How to Build a Personal Training Landing Page in Minutes

updated on 03 October 2023

Whether you're an experienced personal trainer or just getting started in the fitness industry, having an effective landing page is key to attracting new clients and growing your business. As a busy professional, you don't have time to spend hours learning complex web design tools or code. You need a simple solution to create a high-converting landing page in minutes. With the Unicorn Platform's drag and drop website builder, you can easily build a personalized landing page for your training services without any technical skills required. In just a few clicks, choose from professional templates, upload images, add your content, link to your social profiles and you'll have a stunning landing page optimized to capture leads and drive more inquiries from prospective clients.

If you want a more comprehensive guide on building the best fitness landing pages, check out the complete guide to building best fitness landing pages with Unicorn Platform. This guide will provide you with tips and tricks for creating landing pages that convert, including examples of successful fitness landing pages and step-by-step instructions for building your own. Take your personal training business to the next level with a custom landing page that establishes your expertise and helps you stand out from the competition.

Why You Need a Dedicated Landing Page for Your Personal Training Business

As a personal trainer, having a dedicated landing page for your business is essential. A landing page allows you to:

  • Clearly convey your services and expertise. A well-designed landing page highlights your credentials, experience, training philosophies, and the types of clients you work with. This establishes you as a knowledgeable professional in your field.
  • Build trust and credibility. Featuring client testimonials, reviews, and before/after photos on your landing page helps prospects see your impact and ability to achieve results. This social proof inspires confidence in your services.
  • Capture leads. The goal of a landing page is to capture contact information from interested visitors through an email opt-in or contact form. This allows you to build your mailing list and follow up with leads to convert them into paying clients.
  • Focus your message. A landing page focuses on one goal - in this case, encouraging visitors to contact you to inquire about your personal training services. This focused message is more effective than a broad, unfocused website.
  • Stand out from the competition. A well-designed landing page helps you differentiate yourself from other trainers in your area. By highlighting what makes your approach and services unique, you give prospects a reason to choose you over other options.
  • Optimize for search engines. When built properly, a landing page incorporates relevant keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions that help you rank higher in search engines like Google. This can drive more organic traffic to your page.

In summary, a dedicated landing page is a must-have for promoting your personal training business. When designed effectively, it serves as a powerful tool for building trust, capturing leads, and ultimately gaining new clients. What are you waiting for? Get started building your landing page today!

Choose a Page Template to Get Started Fast

To build a personal training landing page efficiently, selecting a pre-designed template is a great place to start. Using a template allows you to have a professional looking page up and running in minutes versus hours of designing from scratch.

Unicorn Platform offers stylish templates specifically for personal trainers and fitness professionals. Simply choose a template that aligns with your brand and coaching style. Options include:

  • Modern and minimalist templates with an image header and clean lines for a sophisticated look. Ideal for trainers focused on strength, HIIT or functional training.
  • Bold and energetic templates featuring vibrant colors, dynamic graphics and an action-oriented theme for trainers specializing in athletic performance or sports conditioning.
  • Motivational templates with inspirational imagery and messaging perfect for life coaches or trainers passionate about mindset and holistic wellness.

After selecting your template, customize the content to reflect your unique voice and value proposition. You can easily:

  • Upload your logo and brand imagery
  • Add written content like a headline, bio, services offered and call-to-action
  • Include visuals such as photos of your training facility or client success stories
  • Embed video or audio testimonials from happy clients praising their experience

Using a pre-designed template and then customizing the content with your brand and messaging is the most efficient way for personal trainers to create a high-quality landing page. With the right template and a few easy edits, you'll have a professional page ready to start converting visitors into new clients in practically no time at all. Focus on what you do best—training clients—and let Unicorn Platform handle the website.

