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published on 12 October 2023


With increasing mobile usage, optimizing landing pages specifically for mobile has become more important than ever for startups and small businesses. According to Statista, over 50% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Creating a memorable, engaging, and conversion-focused mobile landing page allows you to stand out from competitors and make a great first impression on visitors.

In this post, we’ll explore creative strategies for designing unique mobile landing pages, writing compelling content optimized for conversions, and ensuring your pages function flawlessly across mobile devices. Follow these tips to create mobile landing pages that capture attention, convey your brand story, and convert mobile visitors into customers.

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Unique Design Elements

Design plays a huge role in creating memorable, shareworthy landing pages tailored to mobile screens. Here are some creative strategies to make your mobile pages pop:

Vivid Colors

Saturated, vibrant colors contrast with the typical muted palette of most websites, helping your page stand out. Bold color gradients also add depth and visual interest on mobile landing pages. Choose colors that align with your brand personality and avoid distracting color schemes with too many competing hues.

For example, Mailchimp uses a vibrant purple as their primary brand color, which dominates their landing pages. The bold purple makes their pages instantly recognizable and aligns with their fun, friendly brand image.

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations set you apart from competitors using generic stock photos. They also allow you to inject more personality and convey your brand image. Hand-drawn doodle illustrations, in particular, can give landing pages an approachable, human feel compared to slick, corporate stock imagery.

For instance, Buffer uses colorful custom illustrations throughout their landing pages. The illustrated characters bring their brand to life in a quirky, memorable way.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Most sites follow a standard header-content-footer layout. Breaking grids with asymmetrical page layouts filled with diagonal lines, circles, and unconventional element placement can help guide the viewer's eye through the page in a more engaging way.

For example, Slack's mobile homepage offsets their hero image and sign-up form to create visual interest. The asymmetrical design feels energetic compared to rigid, symmetric layouts.


Subtle microinteractions like animated icons and buttons delight visitors with motion and interactivity. Used sparingly, these microinteractions can make mobile landing pages feel more dynamic without being distracting.

For instance, Typeform uses animated illustrations and transitions when users complete quiz questions, adding an element of fun.

Strategic Whitespace

Whitespace reduces visual clutter on mobile, creating focus around your key messages. Large hero images feel more impactful with ample padding. Generous whitespace around your CTA and other important elements also helps guide the viewer's attention.

For example, Slack's mobile homepage uses extensive whitespace to highlight their main call-to-action. The simplicity contrasts with denser competitors.

Engaging Content

While design plays a key role, engaging copy targeted to your audience is equally important. Follow these tips to craft compelling content for your mobile landing pages:

Catchy Headlines

Headlines make a huge impact on mobile, where visitors are more likely to rapidly scroll through content. Craft benefit-driven headlines with emotional keywords like "secrets" or "guaranteed" to grab attention.

For instance, the headline "How to Create Eye-Catching Mobile Landing Pages in 2023" uses the emotional word "eye-catching" to pique interest.

Unique Facts

Pepper your copy with interesting stats, data, and facts to capture interest. For example, email subscription service ConvertKit shares the surprising stat "The average conversion rate is 2.35%." Make sure to link facts to sources so they feel credible.


Social proof in the form of customer stories, reviews, and testimonials increases conversions. Where possible, include photos or videos of real customers explaining your product's benefits in their own voice.

For example, Unbounce features a customer testimonial video right on their homepage to immediately establish trust and credibility.

Conversational Tone

Avoid overly formal, corporate sounding copy on your landing pages. Instead, use contractions, first-person voice, and even subtle humor when appropriate to craft copy that feels authentic and approachable.

For instance, the 404 page for Unicorn Platform takes a humorous approach, injecting personality into what is typically boring boilerplate content.


Strategic questions guide visitors through your content and encourage comments and shares. Pose an intriguing question in a header or subheader, then answer it in the following paragraph.

For example, the subheader "What Makes a Mobile Landing Page Truly Stand Out in 2023?" on a page encourages readers to continue in order to find the answer.

