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published on 26 October 2023


Artificial intelligence has transformed many industries, and website creation is no exception. With the rise of AI-powered solutions, anyone can now build beautiful, fully-functional websites without needing to know how to code. In this article, we'll examine some of the top AI website builders making it easier than ever for non-coders to create amazing sites.

The goal here is to showcase the key features of leading AI site builders like Unicorn, Wix ADI, and Webflow. We'll see how their automated design guidance, smart recommendations, pre-made templates and drag-and-drop editors empower beginners and experienced users alike to craft stunning websites. By removing the coding barrier, these intuitive AI tools are revolutionizing web design and making it more accessible for all.

Overview of Top AI Website Builders

There are several excellent AI-powered solutions that facilitate easy website creation without coding skills. Here are some of the most popular options:


Unicorn, founded in 2021, offers an AI-enhanced platform tailored specifically for startups and SaaS companies. It provides design guidance to users through recommendations and automation. Key features include:

  • Customizable templates and components optimized for startups
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor requiring no coding at all
  • Constant design suggestions and guidance from the integrated AI engine
  • Ability to add custom code snippets when needed
  • Fully responsive sites and built-in performance optimization

With its emphasis on efficiency and ease-of-use, Unicorn makes it simple for non-technical founders to create landing pages, blogs, and full websites. The AI handles tasks like design, analytics, and performance optimization so you can focus entirely on your content.

Sites built with Unicorn include: StartupA's Landing Page, SaaSApp's HomePage,


Launched in 2018, Wix ADI builds websites automatically using artificial intelligence. Users enter information about their business and design preferences. Then Wix ADI selects templates and creates a customized site using its AI engine. Key features include:

  • Fully automated site creation based on user input
  • Customizable design and seamless drag-and-drop editing
  • Constant smart design recommendations from the AI
  • Easy to tweak the design or use it as-is
  • 500+ templates suitable for all site types

Wix ADI streamlines website creation by leveraging AI to handle design and setup automatically. Users can then easily edit text and images to customize their new site. Well-known sites built with Wix ADI include and


Founded in 2013, Webflow offers powerful design tools and integrated AI capabilities:

  • Drag-and-drop editor with real-time design suggestions
  • Automated interactions and animations
  • AI-powered improvements for design and UX
  • Massive template library and extensive styling options
  • Built-in CMS and ecommerce functionality

Webflow's AI tools, like smart recommendations and automated animations, greatly simplify website building for non-coders. Users can create custom, professional-quality sites through an intuitive visual interface. Example sites built on Webflow include and

Other top AI site builders worth mentioning are Bubble, Squarespace, Strikingly, and Vistr. All provide easy-to-use creation tools empowered by AI. The AI handles technical aspects and provides design guidance, allowing users to focus entirely on content and aesthetics.

Key Benefits of AI Website Builders

AI-enhanced website builders offer many advantages for non-technical users looking to create sites:

  • Faster, easier website creation - Simply input content instead of coding everything. AI handles technical aspects and can build a basic site in under 1 hour.
  • Design guidance and recommendations - AI gives smart design suggestions to improve aesthetics and conversion rates.
  • Pre-made templates - Quickly customize professional templates optimized for your niche.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editors - Easily edit and style sites visually without any coding.
  • Powerful creation tools for everyone - AI makes robust site-building accessible even for total beginners.

The automation, guidance, and ease-of-use provided by AI allows those with zero coding skills to build stunning, functional websites with unbelievable ease. For example, one user built a complete business site in just a weekend with Wix ADI doing all the technical work for her.

Creating Breathtaking Sites with AI Ease

AI-powered solutions like Unicorn, Wix ADI, and Webflow provide exciting new opportunities for non-technical users to craft beautiful websites. With their design recommendations, smart templates and intuitive editing capabilities, anyone can now create sites rivaling those built by professional coders.

Focus your energy on creating compelling content and aesthetics, and let the AI handle the complicated technical aspects for you. With these advanced AI builders, you can bring your website vision to life exactly as you imagine it, with a site tailored perfectly to your brand and goals. Their automation and guidance streamline the entire process from creation to management and updates.

So don't let limited coding skills stop you from building an amazing online presence. AI website creators have opened web design to all by revolutionizing the user experience. With their recommendations and automation, you can create stunning, functional websites with unbelievable ease. The power of AI is making professional web design more accessible than ever before.

Ready to build a beautiful website in record time without coding? Check out Unicorn's intuitive AI website builder tailored for startups and SaaS companies.

Traditional Coding vs AI Site Builders

Building sites with traditional code vs an AI site builder like Unicorn offers vastly different experiences:

With code:

  • Manual coding of every page and element
  • Complex programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Long development times often lasting months
  • Need for technical resources and maintenance
  • Limited design flexibility and customization

With AI builders:

  • Automated site creation in hours/days instead of months
  • Intuitive visual editing instead of code
  • Constant AI design suggestions for aesthetics
  • Ongoing updates and optimizations handled by AI
  • Complete creative freedom and customization
  • No maintenance needed once site is built

AI site builders can create in hours what might take months of complex coding. And their built-in AI handles ongoing optimization and improvements for you.

Tips for Selecting the Right AI Website Builder

Here are some tips when evaluating AI website builders to choose the right platform for your needs:

  • Simplicity - Look for an intuitive drag-and-drop interface requiring no coding expertise.
  • Customizability - Ensure there are enough design options and templates for your industry.
  • Performance - Select a platform with built-in speed and SEO optimizations.
  • Support - Pick a provider with responsive customer support channels.
  • Scalability - Choose a solution capable of handling your anticipated traffic and growth.
  • Features - Consider integrations like ecommerce, email marketing, analytics etc.
  • Cost - Factor in both short and long term costs for your budget.

Prioritizing these criteria will help you determine the best AI website creator for your specific goals and needs. Focus on simplicity, customization options, scalability and the features you need.

Empower Yourself with AI Website Builders

Artificial intelligence has opened website creation to all by revolutionizing the user experience. With leading AI site builders like Unicorn, Wix ADI and Webflow, anyone can now build stunning, functional websites with ease - no coding required.

Their smart templates, design guidance and intuitive editors allow you to create exactly the site you want. Let the AI handle the technical complexity behind the scenes while you focus on content and aesthetics. In just hours or days, you can craft an incredible online presence.

So if you've been wanting to build a website as a beginner or startup, don't let lack of coding skills stop you any longer. AI website builders have arrived to democratize web design and empower people from all backgrounds to turn their visions into reality. Unleash your potential today!

Ready to build an amazing website without coding? Try Unicorn's AI website builder designed just for startups and SaaS companies.

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