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published on 27 October 2023


Creating a professional online presence is crucial for startups and small businesses looking to establish credibility and attract customers. However, building an effective homepage often requires substantial investment in coding skills or hiring web developers and designers. This is where free homepage builders like Unicorn Platform come in.

A free homepage empowers entrepreneurs to quickly create customized landing pages and showcase their brand, products or services. With drag-and-drop editors requiring no technical expertise, easy customizability, and mobile responsiveness, a DIY homepage enables startups to get online fast without breaking the bank.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of using Unicorn Platform’s intuitive homepage builder to create a stunning free homepage for your business website in minutes, no coding required.

Benefits of Using a Free Homepage Builder

Choosing a free homepage builder over hiring developers and designers offers several advantages:

  • Saves significant time and money compared to building a homepage from scratch. No need to learn coding or invest in expensive developer resources.

  • Allows easy customization and updates at any time via drag-and-drop editor. Tweak design, content, layout on the fly.

  • Provides access to hundreds of beautiful templates and designs crafted by professionals for every niche.

  • Option to connect custom domain name for a polished brand image right from day one.

  • No coding skills required thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Customize anything visually.

  • Mobile responsive design ensures optimal viewing experience across devices. Engage users on the go.

  • Built-in SEO helps improve search engine rankings with optimized code, metadata, sitemaps and insights.

Highly Customizable Design and Layout

Unicorn Platform makes it simple to tailor the homepage design:

  • Drag-and-drop editor enables easy customization of sections, content layouts.

  • Huge library of fonts, color themes and design assets lets you match brand style.

  • Easily upload logos, images, videos to enhance brand identity.

  • Rearrange or duplicate sections to find the optimal homepage structure.

  • Preview changes in real-time before hitting publish.

Optimized for Search Engines

With Unicorn Platform, you get built-in SEO optimization right from the start:

  • Clean, semantic HTML code improves search engine optimization.

  • Customizable meta descriptions and page titles help pages rank better.

  • Automatic sitemaps help search engines index all pages on your site.

  • Built-in analytics provide insights on traffic sources, conversions and ROI.

Powerful Built-In Features

Unlock higher conversion and engagement with Unicorn Platform's built-in features like:

  • Add HelloBar, popups, chatbots to boost conversions.

  • Embed YouTube, Instagram, Calendly etc. to engage visitors.

  • Enable smooth scroll, parallax effects to wow visitors.

  • Insert testimonials, guarantees, FAQs to convince users.

  • Integrate with 700+ marketing apps like MailChimp, Google Analytics, Stripe and more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Homepage

Follow these steps to create a high-converting free homepage with Unicorn Platform:

Choose the Right Template

  • Browse industry-specific templates like SaaS, fitness, agency.

  • Ensure responsive mobile design, color scheme fit brand.

  • Shortlist 2-3 options, preview on devices.

  • Check template is easy to customize.

Customize Design Elements

  • Tweak colors, fonts, sizes in style manager.

  • Upload background images/videos for visual appeal.

  • Add animations like parallax scrolling.

  • Select layout, columns, padding.

  • Drag and drop sections to organize flow.

Enhance Brand Personality

  • Upload high-quality logo, lifestyle images.

  • Insert engaging headlines, testimonials.

  • Replace sample text with branded content.

  • Add videos, graphics, icons to reinforce brand.

  • Display trust badges, certifications.

Optimize Conversion Rates

  • Ensure strong headline and call to action.

  • Highlight value proposition throughout.

  • Use social proof like testimonials, guarantees.

  • Add email signup, contact forms, chatbot.

  • Provide clear next steps via buttons, links.

Connect Domain and Go Live

  • Buy a domain name matching brand.

  • Point domain to Unicorn homepage.

  • Submit sitemap to search engines.

  • Set up Google Analytics.

  • Publish and promote on social media.

Ready to create your free homepage? Explore Unicorn Platform's homepage builder now.

Optimizing Your Homepage for Success

Launching your homepage is just the first step. Ongoing optimization is key:

  • Analyze metrics to identify improvement areas.

  • A/B test headlines, CTAs and layouts.

  • Update images, videos, testimonials regularly.

  • Adapt content for seasonal offers or promotions.

  • Add new sections like blogs, case studies.

  • Monitor and respond quickly to comments.

Boost Conversions

Increase homepage conversions:

  • Ensure forms are easy to find with strong value proposition.

  • Reduce friction in signup flows.

  • Highlight special offers and discounts.

  • Use exit intent popups to capture leads.

Drive Organic Traffic

Attract organic search traffic:

  • Produce optimized blogs, guides.

  • Implement schema markup for rich results.

  • Get quality backlinks from industry sites.

  • Research relevant keywords to target.

  • Optimize page speed and technical SEO.

Leverage Paid Channels

Complement organic using paid ads:

  • Run targeted PPC ads to ideal audience.

  • Retarget visitors via Facebook / Instagram.

  • Promote gated content like ebooks, webinars.

  • Partner with relevant influencers.

  • Participate in online communities.


A free homepage builder like Unicorn Platform simplifies creating a customized, professional homepage without coding. With beautiful templates, powerful built-in features and SEO optimization, startups can establish brand authority and drive conversions. Follow the steps outlined to build, launch and optimize a homepage that engages your audience and achieves business goals. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor lets anyone create an amazing free homepage on their own - no technical skills required. Get started with Unicorn Platform today!

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