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published on 21 October 2023


Welcome to our guide on how to create a professional website with no coding required! Whether you are a small business, organization, or individual looking to establish an online presence, a free website builder makes the process incredibly easy. In this post, we'll provide an overview of top website builders, step-by-step instructions for building your site, design and feature recommendations, launching tips, and more. By the end, you'll have the knowledge needed to quickly launch a custom website that effectively represents your brand - all without writing a single line of code. Let's get started!

Comparing Strengths of Leading Free Website Builders

There are several excellent free website builders, each with unique strengths, that allow you to create a fully customizable site through an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Here's an overview of some top options:

  • Unicorn Platform provides AI-generated content, lead generation tools, and ecommerce integration specifically tailored for startups and small businesses. Its templates and components cater to SaaS and tech companies.

  • Wix has an AI-powered editor and extensive template library with over 500 designer-made templates suited for any industry or personal site. It offers strong branding capabilities.

  • gives developers full control over code for maximum flexibility and customization. It appeals to advanced users.

  • Weebly has an intuitive editor and built-in SEO tools that make it easy for small business owners to optimize their site.

  • Webnode delivers basic ready-made templates meeting the needs of non-profits, community groups, and hobby sites.

Evaluating Which Platform Meets Your Needs

Consider your specific goals, resources, and capabilities to determine the ideal website builder:

  • Startups should consider Unicorn Platform for its SaaS-focused tools.

  • Businesses wanting strong branding and custom design are better suited for Wix.

  • Developers who want open source CMS flexibility will prefer

  • Small business owners seeking simplicity may opt for Weebly.

  • Non-profits with basic website needs find Webnode sufficient.

Examples of Websites Built with Free Builders

Here are some examples of real websites built using the free platforms mentioned:

  • Ecommerce store - Wix offers templates for online stores and built-in payment processing.

  • Service business site - Unicorn Platform has components for service pages and lead capture forms.

  • Blog/magazine - WordPress's open source CMS is ideal for blogging and content sites.

  • Portfolio - Weebly's editor and themes work well for photographers, artists, and designers to showcase work.

  • Non-profit organization - Webnode has pre-made templates for non-profit sites on a budget.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Website with a Free Builder

Once you've selected the website builder that best fits your needs, follow these key steps to create your site:

Choose a Template or Blank Canvas

Templates allow for quicker setup while a blank canvas enables total customization from scratch. Consider your design skills when deciding.

Customize Branding

Tailor colors, fonts, layouts and more to align with your brand identity. Consistent branding looks professional.

Add High-Quality Content

Populate your site with text, images, videos and other content that engages visitors. Unique content attracts search traffic.

Integrate Features

Add email signup forms, live chat, social media feeds and other features. This enables ongoing communication with visitors.

Connect Domain and Launch

Connect a custom domain name and officially launch your live site. A custom domain presents credibility.

Optimize Site

Use analytics to identify opportunities to improve user experience. Continuously optimizing maximizes performance.

Design Tips for an Effective Website

Follow these best practices when tailoring your site's design:

Simplicity is Key

Focus on clean, simple layouts, ample white space, and easy-to-scan content. Avoid clutter that distracts visitors.

<img src="" width="300" alt="Example of an effective simple website design">

Consistent Branding

Limit font styles and colors to 2-3 complementary options that align with your brand guide. Too many fonts appear unprofessional.

Accent Colors Sparingly

Use pops of color to accent key elements, but avoid color overload. Stick to 2-3 colors.

<img src="" width="300" alt="Example of ineffective overbearing website design">

Scannable Content

Break up text with bullet points, short paragraphs, and ample headings. Web content should be easy to quickly scan.

Compress Images

Optimize images for web and compress file sizes. Faster load times greatly improve user experience.

Mobile Responsive

Review site on multiple mobile devices to ensure responsiveness. Mobile optimization is essential for all sites today.

Enhancing Functionality with Apps and Plugins

Integrating plugins and apps from your website builder can add powerful capabilities:

  • Forms - Enable lead capture, payments, reservations, surveys and more.

  • Live Chat - Instantly interact with visitors to provide support.

  • SEO Tools - Improve site visibility in search engines.

  • Social Media - Showcase content and foster engagement.

  • Appointment Scheduling - Let visitors book appointments or reserve services.

  • Blog - Share your knowledge, promote products, drive discussions.

Launching and Promoting Your New Website

Get your new site off to a strong start with these launch and promotion tips:

Technical Steps

  • Verify site works on all devices and browsers. Cross-compatibility is crucial.

  • Acquire and connect SSL certificate for security. SSL builds visitor trust.

  • Create and submit XML sitemap to search engines. Helps indexing.

  • Register with Google Analytics to monitor traffic. Provides data to optimize.

Initial Promotion

  • Create social media accounts to share your site URL. Expand reach.

  • Produce launch content like blogs, videos and images. Generates excitement.

  • Reach out to similar sites to build backlinks. Boosts search rankings.

Ongoing Promotion

  • Regularly publish new content on your site. Maintains search traffic.

  • Utilize SEO keywords related to your niche. Increases discovery by searchers.

  • Interact on social media channels daily. Keeps audience engaged.

  • Monitor analytics data to identify issues and opportunities to improve performance. Provides direction.

Ready to Build Your Website?

We've explored how user-friendly website builders like Unicorn Platform empower anyone to create a custom website without coding in just a few steps. With simplified drag-and-drop editors, professionally designed templates, and powerful features, you can easily establish an online presence for your business, organization, or personal brand.

Check out Unicorn Platform's website builder specifically tailored for startups and small businesses to get started on launching your own site today! Their SaaS-focused design tools and lead generation capabilities can give your website the edge it needs to succeed.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help getting your new website up and running. We're happy to help you on your journey to establishing your ideal online home.

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