Craft Custom Landing Pages Fast With Unicorn Platform's Free AI Generator

updated on 14 May 2024

You need a landing page, and you need it now. As a marketer in 2023, you know that high-quality landing pages are essential for running successful campaigns and generating leads. But crafting an effective landing page also takes time - time you don't have. What if you could generate a custom landing page in just minutes without sacrificing quality or optimization?

How Unicorn Platform's AI Landing Page Generator Works

Unicorn Platform's free AI landing page generator makes crafting a high-converting landing page a breeze. Here's how it works:

  • Select a template or start from scratch. Unicorn Platform offers professionally designed templates to get you started fast. Or, build your own custom landing page from the ground up with their simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Add images, videos, and other media. Unicorn Platform's media library gives you access to over 2 million royalty-free images, video clips, and other media to make your landing page visually compelling. Easily upload your own media as well.
  • Generate content with AI. If you get stuck or want to quickly populate your landing page, Unicorn Platform can generate relevant content for your headers, paragraphs, bullet points, testimonials, and more using their advanced AI. You can then easily edit the AI-generated content to your liking.
  • Include interactive elements. Add contact forms, surveys, live chat, scheduling tools, and other interactive elements to capture leads and engage visitors. Unicorn Platform's form builder and third-party integrations make it simple.
  • Optimize for conversions. Unicorn Platform provides AI-based recommendations to optimize your landing page for the highest conversion rates. Things like strategic CTA placement, mobile-responsiveness, load speed improvements, and A/B testing are built right in.

With Unicorn Platform, you have everything you need to create high-performing landing pages in minutes. Why not give their free AI landing page generator a try? Building your list and boosting sales has never been easier.

Choose From Beautiful Pre-Made Landing Page Templates

Unicorn Platform gives you beautiful pre-made landing page templates to choose from so you can launch fast. Just pick a template you love, customize it, and you’ll have a high-converting landing page in minutes.

  • Select from templates for lead generation, ecommerce, mobile apps, and more. There are templates for every type of campaign and business.
  • Preview templates to see how they’ll look on desktop and mobile. Then choose your favorite and Unicorn Platform’s AI will optimize it for conversions.
  • Easily change colors, fonts, images, and content. Drag and drop elements or use the simple sidebar to update your template. No coding required.
  • Add your logo, product images, call-to-action buttons, email signup forms, countdown timers, customer testimonials, or whatever else you need. Unicorn Platform makes customizing landing pages a breeze.
  • Let Unicorn Platform analyze your template and provide suggestions to improve conversions. The AI may recommend changing the headline, rearranging sections, or adding social proof. You can accept or ignore the suggestions.
  • Once your landing page is ready, just connect your domain or subdomain and start driving traffic. Unicorn Platform’s landing pages are mobile-responsive so you’ll get leads from all devices.

In just a few minutes, you can have an attractive, optimized landing page that turns visitors into leads and customers. Why spend weeks designing and building a landing page when Unicorn Platform’s AI generator can do it for you? Launch your next campaign with a high-converting landing page made fast and free.

Build a Custom Landing Page From Scratch

Start From Scratch

If you want full control over your landing page design, start from scratch. Unicorn Platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder gives you the freedom to craft a custom page tailored to your needs.

First, select a blank template. This will give you a blank slate to work with. Next, add elements like:

  • Headlines - Create eye-catching headlines to capture attention. Use the headline analyzer to optimize based on emotional impact and search ranking.
  • Images - Include high-quality images that resonate with your audience. Add photos, graphics, illustrations or even video.
  • Text sections - Include paragraphs of text to inform and engage visitors. Use the content analyzer to get suggestions for improving readability, comprehension and SEO.
  • Forms - Easily add contact forms, email signup forms, survey forms or any other type of form. Customize everything from fields to styling to integrations.
  • Buttons - Add prominent call-to-action buttons that encourage visitors to take the next step. Choose from a variety of styles to match your brand.
  • And more...You'll also find elements like pricing tables, testimonials, FAQs, social media feeds and so much more.

Unicorn Platform makes it simple to arrange these elements on your page for maximum impact. Use the drag-and-drop editor to move things around and try different layouts. You have full control over the responsive design, so your page will look great on any device.

