Medical Website Design Agency Secrets: Use Unicorn Platform

updated on 07 May 2024

As a medical practice looking to establish an online presence, you understand the importance of a professional and user-friendly website. However, building an effective website requires specialized knowledge and skills that you and your staff likely do not have. Hiring an experienced medical website design agency is the solution. They have the expertise to create a customized site that will serve your needs and meet your goals.

An agency that specializes in medical website design and development will be familiar with industry standards and best practices. They can incorporate important elements like an easy appointment scheduling system, insurance form integration, and a patient portal. A well-designed site will also have an intuitive interface, engaging visuals, and be optimized for search engines so new patients can find your practice.

While there are many website builders and platforms out there, working with a specialized agency is the best way to get a high-quality site that properly represents your medical practice. They have the knowledge and experience to build you a professional website that will make a great first impression and provide an optimal user experience for your patients. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to build your healthcare landing page, check out The Simplest Way to Build Your Healthcare Landing Page by Unicorn Platform.

Why Work With a Medical Website Design Agency?

As a medical practice, your website is the face of your business and a vital tool for reaching new patients. Working with a specialized medical website design agency offers several benefits:

  • Expertise. Medical website developers have experience creating healthcare sites that meet legal requirements like HIPAA compliance and accessibility standards. They stay up-to-date with trends in medical marketing to help you connect with patients.
  • Custom solutions. A good medical website design agency will get to know your practice and create a site tailored to your needs. They can incorporate custom features like an online patient portal, appointment scheduling software, and telehealth options.
  • Search engine optimization. Medical website developers employ techniques to help your site rank higher in search results for terms like “doctors near me” or your practice's specialties. This can drive more organic traffic and new patient leads.
  • Trust and authority. A professionally designed medical website establishes your practice as a reputable source of healthcare information and services. This cultivates trust in your brand and positions you as an authority in your field.
  • Reduced hassle. Working with medical website developers frees up your time and resources to focus on patient care. They handle technical tasks like web hosting, security, and compliance so you can concentrate on your actual medical practice.

In summary, partnering with a medical website design agency that specializes in healthcare sites is a smart investment for any medical practice. Their expertise and full-service approach provide valuable benefits that positively impact your business and patient relationships. With their help, you can have an effective website that serves as a powerful tool for growth and outreach.

How Unicorn Platform Streamlines Medical Website Design and Development

As a medical website design agency, using a platform like Unicorn can streamline your web development process and reduce costs. Unicorn offers several features tailored to the healthcare industry:

  • HIPAA compliance. Unicorn ensures all data and information on your site meets HIPAA standards for privacy and security. This includes secure hosting, encrypted data transmission, and access control.
  • Intuitive page builder. The drag and drop page builder makes it easy to create and edit pages for services, staff profiles, contact forms, and more without coding. This reduces the time and effort for designers and developers.
  • Integrated booking. Allow patients to schedule appointments directly through your site using the booking integration. This provides convenience for patients and staff.
  • Blog template. Educate your patients and establish your expertise by launching an integrated blog. The blog template makes publishing articles, news, and health tips simple.
  • Custom themes. Choose from professional medical themes or create a custom design to match your brand. Themes are mobile-responsive, fast loading, and SEO-optimized.
  • 24/7 support. As an agency, you'll have access to Unicorn's dedicated support team anytime you need help. They can assist with technical issues, best practices, theme customization, and more.

Using a specialized platform eliminates the need to build custom solutions for standard medical website features. This allows you to focus on innovative design and a great user experience for your clients. If you want to reduce workload and speed up delivery of high-quality healthcare sites, Unicorn Platform is designed specifically with medical web design agencies in mind.

3 Reasons Healthcare Website Developers Love Unicorn Platform
3 Reasons Healthcare Website Developers Love Unicorn Platform

3 Reasons Healthcare Website Developers Love Unicorn Platform

Customizable Templates

As a medical website design agency, you’ll appreciate the customizable templates in Unicorn Platform. You can choose from pre-designed healthcare website templates and easily tweak them to match your brand. With a simple drag and drop interface, no coding skills are required to update fonts, colors, images, and layouts.

SEO-Optimized Structure

Unicorn Platform builds websites with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. The platform generates semantic HTML markup, metadata, internal linking, and more to help improve your search rankings. As a result, healthcare website developers can spend less time optimizing for SEO and more time designing an engaging user experience.

Integrated Appointment Scheduling

For medical practices, scheduling appointments efficiently is essential. Unicorn Platform offers an integrated appointment booking system to help streamline the process. You have the flexibility to configure booking pages with your own availability, service offerings, and custom fields. The system sends automated emails and text message reminders to reduce no-shows. For patients, the simple interface makes booking, rescheduling or canceling appointments easy.

Using a platform like Unicorn can help healthcare website developers and medical website design agencies save significant time building and optimizing websites. With customizable templates, built-in SEO features, and an appointment booking system, you have the tools to create professional medical websites without needing advanced web development skills. For startups and small businesses in healthcare, Unicorn Platform offers an affordable, low-maintenance solution to establish an online presence.