Optimizing Conversion Elements

In addition to visual design and content, optimizing conversion elements like CTAs and forms for mobile is crucial.


Make your CTA button stand out by using high contrast colors compared to your background palette. Describe the value proposition or action clearly in the button text, like "Start My Free Trial". Also make sure to place your CTA consistently across pages.

For instance, Unbounce emphasizes their main call-to-action with a red button that pops against the darker background. Their button text clearly conveys the value.

Simplified Forms

Simplifying forms by removing unnecessary fields reduces friction on mobile. Only ask for the bare essentials needed to deliver value, like an email address in exchange for an eBook.

For example, HubSpot's landing page form only includes First Name, Last Name, Email, and Company Name - keeping it quick and easy to convert mobile visitors.

Frictionless Checkout

If your landing page offers purchases, optimize checkout for mobile using auto-filled customer data, guest options, and easy one-click payments through services like Apple Pay. Highlight guarantees and security to reduce hesitations.

For instance, Squarespace emphasizes their secure checkout process on mobile, reassuring visitors with TrustLogos.

Social Sharing

Increase viral reach by making it easy for visitors to share your content across their social networks using embedded sharing buttons. Offer custom messaging and giveaways to incentivize shares.

For example, Buffer proactively encourages social sharing by prompting visitors to "Share this page on Twitter" alongside a pre-filled tweet.

Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups detect when a visitor is about to leave your page, then present a targeted offer like a promo code or content upgrade to capture their email before they exit. Exit popups can help recover abandoning visitors.

For instance, Unbounce displays exit popups offering free tools and resources if the visitor tries to leave the page.

Optimizing for Mobile

In addition to design and content, technical optimizations are key for stellar mobile landing page experiences:

Site Speed

Site speed significantly impacts conversions on mobile. Cloudflare uses intelligent caching, image optimization, and minification to achieve fast mobile page speeds. Test speed with PageSpeed Insights.

Responsive Design

Ensure your landing page responds seamlessly to various mobile screen sizes. Use relative sizing, resize/rearrange elements as needed, and serve properly sized images across devices. Test responsiveness across many devices.

For instance, Squarespace pages effortlessly adapt their layouts to maintain usability across mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Touch Interactions

Take advantage of native mobile interactions like swiping, pinching/zooming, and tapping. Guarantee tap targets are large enough for fingers and avoid excessive vertical scrolling.

For example, Strikingly incorporates horizontal swiping between sections, leveraging natural mobile gestures.


Improve readability on mobile by increasing line heights to at least 1.5, adjusting font sizes, and using adequate color contrast of at least 4.5:1. Avoid thin fonts like Light. Left align text when possible.

For instance, Unicorn Platform selectively increases font sizes and line height on mobile to improve scannability.

Mobile Forms

Optimize form completion on mobile with field autofocus, full keyboard access, grouped related fields, and adjustments for landscape orientation. Match input types like number pads to the data collected.

For example, Typeform provides fullscreen forms on mobile with autofocus and inputs tailored to the data like email or phone number.


Optimizing landing pages for mobile requires adjustments across design, content, and technical elements. By crafting unique visuals, compelling copy, seamless conversion experiences, and fast, responsive pages, you can connect with mobile visitors in an impactful way. Experiment with the creative strategies outlined here to make your mobile landing pages memorable while still aligning with conversion goals.

Remember to tailor designs and content specifically to your target demographic. For example, startups may benefit from a more informal, conversational style while enterprise companies require more polished messaging. With mobile becoming increasingly dominant, building landing pages that pop on mobile devices can help your business effectively grab attention and meet customer needs.

If you're looking for an intuitive platform to design, build, and optimize beautiful mobile landing pages, take a look at Unicorn Platform. Their easy drag-and-drop editor, custom components, and built-in SEO tools empower startups and small businesses to create stunning, conversion-focused pages tailored to mobile visitors. Give Unicorn Platform a try today and take your mobile landing pages to the next level!

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