The Website Builder Made For Beginners

published on 10 October 2023

Introduction - The Easy Website Builder for Beginners

Building your first website can feel daunting, especially if you have no prior coding or web design experience. Between choosing the right platform, struggling with the steep learning curve, and lacking the skills to customize designs, beginners often get frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to create their first website.

But it doesn't have to be that way! In this post, we'll look at how Unicorn Platform provides the perfect easy-to-use solution tailored specifically for first-time website creators. With its intuitive drag and drop editor, designer-made templates, and hassle-free customization features, Unicorn allows complete beginners to craft beautiful, professional-looking websites on their own - with no coding required!

You'll learn:

  • Common challenges beginners face with most website builders
  • How Unicorn's drag and drop editor simplifies website creation
  • Key features that make building sites easy for novices
  • Success stories from real first-time users
  • How to start creating your own site with Unicorn today

Let's get started demystifying website creation for true beginners!

Challenges Beginners Face When Building Websites

Creating your first website can be frustrating and overwhelming for several reasons:

Confusing Array of Platform Options

With so many options like Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, and more, just picking a website builder feels paralyzing for beginners. Without hands-on experience with each platform, it's incredibly challenging to determine which solution is best for your needs as a novice user. Too many choices can lead to indecision and analysis paralysis.

Overly Complex Site Builders

Many popular website builders cater primarily to experienced developers. They require HTML, CSS, and other coding skills to fully customize designs beyond pre-made templates. As a coding newbie, you'll find yourself very limited in terms of personalizing your site's layout, styles, and features. This can leave you feeling restricted.

Steep Learning Curve

Very few resources exist to gently guide complete beginners through learning web design from scratch. Most tutorials dive right into complex coding topics far above a novice's skill level. Spending months trying to gain coding proficiency just to build your first basic website isn't very appealing for many first-timers who want a faster solution.

Lack of Customization in Simple Builders

Some website creators sacrifice customization capabilities for the sake of having a simple editor. But their cookie-cutter templates with minimal editing options leave much to be desired. While easy to use, lack of personalization makes it hard to feel ownership over your site.

Fear and Self-Doubt

If you're like many first-timers, you may feel that only technical experts can build websites. Concerns like choosing the wrong platform, inability to figure things out, messing up the design, and not knowing how to fix errors can create fear about getting started. You need reassurance that website creation can be simple even for total beginners.

The good news is Unicorn Platform provides beginners an intuitive, frustration-free website creation experience. Let's explore how!

How Unicorn Platform Empowers Beginners

Unicorn offers the ideal website builder for first-time users by removing common pain points. Its easy drag and drop editor requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. With pre-made templates and intuitive point-and-click customization options, beginners can create stunning, professional sites even on their very first try.

Bring your vision to life with:

  • A simple click and edit interface
  • Customizable templates and layouts
  • User-friendly modification capabilities
  • Responsive mobile-friendly sites

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

Unicorn's visual editor lets you build pages by simply dragging, dropping, and clicking. Easily add sections, rearrange layouts, swap images, customize styles, and edit text without any HTML or CSS skills.

Making edits is stress-free thanks to the handy undo tool that quickly reverses unwanted changes. You can fearlessly experiment to create the perfect site.

For example, dragging a "Photo Gallery" component onto the page instantly adds a gallery you can customize with your own images in just a few clicks.

Professionally Designed Templates

With Unicorn, there's no need to start designing from a blank page. Our team of designers have expertly crafted beautiful website templates for all sorts of sites including blogs, stores, portfolios, and more.

Simply choose the template that fits your needs, customize the colors, fonts, and styles a bit, and easily swap in your own photos and text. Add, remove, or rearrange sections to suit your goals.

Intuitive Customization Capabilities

Tweak every aspect of your website design beyond just the template with Unicorn's easy point-and-click customization tool. Modify layouts, colors, styles, and elements without needing to touch any code.

For those who do know HTML/CSS, you can add custom code directly if desired. But for beginners, Unicorn's intuitive click to edit options are all you need to create a unique site.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Sites

Unicorn ensures your website looks flawless on all devices. Pages automatically adapt layouts and size to provide an optimal viewing experience on phones and tablets.