Personal Training Landing Page Examples
Personal Training Landing Page Examples

Personal Training Landing Page Examples

To build an effective personal training landing page, it helps to see examples of what has worked well for other trainers. The following landing pages exhibit elements you may want to incorporate into your own page:

Clean and Simple

This minimalistic design focuses on a simple value proposition and clear call-to-action. The large, eye-catching image conveys a sense of motivation and results. A short bulleted list highlights the benefits of the training program. The prominent “Sign Up Now” button makes it easy for visitors to take the next step.

Video Testimonial

A video testimonial from a satisfied client can be very persuasive. This page features a short video highlighting a client’s success story and experience with the trainer. The video is reinforced with a written testimonial and photo of the client. Like the other examples, the page has a clear headline, bullet points on the program, and call-to-action button.

Free Consultation Offer

Offering a free initial consultation is an effective way to convert visitors into leads and clients. This page promotes a “ complimentary assessment and fitness consultation” to get started. The consultation offer, combined with client photos and testimonials, helps build trust and credibility. The visually balanced page and professional yet friendly tone also give a positive impression.

FAQs and Pricing Transparency

For some visitors, seeing specific details about the training, FAQs, and pricing will instill confidence before contacting the trainer. This page covers all those bases while still keeping a clean layout. The question and answer format addresses common client concerns, and the pricing table is straightforward and affordable. This level of transparency can be highly appealing.

Using one or more of these strategies—a simple yet visually impactful design, video or written testimonials, a free initial offer, FAQs and transparent pricing—will help you create an engaging personal training landing page that converts visitors into clients. Be sure to also have a clear headline, summary of your program, professional photos, and call-to-action button so visitors can easily learn more and sign up for your training services.

Write a Compelling Headline

Crafting an Impactful Headline

To capture the attention of visitors and convince them to read further, you must have an enticing headline. Your headline should convey the key benefit or solution offered on your landing page. It needs to be clear, concise, and compelling.

Consider using a numbered or bulleted list in your headline, such as “3 Ways to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life” or “• Burn Fat Fast • Gain Muscle • Transform Your Body”. Phrases like “Discover the Secret to...” or “Finally, a Way to...” also work well to create curiosity. Keep your headline to 6 words or less for the greatest impact.

Once you have a few options for a headline, test them out. You can run A/B tests on your landing page to determine which option resonates most with your target audience. The headline with the highest click-through and conversion rates is the winner. Be willing to revise your headline for even better results.

Use an Impactful Subheading

Below your headline, include a subheading that further reinforces the main benefit or solution. This is an opportunity to motivate the reader to continue scrolling down your page. Use action-oriented language and speak directly to your target customer. For example, “Get the body you’ve always wanted in just 6 weeks” or “Learn the skills to become a top personal trainer”.

A subheading, used together with a compelling headline, creates a one-two punch that captures attention and compels the reader to want to know more. Once their interest is piqued, the rest of your landing page content - images, videos, testimonials, call-to-action - works to convert that interest into a lead or sale. Spend time crafting a headline and subheading that really speak to your potential customers and highlight the transformation that is possible by using your product or service.

In summary, to build an effective landing page in minutes, start by writing a compelling headline and subheading. Keep them concise yet impactful by focusing on the key benefits and solutions you offer. Test different options to determine which resonate most with your target audience. A strong headline and subheading will capture attention and motivate readers to engage with the rest of your landing page content.

Share the Benefits on Your Landing Page Personal Trainer

Highlight the Transformation

The benefits of your personal training services are what will sell potential clients. Share the specific ways you will help them transform their health and fitness. For example:

  • Lose excess pounds and inches to achieve a lean, toned physique
  • Build strength and endurance for improved performance and daily living
  • Learn healthy lifestyle habits for sustainable success
  • Gain confidence from accomplishing goals and improving body image

Experience and Expertise

Showcase your credentials, certifications, and experience as a personal trainer. Discuss your areas of expertise and the types of clients you have worked with. Mention the approach or methodology you use for developing customized programs based on individual needs and goals. Establishing your authority and competence will give visitors confidence in your abilities.

