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published on 26 October 2023

Introduction: Building Website Pages Without Coding

Creating beautiful, customized web pages is crucial for any startup looking to establish an online presence. However, many founders and entrepreneurs don't have coding skills to build their own pages from scratch. This is where Unicorn's intuitive drag-and-drop editor comes in. It allows you to quickly build custom web pages for your startup without needing to write any code.

In this post, we'll explore how Unicorn's visual editor empowers non-technical founders to easily create tailored web pages aligned with their brand. You can design and launch pages faster without relying on developers, saving significant time and money. Read on to learn how no-coding solutions like Unicorn are enabling startups and small businesses to get online and start validating ideas quicker than ever before.

How Unicorn Compares to Other Website Builders

Unlike more generalized website builders like Wix, Squarespace or Webflow, Unicorn is specifically designed for the needs of startups and SaaS companies. With its focus on landing pages, lead capture forms, A/B testing, analytics, and other conversion-focused features, Unicorn allows startups to quickly iterate and optimize their sites based on user data.

For example, Unicorn makes it simple to create multiple variations of a landing page and test which one converts the best. Other website builders don't provide these built-in growth tools tailored to startups looking to validate their ideas and drive traction.

Benefits of a No-Code Web Page Editor for Startups

Using a no-code web page builder like Unicorn provides many advantages compared to outsourcing development or attempting to code pages yourself:


  • Build pages in minutes instead of waiting days or weeks for developers
  • The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and easy for anyone to start using quickly
  • No need to learn how to code or write HTML/CSS from scratch
  • Make changes on the fly without relying on a developer's schedule
  • Launch landing pages faster to start validating product ideas and marketing campaigns


  • Easily customize pages to precisely match your brand style
  • Fine-tune pages by iterating until you achieve the perfect layout and design
  • Experiment with different layouts, images, colors, and content to optimize engagement
  • Adapt and change pages as your business evolves over time
  • Maintain full creative control without being locked into one design

Cost Savings

  • Avoid expensive development fees by building it yourself without coding
  • No need to hire and manage an in-house developer or agency long-term
  • Save significantly on developer costs with an easy DIY setup process
  • Invest those savings into other crucial parts of your business like marketing, inventory, etc.
  • Free up budget that can be allocated towards promoting your new pages

Testing and Optimization

  • Easily create multiple variations of landing pages and A/B test them
  • Identify the best converting page designs based on real user data
  • Continuously improve pages by iterating based on analytics and feedback
  • Build a growth loop that helps you rapidly optimize your startup's website

For example, Buffer famously tested multiple landing page variations to increase signups by over 400%. With Unicorn's simple editor, any startup can implement similar testing strategies to accelerate growth.

Key Features of Unicorn's Landing Page Builder

Unicorn's drag-and-drop landing page builder is packed with features to help you quickly build conversion-optimized pages:

  • Drag-and-drop placement and editing of text, images, buttons, and other elements
  • 100+ pre-designed page templates and sections for every industry
  • Customization of fonts, colors, backgrounds, and branding styles
  • Seamless integration with forms, payment processors, analytics, and more
  • Media galleries, sliders, popups, and animations to boost engagement
  • Complete mobile responsiveness for all device types
  • Built-in SEO optimization tools and metadata editing

Intuitive Editor

  • Simply drag, drop, and arrange elements to build your page visually
  • Easily resize, move, duplicate, or delete elements as needed
  • Visually build pages with a minimal learning curve and without coding
  • Create and edit pages even if you have no prior web development experience
  • Add new elements to your page by selecting from the intuitive sidebar

Design Flexibility

  • Pick from dozens of professionally designed page layout templates
  • Customize colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other design elements
  • Craft a design that closely aligns with your brand style guide
  • Animate page elements to increase visitor engagement
  • Ensure complete mobile friendliness with responsive design

Business Capabilities

  • Collect leads and data with built-in forms and surveys
  • Accept payments and donations directly on your site
  • Integrate Google Analytics to gain insights into your visitors
  • Boost SEO and organic traffic with metadata tools
  • Build trust and credibility by adding SSL encryption

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Website Pages

Follow these steps to easily create custom web pages with Unicorn's visual editor:

  1. Select a template - Choose a pre-made template that fits your business needs and industry. For example, ecommerce sites can use a "Product Landing Page" template.

  2. Add and edit page sections - Customize the template by adding, deleting, or re-arranging page sections using the editor's drag & drop functionality.

  3. Populate your sections - Insert relevant text, images, videos, forms, buttons, and other elements into your sections. Remove any unnecessary placeholder content.

  4. Incorporate multimedia - Boost engagement by adding YouTube videos, image galleries and sliders, or even embedded social posts from Instagram and Twitter.

  5. Integrate lead captures - Add calls-to-action, email signup forms, live chats, and other conversions tools to collect leads and data.

  6. Customize the design - Personalize the look and feel by changing colors, fonts, shapes, animations, and backgrounds to match your brand.

  7. Preview mobile responsiveness - Use the mobile preview mode to optimize the layout across all device sizes.

  8. Publish and share - Launch your pixel-perfect new landing page and start driving visitors to convert!

Tips and Best Practices for High-Converting Landing Pages

Follow these tips to create effective, optimized web pages with Unicorn's drag-and-drop editor:

  • Focus each page on a single goal or call-to-action to guide visitors
  • Keep pages simple and minimalist - remove unnecessary distractions
  • Craft a clear headline and value proposition that engages visitors
  • Prioritize important information and calls-to-action above the fold
  • Include social proof elements like testimonials or trust badges when possible
  • Use high-contrast colors and bold fonts to establish visual hierarchy
  • Ensure excellent load speed by optimizing images and enabling caching

Unicorn's editor makes implementing these best practices quick and easy compared to hard-coding them yourself. You can experiment with different layouts, copy, and designs until you find the optimal combination for conversions.

Optimizing for SEO

To boost your startup's search engine rankings, be sure to optimize your Unicorn landing pages for SEO:

  • Research relevant keywords and naturally integrate them into page copy
  • Add metadata titles, descriptions and focus keywords
  • Include alt text for all images
  • Structure pages with semantic HTML headings and schema markup
  • Create sitemaps to index new pages with search engines
  • Analyze site performance in Search Console to identify issues

With Unicorn's built-in SEO tools, any startup founder can optimize their site for search even with no technical expertise.

Useful Page Templates for Startups

Unicorn offers pre-designed templates for various startup needs:

  • Crowdfunding - Create campaign pages to launch and promote your fundraising goals.
  • SaaS Signup - Onboard users by showcasing your app's features and offering free trials.
  • Ecommerce - Highlight your products with templates for online stores, product pages, shopping carts.
  • Service Pages - Promote your startup's services with tailored templates for consulting, design, development etc.
  • Blog - Engage visitors by launching a content-rich blog to establish expertise.
  • App Download - Drive app installs by creating landing pages focused on conversion.

These templates help startups hit the ground running to start building web pages optimized for their specific goals.


Unicorn's user-friendly drag-and-drop editor empowers any startup founder to create website pages without needing to code. You can now quickly build landing pages, set up your online store, launch your MVP, and more regardless of technical expertise.

The visual editor saves startups precious time and money compared to hiring developers. Following web design and conversion optimization best practices will help you craft effective pages optimized for conversions.

With the no-code editor's flexibility, you can finally make web pages uniquely tailored to your startup's brand and goals.

If you're a startup founder looking to build your website pages without coding, Unicorn's drag-and-drop editor provides an easy way to get your business online and start testing your ideas.

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