Drag and Drop Your Way to a Fast Food Landing Page

published on 28 August 2023

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus your valuable time on growing your business, not struggling with complex web design tools to build a simple landing page. With the Unicorn Platform, you can quickly and easily create a professional fast food landing page to start converting visitors into customers. In just a few minutes, you can select a pre-made template, drag and drop in images, add your company logo and contact information, pick a color scheme, and publish your page. No coding is required. The simple yet powerful drag and drop interface provides an intuitive way for non-technical founders to build a beautiful landing page and start driving more sales right away. With Unicorn Platform, you have a secret weapon to launch your startup and gain a competitive advantage. Stop wasting time and start creating your fast food landing page today.

Why You Need a Fast Food Landing Page

A fast food landing page is essential for any quick service restaurant today. It allows potential customers to learn about your brand, see your menu, and place orders for delivery or pickup. Here are a few reasons why you need an effective landing page:

Having a landing page establishes your online presence and allows customers to find your business. It gives you an opportunity to highlight what makes your restaurant unique and share photos of your food and location. An engaging landing page that is optimized for search engines like Google can help you rank higher in results and drive more traffic.

A landing page makes it easy for customers to view your menu, order, and pay without having to download an app. It provides a streamlined experience for people on the go who want to place an order quickly. Your landing page should feature eye-catching photos of your most popular menu items, a simple checkout process, and clearly display your location, hours of operation and contact information.

An optimized landing page leads to more sales and revenue. With beautiful images of your food and a seamless ordering experience, you'll convert more visitors into paying customers. Your landing page should make the ordering process as easy as possible by allowing customers to add items to their cart, apply any coupons or promotions, and pay in just a few clicks.

In today's digital world, a fast food landing page is a necessity. It establishes your brand, drives traffic to your site, provides an easy ordering experience for customers and boosts your sales and revenue. Investing in an effective landing page is one of the best ways for any quick service restaurant to succeed online.

Choose a Template For Fast Food Landing Page on Unicorn Platform to Get Started Quickly

To create a fast food landing page on Unicorn Platform, choose a pre-made template to get started quickly. Unicorn Platform offers templates for various industries, including restaurants and fast food. Selecting a template designed for your specific business needs will allow you to build a high-converting landing page in minutes.

Once you've selected a template, you can easily customize it to match your brand. Change the colors, fonts, and add your logo and images. You can also edit or reorganize the content sections. For a fast food landing page, essential sections to include are:

  • An eye-catching hero image or video to showcase your food or restaurant
  • A brief description of your business, cuisine, and mission
  • Images of your popular or signature menu items
  • Call-to-action buttons like “Order Now” or “View Menu”

To drive conversions, be sure to highlight your business’s competitive advantages and any current promotions or deals. You'll also want to make it extremely easy for visitors to place an order or find your location and hours.

Unicorn Platform’s drag and drop builder makes it simple to create and optimize your landing page. You can A/B test different versions to see which one converts the best. And with their analytics, you'll gain valuable insights into how visitors are interacting with your page so you can make improvements to boost your sales and revenue.

A customized fast food landing page built on Unicorn Platform’s easy-to-use platform is a recipe for success. In just a few minutes, you can have a great-looking landing page that turns your website visitors into loyal customers. Focus on giving visitors a taste of your brand and an irresistible call-to-action, and watch your conversion rates rise.

Customize Your Landing Page With Easy Drag and Drop
Customize Your Landing Page With Easy Drag and Drop

Customize Your Landing Page With Easy Drag and Drop

To customize your landing page and make it visually appealing, Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop page builder. You can easily add and arrange page elements with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Add Images and Graphics

Visuals are essential for engaging visitors. Add images, icons, and graphics by dragging the desired elements onto your page. Resize and reposition as needed. For images, select from our free stock photo library or upload your own. Icons and graphics can help highlight key points or make the page more visually interesting.

Include Text Blocks

Add paragraphs, headings, lists, testimonials or whatever text you need. Simply drag the appropriate text blocks onto your page and enter or paste your content. Choose from multiple fonts, sizes, and styles to tailor the look to your brand. Add emphasis with bold, italics or underlining.

Insert Forms and Buttons

Want visitors to sign up, purchase or contact you? Add signup forms, order forms, contact forms or other calls-to-action by dragging the form element onto your page. Customize by selecting from different styles and adding or removing fields as needed.

Buttons are another useful element for driving conversions or directing visitors to important content. Drag a button onto your page, enter the button text and link the button to the desired destination URL or page section. Select a button style that matches your brand.

Change Column Layout

For a multi-column layout, add column blocks and drag other elements into the desired column. Adjust the width of each column and reorder as needed. Columns help you organize content in a neat, balanced manner that is easy for visitors to scan.

With an intuitive drag and drop builder and a wide selection of elements to choose from, designing an eye-catching landing page has never been easier. In just a few minutes you can have a fully customized page tailored to your needs and ready to start generating more leads and sales. The possibilities are endless!

Add Images and Video for Visual Impact
Add Images and Video for Visual Impact

Add Images and Video for Visual Impact

To create visual impact and help engage your visitors, add images and video to your fast food landing page. Studies show that people are much more likely to remember information when it is presented visually. Images also help to break up blocks of text, making your page appear less cluttered and more inviting to read.