Client Success Stories

Feature inspiring stories of clients who have achieved meaningful results through your guidance. Share details on their challenges, goals, program, and outcomes. Client testimonials and transformation photos are highly persuasive. When potential clients see what you have done for others, they will believe you can do the same for them.

Free Initial Consultation

Offering a complimentary initial consultation is an effective way to convert visitors into paying clients. This allows them to meet with you, discuss their needs and goals, learn about your programs and services, and determine if you are the right trainer for them before making a financial commitment. Be sure to highlight this offer prominently on your landing page.

Contact Information

Make it easy for interested visitors to contact you by providing your phone number, email address, and a contact form on your landing page. Let them know the best way to get in touch with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation. The more you engage with potential clients, the more likely they are to become paying clients.

In summary, focus your landing page on demonstrating how you help clients achieve results, your expertise and experience, client success stories, a free initial offer, and clear contact information. Doing so will maximize your ability to connect with and convert visitors into personal training clients.

Keep Your Content Simple and Scannable
Keep Your Content Simple and Scannable

Keep Your Content Simple and Scannable

To create an effective personal training landing page, keep your content simple, scannable, and straightforward. Focus on highlighting the key benefits and results of your services.

Use a Clear Headline

Feature a bold headline at the top of your page that conveys your main offer or area of expertise, such as “Get in the Best Shape of Your Life” or “Achieve Your Fitness Goals Once and For All.” This helps visitors immediately understand what you do and who you help.

List the Benefits

  • State 3-5 specific benefits or outcomes clients can expect from your personal training program. For example:
  • Lose 10-15 pounds in 2 months
  • Triple your strength and endurance
  • Learn how to exercise efficiently and stay motivated
  • Look and feel years younger

Share Your Approach

Briefly describe your unique approach to personal training in 2-3 short paragraphs. Explain how you develop customized programs based on individual goals and needs. Mention any credentials, certifications, or specializations you have that set you apart. Use terms like “customized,” “personalized,” and “tailored” to emphasize your client-centered methodology.

Include Images

Add 2-3 images of yourself, your training facility, or past clients (with their permission) engaged in exercise or displaying their results. Images help bring your page to life and build credibility. Ensure any images used are high quality and visually cohesive with the rest of your page design.

Call the Visitor to Action

End your page with a strong call-to-action, such as “Get Started Today” or “Claim Your Free Consultation.” Link this CTA button to a contact form or scheduling app where visitors can get in touch and take the next step toward becoming your client.

Keeping your personal training landing page clean, focused, and benefit-driven will make a strong first impression on visitors and compel them to contact you to get started. By highlighting your approach, expertise, and client results upfront, you establish credibility and build trust in your services.

Include Client Testimonials or Success Stories

To build credibility and trust with visitors, include testimonials or success stories from current or past clients on your personal training landing page. These social proof elements help prospective clients visualize the results and experiences they can expect by working with you.

Highlight Transformation Stories

Share stories of clients who overcame challenges or achieved meaningful results with your guidance. Explain their starting point, goals, the program or training you provided, obstacles faced, and end results. Use before and after photos if possible, along with a quote from the client about their experience working with you.

Share Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are an authentic way for clients to share their experiences in their own words. Keep videos to 30-60 seconds, filming clients from the waist up, in a well-lit setting. Ask some suggested questions about what they were hoping to achieve, what they gained by training with you, and what they would tell others considering your services.

Include Written Reviews and Ratings

In addition to video testimonials, display 3 to 5 star written reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook or training review sites on your landing page. Prospective clients will appreciate the transparency and ability to see unfiltered reviews from past clients. You might say something like “See what our clients are saying about their experiences training with us:” followed by a sampling of the best written reviews.

Share Before and After Success Stories

For personal training, sharing client successes through before and after stories and transformations can be very powerful. With the client’s permission, post their photos, stats, and a few sentences about their accomplishments working with you. However, only do so if you have helped them achieve and maintain meaningful results over the long-term. Quick fixes and fad diets are not good stories to highlight.

