Build Stunning Websites In Minutes With No Coding Using This Intuitive Platform

published on 06 October 2023

Introducing Unicorn Platform: The Intuitive Website Builder for Startups

Unicorn Platform is a user-friendly, AI-powered website and blog builder designed specifically for startups and SaaS companies. It makes it easy to create customizable websites and landing pages with no coding required.

With Unicorn Platform, startups can build stunning, effective websites in minutes that turn visitors into customers.

Some of the key features that set Unicorn Platform apart include:

  • Drag and Drop Editor: Build sites visually by dragging and dropping elements like text, images, and widgets. Easily customize layouts, fonts, colors, and other design aspects.

  • Optimized for Startups: Get templates and components focused on lead capture, SEO, integrations, and other startup needs.

  • Complete Customization: Select beautiful templates then tailor them fully with custom branding, animations, media galleries, and code editing.

  • Collaboration Tools: Work on sites together in real-time with team members for easier website creation and management.

  • Mobile Responsive: Websites made with Unicorn are responsive across all devices. Edit and design your site on mobile or desktop.

Unicorn Platform is ideal for startups and SaaS companies that want to create high-converting websites for their business quickly and easily, without needing developers or technical skills. It empowers anyone to build stunning sites in minutes that turn visitors into customers.

Some examples of real startups using Unicorn Platform:

  • Appili - Clean SaaS landing page with bold colors

  • Leadr - Highly customizable landing page with video background

  • Salesbot - High converting homepage with animated elements

Unicorn Platform offers several pricing plans depending on needs, including free and paid tiers. The free plan allows unlimited pages and basic features while paid plans add ecommerce, priority support, and other benefits.

Drag and Drop Editor For Building Sites Visually

The intuitive drag and drop editor makes building websites easy and fast, with no coding required.

Simply drag website elements like text, images, buttons, and more onto the customizable page layouts and designs. Rearrange or update site content in real-time by dragging elements where you want them.

For example, you can add a new section to your page by dragging over a "Section" widget, customize the section header text, then drag in other elements like text blocks, images, or buttons. Everything happens visually.

Unicorn provides mobile responsive editing capabilities, so you can design your site from desktop, tablet or mobile. Built-in A/B testing tools allow you to experiment with different page variants to optimize conversions.

Team members can collaborate together on website projects in real-time within the visual editor. The revision history feature also lets you easily undo mistakes.

Overall, the drag and drop website builder allows anyone to visually create custom sites, landing pages, online stores, and blogs without needing to code.

Optimized for Startups and SaaS Businesses

Unicorn Platform is designed specifically with startups and SaaS companies in mind.

It includes pre-made landing page templates optimized for lead generation and conversions. Built-in SEO recommendations help improve site visibility and traffic.

You can easily integrate your site with popular marketing and analytics tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Intercom, and more. Unicorn also provides components tailored for startups like testimonials, pricing tables, CALL-TO-ACTION buttons, and more.

Performance and security are built into the platform so your site loads fast and is protected against threats. Unicorn also enables you to natively accept payments and subscriptions for SaaS offerings.

Overall, Unicorn Platform provides everything startups need to create effective websites that convert visitors into customers and grow their business.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Site Design

With Unicorn Platform, you have complete control over your website design and branding. It comes with beautiful pre-made template designs that you can fully customize.

Easily change fonts, colors, layouts, animations, and other elements to match your brand. Select from various typefaces in the Google Font library and use the color picker to find brand colors.

Add images, illustrations and icons using the built-in media galleries to make your site more visual. Sections and elements can be animated to increase visitor engagement.

Developers can directly access code using the HTML/CSS editor to tweak anything on the site. Unicorn makes it easy for anyone to create a customized site aligned with their startup's brand.

Why Startups Choose Unicorn Platform

There are many reasons why startups and SaaS companies choose Unicorn Platform to build their websites:

  • Launch websites in days without needing developers or technical skills. The intuitive drag and drop builder is fast and easy.

  • Test messaging and offers using built-in A/B testing before committing code. Optimize conversion rates.

  • Get up and running quickly with professional ready-made templates for any industry.

  • Scale flexibly from simple landing pages to full-featured SaaS sites. Add advanced functionality as you grow.

  • Maintain brand control with custom domains, design and templates. No restrictive templates enforced.

Ultimately, Unicorn empowers startups to create stunning, effective websites exactly the way they want - with no limitations.