Include photos of your food, restaurant interior or exterior, staff, and customers. For the homepage, use a large, high-quality image that conveys your brand message or food style. You might show a signature dish, an atmospheric shot of your dining area or an exterior photo of your building.

For interior pages like your menu, use photos of individual dishes, meals and ingredients. Make sure images are well-lit, in focus and photographed from an appealing angle. Image size should be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels for the best quality.

You can also include image galleries to showcase photos of your space, food and social media shares. Galleries provide an easy way for visitors to get a sense of your restaurant experience.


Video is an extremely powerful way to tell your brand story and connect with visitors on an emotional level. Embed a video gallery or use individual videos on key pages like your homepage, menu and “About Us” section.

For example, on your homepage, include a short video highlighting your chef, a signature dish being prepared or a customer testimonial. For your menu page, have brief videos showing your most popular or unique menu items. On your “About Us” page, share a video on your restaurant’s history and vision.

Keep your videos under 2 minutes in length, use high quality footage and audio, and choose an inviting thumbnail image to represent each video. Videos provide motion and sound, allowing you to vividly showcase the essence of your fast food brand.

By incorporating visual elements like professional images, galleries and short brand videos throughout your landing page, you create an engaging experience for visitors and give them a sense of your unique restaurant atmosphere even before they dine with you.

Include Social Proof Like Testimonials

To build trust and credibility for your fast food landing page, include social proof through customer testimonials and reviews. Testimonials from real customers who have used your product or service help to validate your claims and build trust with visitors.

Add Authentic Testimonials

Reach out to happy customers and ask them if they would be willing to provide a short testimonial for your website. Offer an incentive like a discount on their next purchase to increase participation. Keep testimonials authentic by using customers’ real names and photos, with their permission. Describe specific benefits and results to make testimonials as persuasive as possible.

For example:

“Unicorn Platform allowed me to create a beautiful landing page for my bakery in under an hour. I’m not tech savvy at all but I found the drag and drop editor really easy to use. My new landing page looks professional and is already driving more sales. I highly recommend Unicorn Platform for any small business owner like myself.” - Jane Doe, Owner of Sweet Treats Bakery

Include Star Ratings and Review Counts

In addition to testimonials, display your average star rating and number of reviews to indicate your level of credibility. Services like Yotpo, Trustpilot, and ShopperApproved make it easy to collect and display reviews and ratings on your website. Aim for at least 30-50 reviews to start, with a star rating of 4 stars or above for maximum impact.

For example:

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 83 reviews

Respond to All Reviews

Be sure to monitor review sites and respond promptly to all reviews, whether positive or negative. Thank happy customers for their kind words and feedback. For negative reviews, apologize for any issues and describe how you will make improvements or remedies to address their concerns. Responding to reviews, especially critical ones, shows you value customer feedback and are committed to providing the best experience. Visitors will appreciate your transparent and thoughtful responses.

Following these best practices for including authentic social proof on your landing page will help establish credibility and trust with visitors, leading to higher conversions and sales. By validating your product or service through real customer reviews and testimonials, visitors will feel more confident in what you have to offer. Combine social proof with a persuasive headline, benefits-focused copy, and a clear call-to-action for the most impact.

Highlight Your USP and Key Features

To attract fast food customers and drive conversions, you need to clearly convey your unique selling proposition (USP) and key features on your landing page. Your USP should highlight what makes your fast food offering stand out from competitors in a memorable way. Some examples include:

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced locally
  • Open 24 hours for your late-night cravings
  • Family recipes passed down for generations

Once you determine your USP, feature it prominently on your landing page, such as in an eye-catching headline.


Your menu is the heart of your fast food business. Share photos of your delicious food options on your landing page to make visitors’ mouths water. You might consider including:

  • Burgers - 100% grass-fed beef, veggie, turkey, etc.
  • Fries or chips - regular, sweet potato, garlic parmesan, etc.
  • Drinks - soda, milkshakes, fresh-brewed iced tea, etc.
  • Healthy choices - salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, fresh fruit cups, etc.

Be sure to highlight any signature menu items or fan favorites that showcase what you do best.

Speed and Convenience

For fast food customers, speed and convenience are key. Explain how you optimize for fast service, such as:

  • Drive-thru window open late for quick pickup on the go
  • Online ordering and curbside pickup to skip the line
  • Delivery options through major services so customers can enjoy your food without leaving home

Highlight tools or technology you use to facilitate fast ordering and pickup, e.g. mobile apps, digital menu boards, handheld payment devices, etc.

Customer Experience

Good customer experience will keep fast food customers coming back. Share information about your friendly staff, clean facilities, or any extras that enhance the experience, for example:

  • Welcoming staff and prompt, courteous service
  • Modern, family-friendly dining area and play space for kids
  • Free Wi-Fi so customers can stay connected

Be authentic and highlight actual experiences your regular customers have at your restaurant. Build social proof by incorporating customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials throughout your landing page.