Using social proof from real clients is the most effective way to build trust and confidence in your services. With authentic testimonials, reviews and transformation stories, prospective clients get a glimpse at the value you provide to help them achieve their goals. Display these proof points prominently on your landing page, and be sure to obtain written permission from clients before sharing any details about their experience.

Add a Call-to-Action to Convert Visitors Into Clients

To convert visitors into clients, you’ll need an effective call-to-action (CTA) on your landing page. A CTA is an instruction to your visitors, telling them what to do next to engage with your offer or services. For a personal training landing page, a strong CTA could be:

Book Your Free Consultation Now

Below the CTA, include a contact form where visitors can enter their name, email address, and phone number to schedule a call with you. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to take the next step.

Highlight the Benefits

Reiterate the key benefits of your training services next to the CTA. For example:

  • Customized workout plans tailored to your needs and goals
  • One-on-one guidance and accountability
  • Flexible scheduling for your busy lifestyle
  • Proven results for weight loss, muscle gain, and improved performance

Offer an Incentive (Optional)

You may want to offer a special incentive for visitors who book through your landing page CTA. For personal training services, you could offer:

  • A free initial consultation
  • A discounted first session
  • A free fitness assessment and body composition analysis

The incentive further motivates visitors to take action and convert into paying clients. Be sure to highlight the value and savings to make the offer compelling.

Keep the Page Simple

With an effective CTA, your landing page has done its job. Avoid adding too many more details, options or links which could distract visitors. Keep the page clean, focused and optimized to achieve your one goal – converting visitors into clients.

Following these best practices for creating a CTA and optimizing your landing page will transform more of your website visitors into committed clients. Providing a simple path for people to book a consultation or claim your offer makes it easy for them to take the next step in achieving their health and fitness goals with your guidance. Focus on highlighting the key benefits of your services and any incentives to motivate visitors and reduce obstacles in their journey.

Using Unicorn Platform to Build Your Personal Training Page

Building an effective yet straightforward landing page for your personal training business is crucial to converting visitors into clients.  With Unicorn Platform, you can construct a professional landing page in a matter of minutes with no technical skills required.

To begin, select the “Landing Page” template and choose a theme that matches your brand. You can then fully customize the theme by altering the fonts, colors, images, and content to reflect your unique business.

  • Add your logo and business information like your location, contact details, and availability in the header section.
  • In the hero section, choose an eye-catching image and enter a compelling headline, subtitle and call-to-action button to capture the visitor’s attention. For example, “Get Your Best Body Yet” or “Transform Your Life Today.”

Next, in the about section, share your credentials, experience, training philosophy, and the types of clients you work with. Briefly describe the benefits and results a client can expect from your program.

  • List the specific services you offer, such as personal training, nutrition planning, or workout programs. Describe each service in 3 to 4 sentences.
  • Add client testimonials and transformational before and after photos to build social proof and trust.

Finally, include a contact form or call-to-action for visitors to get in touch and schedule an initial consultation. Offer an incentive like a free 60-minute assessment or first session to encourage signups.

With a bit of time and creativity, you can construct an impressive landing page using the Unicorn Platform that converts interested visitors into committed clients seeking your guidance on their fitness journey. The simple yet sophisticated templates and intuitive drag and drop builder make it possible for anyone to build a professional site, allowing you to focus on training your clients rather than learning web design.


Building a personal training landing page in minutes is now possible with easy-to-use website builders like Unicorn Platform. Their drag and drop editor allows you to create a professional landing page without any coding skills required. You can choose from designer-made templates, pick your colors, add images, and insert text to convey your service offerings and credentials. With a few clicks, you'll have an attractive landing page ready to start generating leads and new clients for your personal training business. The days of needing an expensive web designer and waiting weeks or months to get your website live are over. Take advantage of these powerful yet simple tools to establish your online presence quickly and start growing your business.

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