Unleash Your Creativity to Build Stunning Websites

Unicorn Platform provides endless opportunities to unleash your creativity and build one-of-a-kind websites.

Browse examples of real startup sites built beautifully on Unicorn like Appili, Leadr, and Salesbot. See how their brand and offerings are showcased uniquely.

The customizable templates and drag and drop flexibility make it easy to match any brand style. Give your startup website a look that captivates audiences.

With built-in startup-focused tools, it's clear why Unicorn is the top choice for lean startups wanting to launch quickly.

Learn tips and strategies from Unicorn's startup community to build sites optimized for conversions and growth. Let your creativity run wild.

Get inspired by the unlimited design possibilities enabled by Unicorn. Build a stunning website that brings your startup vision to life.

Key Features That Make Unicorn Platform Stand Out

Let's take a look at some of the top features that make Unicorn Platform a standout choice for startups looking to create websites:

Intuitive Drag and Drop Designer

The drag and drop visual editor makes building sites incredibly easy and fast. Simply drag and arrange elements to create fully custom pages.

Key features include:

  • Drag and drop widgets and templates
  • Customizable design and layouts
  • Responsive mobile editing
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Revision history

With Unicorn, anyone can build responsive sites in minutes without coding.

Startup and SaaS Focused

Unicorn provides purpose-built tools and integrations for startups and SaaS companies including:

  • High converting landing page templates
  • SEO optimization
  • Marketing, sales and analytics integrations
  • Accept payments and subscriptions
  • Performance and security optimization

The all-in-one platform lets you create complete effective websites tailored for startups.

Complete Customization and Branding

Build fully custom websites with:

  • Beautiful templates to customize
  • Fonts, colors, branding controls
  • Animations and media galleries
  • Code editor access

Unicorn allows complete creative freedom to match your brand.

How Unicorn Compares to Other Site Builders

Compared to other popular website builders, Unicorn stands out by providing:

  • Better templates and components than Wix
  • Easier customization than Squarespace
  • Faster setup than WordPress
  • More included features than Webflow
  • Focus beyond just ecommerce like Shopify

Unicorn combines the best capabilities into an integrated platform for startups.

Experience the Unicorn Platform Difference Today

Ready to experience website creation made easy?

  • Try the intuitive drag and drop builder
  • Use customizable templates to launch quickly
  • Take advantage of the free trial
  • Sign up without technical skills required
  • Join thousands of successful startups using Unicorn

Get started now and launch your startup's website effortlessly!

Using Unicorn Platform to Create High Converting Sites

Here are some best practices for using Unicorn Platform to build optimized, high-converting websites:

Designing an Effective Homepage

Your homepage is one of the most important pages for conversions. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on one clear, concise CTA
  • Highlight social proof like testimonials
  • Use contrasting colors for CTAs
  • Minimize unnecessary navigation
  • Summarize key benefits above the fold

This drives visitors into your conversion funnel quickly.

Crafting Landing Pages That Convert

To create high-converting landing pages:

  • Closely match page content to ads and traffic sources
  • Reduce friction with lead magnets and free trials
  • Limit form fields to only essential info
  • Clearly convey value propositions and proof
  • Use urgency and scarcity to encourage immediate action

For example, a landing page headline like "Get 50% Off Your First Month with Our Limited Time Offer" paired with a bold CTA drives conversions.

These strategies will boost conversion rates from your landing pages.

Optimizing Signup and Checkout Flows

To maximize conversions from signup and checkout flows:

  • Reduce steps required to complete flows
  • Offer guest checkout and social login
  • Use exit-intent popups to capture abandoning visitors
  • Ensure mobile flows are streamlined
  • Provide freemium tiers or discounts for initial conversions

Smoother signups and checkouts will lead to more new customers.

Measuring Performance and Continuously Improving

Leverage analytics to drive ongoing optimization:

  • Connect Google Analytics to track key metrics
  • Use heatmaps to analyze click patterns
  • A/B test different page elements like headlines and CTAs
  • Watch visitor recordings to identify sticking points
  • Segment visitors to optimize conversion paths

Continuously test and improve your site over time.

Launch and Grow Your Startup with Unicorn Platform

Ready to create high-converting sites that fuel startup growth?

  • See how easy Unicorn makes building optimized sites
  • Create unlimited landing pages to test offers and messaging
  • Experiment risk-free with a free trial
  • Join the many successful startups using Unicorn
  • Sign up today to get started!

Let Unicorn guide you to startup success online.

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