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published on 27 October 2023

The Challenges Startups Face in Building Professional Websites

Creating a polished online presence is crucial for startups, but building a functional, visually appealing website without coding skills presents major hurdles. Between learning web design, wrestling with convoluted website builders, and hiring expensive developers, getting a professional site live can devour time and money new businesses often lack.

Startups need more than simplistic cookie-cutter templates. Tailored layouts, seamless setup, marketing integrations, performance optimizations, and startup-specific components are necessities to launch successfully today. But easy drag-and-drop website builders fail to provide such capabilities out of the box. Venturing into custom development introduces costly complexity to the process.

There has to be an easier way for non-technical founders to create the startup websites they need—quickly, affordably, and intuitively. Unicorn's innovative platform and visual editor offers that solution.

Unicorn's Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor Empowers Startups

Unicorn's robust website and landing page builder packs powerful design capabilities into an intuitive, visual interface. With customizable templates, seamless launch features, and deep integrations tailored for startups, Unicorn simplifies website creation unlike any other platform:

Visually Design Professional Pages in Minutes

Unicorn's drag-and-drop editor enables anyone to build beautiful, responsive startup websites, no coding required.

With Unicorn's visual interface, you can:

  • Drag and drop sections to add them to a page
  • Easily move elements like text boxes, buttons, and images
  • Customize fonts, colors, and styles with minimal effort
  • Design fully responsive mobile layouts with live preview
  • Watch your changes appear instantly with real-time rendering

The intuitive editor is a game-changer for non-technical founders. No more fumbling with dense interfaces or tweaking HTML and CSS. Just point, click, modify, and publish stunning pages with ease.

Startup Website Templates & Blocks

Unicorn offers professionally designed templates and over 100 content blocks tailored for startups and SaaS businesses.

Founders can choose from layouts optimized for:

  • Services pages to showcase offerings
  • Pricing pages to display plans
  • Product pages to demonstrate features
  • Contact pages with lead capture forms
  • About pages to share your brand story
  • Blogs and news sections to engage readers

The templates integrate headers, footers, testimonials, calls-to-action, and design elements specifically for startups. With Unicorn's library of reusable components, constructing an effective web website is as simple as piecing together blocks designed for your industry and needs.

Launch Your Website in Just 3 Steps

With Unicorn, you can set up a new web website and get it live on the internet in just 3 straightforward steps:

  • Select a template suited for your startup
  • Customize the content using the intuitive editor
  • Click publish to launch your website

No coding, complex site migration, or manual server configuration required. Unicorn's seamless process means you spend minutes, not days, getting your startup website live. And whenever you need to modify your site, simply log back into the editor with one click for easy updates post-launch.

Key Integrations and Capabilities for Startups

Beyond its user-friendly interface and startup templates, Unicorn offers crucial capabilities and deep integrations tailored to new businesses:

Integrated Forms, Payments, and Marketing Tools

Collect leads, accept payments, and drive conversions with Unicorn's built-in integrations like:

  • Embed Typeform signup forms to capture leads
  • Accept instant payments via Stripe integration
  • Build email lists easily with MailChimp
  • Track analytics through Google Analytics
  • Generate more leads with contact forms, newsletters, and more

With these vital tools pre-connected on the platform, Unicorn provides the functionality startups need right from the start.

Optimized Performance and Customization

Unicorn prioritizes performance, speed, and flexibility so you can scale your startup website as you grow:

  • A global CDN provides fast load times worldwide
  • Free SSL certificates enable secure HTTPS
  • Custom code support allows advanced customization
  • Export your full website code as you expand
  • Optimizations enhance speed and maximize uptime

Whether you need an easy drag-and-drop builder or more complex capabilities, Unicorn equips startups for long-term success.

Components and Responsiveness for Startups

Unicorn offers components designed expressly for startups like:

  • Testimonial sections to establish credibility
  • Onboarding flows to guide new users
  • Contact forms, newsletters, and more

Plus, Unicorn websites look fantastic on any device with fully responsive design. Your web website will showcase pixel-perfect mobile layouts optimized for all screens and browsers.

Launch Your Startup's Website Today

With an intuitive visual editor, tailored templates, seamless setup, and robust integrations, Unicorn makes creating professional startup websites easy and fast.

If you're ready to take your online presence to the next level, start a free trial today and launch your website in under an hour. Unicorn's team is available anytime to help with onboarding and setup.

So skip complicated DIY site builders and expensive development. With Unicorn, your startup can have a stunning web website that converts visitors into loyal customers in no time.

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