder has been a game changer for lean startups across industries looking for an efficient way to build an online presence.

Why Unicorn Platform's Website Builder Stands Out

What makes Unicorn Platform the best free website builder for startups compared to competitors like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly?

  • Specifically designed for startups and small businesses needs
  • More robust core features tailored for conversions and growth
  • No hidden fees or transaction costs
  • Expert support included for all users
  • Advanced built-in conversion optimization tools
  • Intuitive even for non-coders
  • Fully customizable site design options
  • SEO-optimized out of the box
  • 100% mobile responsive across devices

Competitors like Wix limit marketing features in their free plans. Others don't offer true website building freedom with restrictions on templates, storage and domains.

Unicorn Platform overcomes these limitations by providing startups all the functionality they need, completely free forever.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In summary, Unicorn Platform's free website builder gives startups everything needed to create a professional online presence fast. With its drag and drop editor, design customization, marketing tools and free forever plan, it provides immense value tailored specifically for lean startups.

Competitors can't match the powerful free offering Unicorn provides. Those ready to take their startup's website to the next level should explore Unicorn Platform's website builder to unlock their online growth potential.

We hope this overview has been useful! Please share if you found value in learning about Unicorn Platform's website builder made for startups. Stay tuned for more startup-focused content and resources from Unicorn!

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