Create a Stunning Website Without Coding

published on 06 October 2023


Building a website used to require expensive developers and months of time. Now, website builders like Wix and Squarespace empower anyone to create a stunning online presence in hours or days, without any coding.

A beautiful website attracts and converts more visitors into customers. With the right tools, you can build an impressive site through drag-and-drop editors and pre-made templates. This allows you to focus on your business while the website builder handles all the technical work behind the scenes.

Cutting-edge AI technology like that used by Unicorn Platform generates optimized code and provides smart recommendations as you build your site. This makes the process incredibly quick and easy.

Overview of Website Builders

Website builders allow drag-and-drop editing using pre-made templates and components. They provide hundreds of professionally designed templates catering to different industries and styles.

The sites they build are responsive, looking great on all devices. Website builders also include built-in SEO tools, analytics integration, hosting, and handle security updates.

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

  • Requires no coding or design skills to build a website
  • Significantly faster website development process - websites can be built in days or weeks rather than months
  • Easy to make changes anytime without a developer
  • More affordable compared to hiring a web dev agency - costs just $10-$50 per month typically
  • Access to high-quality templates and assets designed by professionals

Choosing the Right Website Builder

When choosing a website builder, consider your budget and expected monthly traffic. Compare their built-in features like forms, ecommerce, and email marketing.

Look for drag-and-drop editors with many template options. See if they have SEO tools, analytics, and speed optimization. Check reviews and examples to evaluate ease of use and site quality.

  • Wix - Robust features and great design flexibility
  • Squarespace - Stylish templates with ecommerce focus
  • Webflow - Advanced customization and animations
  • Unicorn Platform - AI-powered builder tailored for startups
  • WordPress - Open source with thousands of themes and plugins

Questions to Ask When Comparing

  • Is there a free trial to test it out?
  • How much is the monthly or yearly pricing?
  • Is the interface easy to navigate?
  • Can I easily customize colors, fonts, and layouts?
  • Are there enough quality templates to choose from?

Key Steps to Build Your Website

Follow these key steps to build and launch your website:

  1. Choose a template that fits your industry and style from the template options
  2. Customize colors, fonts, images, and content by editing in the drag and drop builder
  3. Add key pages like About, Services, Contact that are crucial for conversions
  4. Integrate email signup forms, chatbots, etc. to capture leads and engage visitors
  5. Connect your domain and launch your site live on the internet

Design Considerations

  • Keep site navigation simple and pages minimalist for ease of use
  • Use high-quality photos relevant to your business to build trust
  • Pick a color scheme aligned with your branding for consistency
  • Ensure text is readable with enough white space for good UX
  • Optimize images for fast load times to improve site speed

Promoting Your New Website

  • Submit your site to Google Search Console for indexing by search engines
  • Create social media posts and ads pointing to your site to drive traffic
  • Add website links in your email signature and stationery as touchpoints
  • Blog regularly with SEO-optimized content to improve search rankings
  • Analyze visitor behavior in analytics to optimize site performance

Additional tactics like local citations, guest posting, networking, and community engagement can also help get the word out about your new website.

Optimizing your content with keywords and internal links helps search engines understand your site's focus. Follow SEO best practices to improve search visibility over time.


Modern website builders like Unicorn Platform empower anyone to create a stunning site with drag-and-drop simplicity - no coding required. Following web design best practices results in high conversion. Promoting your new website brings targeted traffic. Continuously analyze data and test variations to improve over time. With the right website builder, you can create an impressive online presence faster than ever before.

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