You can focus purely on your content while Unicorn handles the behind-the-scenes technical work to make your site responsive. There's no need to create separate mobile pages or tweaks.

With its beginner-friendly editor, templates, and easy modification capabilities, Unicorn allows anyone to craft stunning websites using just their web browser. No expertise required!

Key Features That Simplify Website Building

Let's recap some of Unicorn's most useful features for beginners looking to create websites easily:

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Customizable design templates
  • Integrated forms, popups, widgets
  • Responsive mobile optimization
  • SEO tools to improve discovery
  • Built-in analytics to track engagement

Drag and Drop Editor

Unicorn's easy-to-grasp editor lets you visually build pages by dragging, dropping, and clicking elements into place. Easily add sections, rearrange layouts, and undo mistakes with just a few clicks.

The intuitive interface means you can build your dream site with no prior experience required.

Customizable Template Designs

Start with one of Unicorn's professionally designed templates for blogs, businesses, portfolios, online stores, and more. Apply your own branding by customizing colors, fonts, styles, and layouts with a few simple clicks.

Modify templates by adding or removing sections to suit your exact needs. The templates make website creation easy.

Integrated Forms, Popups, Widgets

Engage your visitors by easily adding features like popups, slide-ins, forms, galleries, counters, and more by dragging and dropping pre-made widgets onto your pages.

For example, embed an RSVP form for your event, an email signup form for your newsletter, or a popup for a special promotion. No coding needed!

SEO Optimization

Unicorn helps your site get found in search engines with built-in SEO tools. Customize SEO titles and meta descriptions, generate sitemaps, and ensure speedy load times.

Integrated Analytics

Stop guessing how people engage with your site. Unicorn provides insights into traffic sources, top pages, conversions, clicks, form submissions, and more.

Optimize your content using data-driven decisions to maximize results.

Unicorn truly simplifies website creation for beginners through its intuitive editor interface and robust customization capabilities. Let's hear from some first-timers who created sites with Unicorn!

Success Stories from Real Beginners

Unicorn has helped thousands of beginners successfully build stunning, professional-quality websites. Here are just a few of their success stories:

John D. - Personal Portfolio Site

John is a teacher who wanted to create a personal website to showcase his resume, blog posts, and project portfolio online. While he had no prior web design experience, Unicorn's drag and drop editor made it easy for him to put together a great site in very little time.

"I expected website creation to be really difficult, but Unicorn made it so simple. Now I have an impressive personal site I built myself!"

Ocean Cafe - Small Business Site

Amy runs Ocean Cafe, a local breakfast and lunch spot. Needing an online presence to promote the cafe and allow reservations, but lacking tech skills herself, Amy found Unicorn's beautiful templates and customization options perfect for creating a unique website herself in just a few days.

"I'm not technical at all, but I was able to make a professional-looking website for my cafe with Unicorn's templates and editor. Customizing it was so easy!"

Sunshine Photos - Photography Portfolio

Mark is an amateur nature photographer lacking any web design experience. Needing a platform to showcase his work online, Mark used Unicorn's gorgeous photography portfolio templates and easy editor to build a site himself in less than a week.

"I felt so proud launching my photography portfolio site. Unicorn made it easy to customize one of their templates into the perfect showcase for my work."

HealthCo Consultants - Consulting Site

Sarah's small consulting business needed a website but with no web experience, hiring a professional seemed too expensive. Using Unicorn's templates and features, Sarah quickly built an impressive site herself in just a few days.

"I built a great site for my business easily and affordably with Unicorn. Now I can update it myself any time!"

Unicorn empowers all types of first-time users to build the professional-quality websites they need to achieve their goals. What will you create with Unicorn?

Start Building Your Site the Easy Way Today

We all have to start somewhere on our website creation journey. With Unicorn's intuitive drag and drop builder, anyone can craft a custom website in just minutes - with no prior expertise required.

Unicorn simplifies website building for true beginners through its beautiful templates, easy WYSIWYG editing, and powerful customization capabilities. Give your big idea the online home it deserves with a professional site tailored exactly to your vision.

Want to give Unicorn a try? Start building your website now to see firsthand how easy Unicorn makes website creation for beginners. Join the thousands of first-time users who have used Unicorn to turn their dreams into reality by building a custom site. The possibilities are endless - it's time to begin your journey!

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