Best personal sites made effortlessly with AI builders

published on 05 November 2023

Creating an amazing personal website used to require advanced coding skills or hiring a professional web developer. But AI website builders have changed the game, making it possible for anyone to easily build a stunning personal site without touching a line of code. In this post, we'll explore the top AI website builders empowering people to effortlessly create beautiful, customizable sites perfect for personal brands.

Introduction to AI Website Builders

AI website builders utilize artificial intelligence to provide intuitive drag-and-drop editors, stylish templates, built-in SEO, and easy integration with other apps and services. They allow complete beginners to craft professional-grade websites through an intuitive point-and-click interface.

AI builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Unicorn Platform are becoming increasingly popular for personal websites. They remove the need for technical skills and offer customization options not feasible with traditional website building approaches. With AI assistance, you can build a responsive, modern personal site optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablets in just a few hours.

Key benefits of AI builders include:

  • Extreme ease of use even for non-technical users - anyone can drag, drop and click to build a site
  • Access to hundreds of professional, customizable templates catering to different styles
  • Optimization for SEO right out of the box with built-in meta data, sitemaps and more
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate forms, live chat, analytics and marketing tools
  • Responsive mobile editing and design included - sites look great on all devices
  • No need to hire web developers or learn complex coding

While limitations exist like free plan restrictions, AI website builders provide unmatched simplicity and customization capabilities compared to traditional website building with HTML and CSS. For personal sites, they are hands-down the optimal choice.

Top AI Builders for Stunning Personal Websites

Here are the top AI website builders to consider for creating amazing personal sites:


Wix shines with its user-friendly drag and drop editor perfect for beginners. With hundreds of templates, seamless integrations, and a website review tool, it makes building websites intuitive. Downsides are limits on free plans like capped bandwidth and required Wix branding.


Squarespace is renowned for beautiful designs and powerful built-in CMS features. But limitations exist for personal use, with a greater focus on ecommerce and business sites. The free trial is just 14 days and custom code options are limited.

Unicorn Platform

Made specifically for startups and personal sites, Unicorn Platform is fully customizable with a library of components to easily add features. It also has built-in SEO tools and a generous free plan with unlimited bandwidth.


Bubble has a visual programming system enabling advanced customization, but its complex interface is overkill for simple personal sites.


Webflow offers robust design features tailored for web designers. However, it requires some coding knowledge and is less beginner-friendly. Pricing starts at $12/month.

WordPress + AI plugins

WordPress offers open source flexibility, but requires manually installing plugins like Elementor. More technical work is needed compared to dedicated AI builders.

Let's dive deeper into the top 3 AI website builders for personal sites:


Wix is likely the most beginner-friendly AI website builder available:

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor perfect for complete beginners
  • Access to hundreds of stylish templates for personal sites
  • Seamless integrations with other apps and services
  • Limits on bandwidth and storage for free plans
  • Required Wix branding on free sites


Squarespace helps create visually stunning sites, but has some limitations:

  • Beautiful, professional designs make sites look polished
  • Powerful built-in CMS for managing site content
  • Limited free plan options compared to other builders
  • More focused on ecommerce and business sites vs personal
  • Less flexibility to edit custom code

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform combines ease of use with personal site-focused features:

  • Made specifically for startups and personal websites
  • Fully customizable landing pages fit for any personal brand
  • Library of components to easily add features
  • Built-in SEO tools for better search visibility
  • Free plan has generous limits for personal usage

For those seeking a website builder tailored to personal sites, Unicorn Platform strikes the ideal balance of simplicity and customization.

Key Features to Evaluate in AI Website Builders

When selecting an AI website builder, keep these key features in mind:

Easy-to-Use Editors

Look for drag and drop interfaces ideal for beginners, with pre-designed templates to accelerate building. Responsive mobile editing and the ability to customize code are also vital. For example, Wix makes it easy to drag and drop elements, while Unicorn Platform offers responsive editing.

Templates and Themes

Professionally designed templates with options catering to personal sites allow creating stylish sites faster. Regular template updates and mobile responsiveness add value. Squarespace offers beautiful templates, while Unicorn caters to startups.

Customization Capabilities

The ability to modify templates, add custom code, integrate apps and choose site architecture provides the flexibility to build unique sites. Unicorn Platform enables full customization and code editing.

Built-in SEO

SEO optimization tools like auto-generated meta data, sitemaps, and analytics integration improve search visibility. Unicorn Platform has sitemap generation and meta tag editing built-in.

Integrations and Extensibility

Forms, live chat, marketing, and API integrations enable connecting tools like analytics, booking apps, and social media. Plugin marketplaces provide additional extensibility. For example, Wix and Unicorn Platform allow integrating chatbots, forms, and online stores.

Free Plan Limitations

Storage and bandwidth caps, restricted templates, limited support and required branding on free plans should be evaluated. Unicorn Platform offers unlimited bandwidth on its free plan.

Key Tips for Building Your Personal Website

Follow these tips for creating the best personal website:

  • Determine your goals - do you want a portfolio, blog, resume site? This guides design.
  • Choose a memorable domain name that matches your brand
  • Select an AI builder that aligns with your needs and skills
  • Pick a template that matches your style and purpose
  • Customize the template extensively to make it your own
  • Carefully optimize images for fast load times
  • Enable auto-generated sitemaps for better SEO
  • Show off your best work and personality throughout the site
  • Keep all site content updated and refreshed regularly
  • Use builder communities to get inspiration and help


AI website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Unicorn Platform make it effortless for anyone to create stunning personal websites without coding. Focus on key criteria like intuitive editors, quality templates, robust customization capabilities, built-in SEO tools, and integrations when selecting a platform. Apply best practices around optimizing for speed, choosing a solid domain, customizing templates, and updating content regularly. With the power of AI, building the perfect personal site is now achievable for beginners and experts alike. Ready to easily build your own amazing site? Check out Unicorn Platform to get started.

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