Once your page is built, use the built-in A/B testing and analytics tools to optimize and improve over time. The AI will provide suggestions to increase conversions, and you can see how visitors interact with your page in real-time.

In just a few minutes, you can craft a custom landing page from scratch using Unicorn Platform. Take advantage of the powerful tools and AI to build high-converting pages that boost your business in 2023. Your ideal visitors are waiting - give them an amazing experience and turn them into customers.

If you want to learn more about how to use AI to build websites, check out Unicorn Platform's article on How to use AI to Build Websites in 2023.

AI-Powered Design Tools Provide Real-Time Feedback

Real-Time Design Feedback

Unicorn Platform’s AI provides real-time feedback on your landing page design as you build it. The AI examines how well your page aligns with best practices for high-conversion landing pages and offers suggestions to improve it.

  • Get alerts if your headline isn’t compelling enough or your call-to-action buttons aren’t prominent enough. The AI will suggest alternatives to try.
  • Receive warnings if your page is too text-heavy, doesn’t have a clear layout or flow, or is missing key elements like social proof or bullet points. The AI provides fixes to implement.
  • Get graded on important metrics like visual appeal, clarity of messaging, and strength of your call-to-action. See your score improve in real time as you make changes.
  • View heatmaps showing where visitors focus their attention and click. The AI uses this data to determine how well your page is guiding visitors to convert.
  • Check how your page scores for search engine optimization. The AI evaluates things like keyword placement, internal linking, page load speed, and more. Improve your SEO and get found more easily.

With Unicorn Platform’s AI-powered design feedback, you can launch high-converting landing pages with confidence. The AI acts as your co-creator, analyzing your design choices and offering data-driven suggestions to optimize your page for the best results. Use the AI’s recommendations to make quick improvements, then re-check your scores to ensure you’re on the right track.

In just a few minutes, you can have an AI-optimized landing page that’s primed to boost your conversions. The AI does the heavy lifting so you can build better landing pages faster.

Generate high-converting landing pages in minutes. Unicorn Platform uses AI to design and optimize free landing pages that boost your conversions. Launch your campaign fast in 2023.
Generate high-converting landing pages in minutes. Unicorn Platform uses AI to design and optimize free landing pages that boost your conversions. Launch your campaign fast in 2023.

Launch Your High-Converting Landing Page in Minutes

Select a Template or Start From Scratch

Unicorn Platform gives you the flexibility to choose from professionally designed templates or build a custom landing page from the ground up. Templates provide a solid foundation to get started fast, then customize the content, images, and layout as needed. If you prefer starting fresh, the page builder tools make it easy. Either way, you have full control and creative freedom.

Add Engaging Content

Use the built-in content blocks to add everything from headlines and paragraphs to buttons, images, and video. The AI-powered content suggestions provide inspiration and recommendations based on your industry and goals. Simply select a suggestion to add it to your page, then tweak the wording to match your brand voice. You can also write your own content from scratch.

Optimize for Conversions

Unicorn Platform’s AI evaluates your landing page content and layout, then provides optimization recommendations to improve conversion rates. Things like rewording your headline or call-to-action, changing the button color or size, rearranging page sections, and more. Review and implement the recommendations with a single click. The AI learns from every page created on the platform, so the optimization suggestions get smarter over time.

Preview and Launch

See how your landing page will appear on desktop and mobile devices with the built-in preview tool. Make any final changes needed, then launch your page. It will go live instantly and you can start driving traffic and capturing leads right away. You can also schedule your page to launch at a specific date and time if needed for a campaign.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use website builder with powerful AI capabilities, Unicorn Platform is the solution for you. With AI-powered content creation and design, Unicorn Platform allows you to unleash your creativity and build high-converting landing pages in minutes. What are you waiting for? Start building your landing page or website for free today with the best AI website builder in 2023. Check out Unleash Your Creativity With the best AI Website Builders in 2023 to learn more about the best AI website builders of 2023.


So there you have it, a free AI-powered landing page generator that can help you create high-converting landing pages in minutes. No more struggling with clunky page builders or paying expensive designers. Unicorn Platform handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your campaign and get it launched fast. What are you waiting for? Give their free tool a spin and see how much time and money you can save crafting custom landing pages. Your future customers will thank you for it, and your conversion rates will never be the same again. The power of AI is here to boost your business in 2023.

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