In summary, clearly conveying why you stand out, showcasing your menu, focusing on speed and convenience, and providing a great customer experience on your landing page will make a memorable first impression on visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is essential for any landing page. It should be prominently placed on your page to prompt visitors to take the desired action, such as downloading content or signing up for a product trial.

To create an effective CTA for your fast food landing page:

Make it concise and compelling.

Keep your CTA short, around 3 to 5 words. Phrases like “Start your free trial today” or “Download the guide now” work well. Choose action-oriented language that inspires people to do something.

Place it strategically.

Feature your CTA button or link prominently on the page, such as at the top right, center, and bottom. This makes it highly visible no matter how far down someone scrolls. You can also include CTAs in text, images, or at the end of each section.

Match your brand colors.

For consistency, use your brand colors, font, and stylization for the CTA. This helps it blend in with the overall page design while still standing out. If using a button, give it a solid background color that contrasts well with the page.

Consider the next step.

Determine where you want to direct people after they click the CTA. Make sure the linked page or form is ready before promoting the CTA. Whether it’s a product demo, contact form, or download page, the user’s next action should be clear.

Track and optimize.

Use analytics to see how many people are clicking your CTA and their actions afterwards. Look for ways to improve the CTA’s placement, design, content, or linked page based on the results. Even small changes can significantly impact your conversion rates.

A compelling CTA is key to turning your site visitors into leads and customers. Place your CTA prominently on the page, keep the design consistent with your brand, choose a concise and actionable message, and link to an optimized landing page. With regular testing and tracking, you can improve your CTA’s performance over time.

Keep Your Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

To ensure your landing page is mobile-friendly, there are a few key steps you should take:

First, use a responsive theme and page builder. The Unicorn Platform drag and drop builder is fully responsive, meaning it will automatically adapt your landing page to fit any screen size. This includes resizing and rearranging elements to be optimized for both mobile and desktop.

Second, keep your content concise and scannable. On mobile, people tend to scan pages quickly. Use an easy-to-read font, bold key terms and phrases, bulleted lists when possible, and short sentences and paragraphs. Your main headline and subheadings should be large enough to read on a small screen.

Third, place the most important information and call-to-action elements above the fold. The area of a page that is visible when it first loads without scrolling is considered “above the fold.” On mobile, this area is even more limited. Ensure your headline, key benefits, and CTA button are prioritized in this space.

Fourth, use large tap targets for navigation and CTAs. Buttons, links and other interactive elements need to be large enough for people to easily tap on mobile screens. A good rule of thumb is to make tap targets at least 40 to 50 pixels high and wide.

Finally, minimize unnecessary elements and keep your page lightweight. Remove any components that aren’t essential to your key message or conversion goals. Large images, videos, and other media can slow load times on mobile networks and should be optimized or avoided when possible.

By following these best practices, you can create a landing page that provides an optimal experience for visitors on any device. Keep your content concise, place important information above the fold, use a responsive theme and builder, provide large tap targets, and keep your page lightweight. Your mobile-friendly landing page will lead to higher conversion rates and more success.

Launch Your Fast Food Landing Page With Unicorn Platform

With Unicorn Platform, launching your fast food landing page is simple. Our drag and drop website builder allows you to quickly and easily create an attractive landing page to promote your food business.

To get started, select the “Landing Page” template from the template library. This provides a basic but effective layout to highlight your food offerings. Then, it’s just a matter of customizing the page to your needs.

Add eye-catching images

Upload photos of your tasty food, drinks and restaurant space. Images are key for showcasing your menu and atmosphere. Position images strategically throughout the page.

Highlight your menu

Create sections to feature your menu items, prices and any current promotions or specials. Use the text, image, and button blocks to describe each item or meal deal. Make the text and call-to-action buttons bold to draw attention.

Share your story

Add a section with details on your business background and mission. Use this opportunity to connect with visitors by conveying your passion for food and community. Keep the tone friendly yet professional.

Drive conversions with call-to-action buttons

Strategically place prominent call-to-action buttons, such as “Order Now” or “Book a Table”, to encourage visitors to take the next step. Link the buttons to your online ordering page or reservation system.

Preview and launch

Once your landing page is complete, preview how it will appear on desktop and mobile. Make any final tweaks to the content or layout before publishing your page. Your fast food landing page will now be live and ready to start attracting hungry customers!

With an attractive landing page and mouth-watering visuals of your menu, visitors won’t be able to resist dining at your establishment. Unicorn Platform makes the process of building and launching your landing page delightfully simple so you can focus on what you do best—serving up delicious food!


As you can see, creating an attractive and high-converting landing page for your fast food business doesn't have to be difficult or require advanced technical skills. With an intuitive drag and drop builder like Unicorn Platform, you have all the tools you need to build a professional landing page in just a few minutes. By choosing from their library of mobile-optimized templates and customizing the design to match your brand, you can have a landing page up and running to start turning visitors into customers right away. The easy to use interface means you can make changes on the fly without needing to know how to code. For fast food businesses looking to boost sales and connect with more customers, a dedicated landing page is a must. With Unicorn Platform, creating one is fast, affordable and helps you make the most of your marketing efforts. Start your free trial today and see how easy it can be to build a landing page that delivers real results.

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