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published on 21 October 2023

The Challenges Startups Face in Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential for converting website visitors into leads and customers. However, many startups struggle to create high-quality, effective landing pages due to limited in-house skills and resources.

Without design expertise, startups end up with generic landing pages from website builders that lack branding and visual appeal. Hiring agencies is expensive and time-consuming. Startups need custom designed pages that reflect their unique identity and messaging.

Coding custom landing pages also poses a major hurdle. Startups rarely have dedicated developers to hand code responsive page layouts and elements. Outsourcing development drives up costs substantially. Hardcoding makes it difficult to quickly iterate landing pages.

For example, a SaaS startup called LeadsBridge lacked design and coding skills to build landing pages tailored to their lead gen campaigns. The generic templates they used failed to capture visitor attention, and didn't convey their brand identity. Their limited development resources also prevented fast iteration of pages.

Lack of optimization abilities further hinders startups. Techniques like A/B testing and data analysis are essential for improving landing page conversion rates over time. Without these capabilities, startups miss out on insights to enhance pages.

For instance, CRMify relied on a single landing page for months without testing alternatives. They realized the page wasn't optimized for conversions only after a marketing analytics audit.

Ongoing landing page maintenance and updates also tax limited startup resources. As campaigns evolve, landing pages need regular refreshing to reflect new messaging and offerings. Startups without agile creation and modification abilities end up with outdated, irrelevant pages.

The Benefits of Using a No-Code Landing Page Builder

No-code landing page builders address these challenges by empowering startups to quickly build, iterate, and optimize custom landing pages without coding.

Intuitive drag-and-drop editor: Easily customize design, layouts, and content using a visual editor without technical skills. Mobile-friendly templates accelerate creation.

Curated templates: Professionally designed templates for lead gen, SaaS, ecommerce, and more. Provides starting points tailored to the startup's niche.

Pre-built elements: Modular blocks and widgets (text, forms, buttons, etc) that can be added and edited visually. Provides needed elements without coding.

Responsive mobile experience: No-code builders optimize for all devices by default. Ensures mobile visitors have a seamless experience.

Built-in A/B testing: Quickly compare landing page variants to identify what converts better. Continuously improve performance.

Workflow automation: Guide visitors through personalized conversion journeys. Automates repetitive tasks to boost conversions.

With these capabilities, startups can quickly build higher quality, better converting landing pages at a fraction of the cost without taxing limited resources.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editors

The visual editor enables drag-and-drop placement and editing of elements on the page. Industry-specific templates with proven, high-converting layouts accelerate design. Edit fonts, colors, styles, and media visually without coding.

For example, FinReport created a tailored landing page in hours starting with a lead gen template. Using the editor, they added brand colors, logos, images, and customized text across sections without any help from developers.

Professionally Designed Templates

No-code builders provide templates designed by conversion rate optimization experts for niches like SaaS, ecommerce, lead generation, etc. Startups simply select a relevant template and customize it visually to match their industry, brand style, and messaging.

For instance, PayGenius used a financial services template and tweaked it with their logo, colors, testimonials, and value propositions to quickly build a high-quality landing page that represented their brand.

Pre-Built Elements To Add Any Functionality

The visual editor comes with an elements panel containing commonly needed blocks - text, buttons, videos, forms, counters, etc. Users can easily drag and drop elements anywhere on the page and customize them visually without touching code.

For example, LeadStream added a lead capture form, testimonials slider, pricing table, FAQs, contact icons, and more to their landing page using the pre-built elements available within the no-code editor.

Seamless Mobile Experience

No-code landing page builders come with fully responsive templates and layouts optimized for smartphones and tablets. Mobile visitors experience a polished, consistent page tailored for smaller screens.

For instance, CRMify's mobile landing page conversion rates increased by 42% after rebuilding the page through a no-code platform. The mobile-friendly design provided a seamless experience for smartphone visitors.

Built-in A/B Testing Capabilities

No-code tools like Unicorn Platform make it easy to set up A/B tests to compare landing page versions. Users can identify the highest converting variant based on visitor data and replicate it across campaigns.

For example, DigiPay was able to boost conversions 29% through A/B testing different headlines, testimonial placements, and call-to-action buttons on their pricing page.

Workflow Automation to Guide Visitors

Built-in workflows allows automating personalized experiences based on visitor actions. For example, visitors who click pricing can be shown a special offer, while sign up form abandons can trigger a follow up email.

No-code workflow automation enabled CRMify to set up events like exit-intent popups, browse abandonment emails, and content downloads. Conversions increased 34% through personalized journeys.

Key Features To Look For In a Landing Page Builder

Here are the must-have capabilities for no-code landing page builders:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor: For easy visual customization of design, layouts, and content without coding skills.

  • Mobile optimization: Responsive templates, design testing on all devices to ensure seamless experience.

  • Templates: Professionally designed, proven high-converting templates tailored to startup niches and goals.

  • Pre-built elements: Text, media, buttons, forms, etc. that can be added and edited visually.

  • Workflow automation: To guide visitors through personalized post-click journeys and convert abandoning visitors.

  • A/B testing: Quickly test landing page variations to identify what converts better.

  • Integrations: With marketing, sales, and payment tools to capture and manage leads seamlessly.

  • Security: Granular user roles, encryption, data protection to safeguard customer data.

  • Performance: CDN, caching, load balancing for fast page speeds and reliability.

Why Unicorn Platform is the Ideal Landing Page Builder for Startups

Optimized for startup content needs: Templates, elements, and integrations tailored for startup and SaaS lead generation use cases.

Lead capture workflows: Automate workflows to convert abandoning visitors and guide users through funnels.

Conversion rate optimization: A/B testing, personalization, analytics to continuously improve conversions.

99.95% uptime SLA: Fast CDN, caching, cloud infrastructure ensures reliable performance.

Enterprise-grade security: SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR compliance ensures protection of customer data.

Seamless integrations: Deep integrations with marketing, sales and payment tools commonly used by startups.

Superior support: Dedicated onboarding, 24/7 chat and email support provides white-glove assistance.

With these specialized capabilities tailored for startups, Unicorn Platform makes it easy for SaaS and digital businesses to create optimized, high-converting landing pages that capture more leads and drive growth.


No-code landing page builders like Unicorn Platform enable startups to overcome limited design and development resources. With intuitive drag and drop editing, conversion-optimized templates, and built-in lead capture workflows, any startup can create customized landing pages that drive results.

Platforms like Unicorn provide an all-in-one solution tailored for startups - from responsive design to automation and integrations. By leveraging no-code landing page builders, high-growth startups can focus their efforts on crafting compelling messaging and campaigns that convert, instead of page production and maintenance.

The next time you need to quickly build a landing page that converts, explore how Unicorn Platform can simplify the process for your startup. With the right no-code platform, stunning lead capture pages that drive business growth are just a few clicks away.

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