Unicorn Platform: Built for Medical Professionals

A Platform Built for Medical Professionals

Unicorn Platform was designed with healthcare organizations and medical practices in mind. Its simple yet powerful features make it easy for anyone to build a professional medical website without needing coding skills or web design experience.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

The drag and drop website builder allows you to add pages, posts, photos, contact forms, booking calendars, and more by simply dragging the elements onto your page. You have full design freedom to create the layout you want. Premade templates and elements give you a head start.

HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Unicorn Platform meets HIPAA compliance standards to keep patient data private and secure. All data is encrypted, and regular security audits are performed. You have control over user access and permissions.

Integrations for EHRs and Practice Management Software

Unicorn Platform integrates with major electronic health records (EHR) and practice management systems like Epic, Cerner, Athenahealth, and CareCloud. Sync patient data, schedules, and billing information between your software and website.

Customize for Your Practice

Choose from premade templates for specialties like dentists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, and more. You can also start from a blank template and build your own custom design. Add features like:

  • Patient portals and registration forms
  • Insurance accepted and billing information
  • Doctor and staff bios and photos
  • Health resources and blog posts
  • Online appointment scheduling and video consultations
  • Location, hours, and contact information

Superior Customer Support

Unicorn Platform provides healthcare organizations with dedicated customer support. Help is available by phone, email, and live chat. Support staff are knowledgeable about HIPAA, medical practices, and the technical aspects of the website builder.

For medical professionals wanting an easy, affordable, and HIPAA-compliant way to establish an online presence, Unicorn Platform is an optimal solution. Build your medical website in a few hours without needing special skills or hiring an expensive web design agency. Provide patients with a seamless online experience and give your practice a competitive advantage.

100% No-Code: Zero Coding Skills Required

No Coding Skills Required

The Unicorn Platform is designed to require absolutely no coding knowledge or experience to build a professional medical website. You do not need to know HTML, CSS, or any other programming languages. Everything is drag and drop, with an intuitive user interface anyone can understand.

Pre-Built Templates

Unicorn Platform comes with beautifully designed templates for medical websites, created by professionals. You can choose a template and customize it to match your brand, or start from scratch and build your own custom site using the drag and drop builder. Either way, you have full control over the design without needing to code.

Add Your Content

Easily add your logo, images, videos, contact information, services, staff profiles, blog posts, and any other content you want on your site. The page builder allows you to arrange content blocks by simply dragging and dropping them into place. You have options like:

  • Image galleries
  • Staff profile pages
  • Service pages highlighting treatments and specialties
  • Integrated booking systems to schedule appointments
  • Blogs to share the latest medical news and patient education


Websites built on the Unicorn Platform are fully responsive, meaning they resize to fit any screen, from desktop to mobile. Your site will look professionally designed on all devices, without needing special mobile versions. This is crucial, as most people now access websites on their phones.

24/7 Support

The Unicorn Platform team provides helpful documentation and video tutorials to get you started, as well as 24/7 live chat support for any questions you may have. We want to make building your medical website as easy as possible, even with no coding experience. Our goal is your success and satisfaction.

In summary, the Unicorn Platform requires no technical skills or coding to build an attractive, functional medical website. Pre-designed templates, a simple drag and drop builder, and 24/7 support allow anyone to create a professional online presence for their healthcare organization. Your site can showcase your brand, services, staff, and content in a way that is optimized for both desktop and mobile visitors.

How to Find Healthcare Website Developers
How to Find Healthcare Website Developers

How to Find Healthcare Website Developers

To find reputable healthcare website developers, do thorough research to determine viable candidates. Check their experience, expertise, portfolio, reviews and ratings. Meet with several developers via calls or in-person to assess which team is the best fit for your needs and work style.

Review Portfolios and Case Studies

Examine portfolios and case studies on the developers’ websites showcasing medical and healthcare projects. Look for examples similar to what you need built like physician websites, hospital websites or medical practice websites. Review the designs, functionality, content and features. Note developers experienced with healthcare compliance, HIPAA regulations and ADA accessibility.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Search for reviews and ratings of the developers on websites like Clutch, GoodFirms and Google. See what past clients say about their work quality, communication, project management skills and overall experience. Look for consistently positive reviews mentioning healthcare web design and development.

Inquire About Services and Experience

Discuss services offered like web design, user experience design, content creation, and search engine optimization. Ask how long they have been designing and developing healthcare websites. More experience means they will be well-versed in industry standards and meeting key requirements.

Request References and Set Up Calls

Ask developers for 2-3 references from past healthcare clients. Contact the references to inquire about their experience working with the agency or freelancer. Set up introductory calls with your top candidates to learn more about their team, process, timeline, costs and hosting options.

Consider Costs and Timelines

Obtain estimates for the total cost of your project including web design, development, content, imagery, SEO, security, hosting, and any additional services. Compare quotes to determine who offers the best value for your budget. Discuss timelines to launch your new medical website to ensure it aligns with your needs.

Selecting the right healthcare web design agency is crucial to building an effective medical website. Conducting thorough research and vetting potential developers will help you find a team equipped to create a high-quality, user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant website for your healthcare organization.

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

Compliance Made Simple

As a medical website design agency, ensuring your clients’ websites are HIPAA compliant is crucial. Unicorn Platform makes achieving and maintaining compliance simple.

  • Client data is kept private and secure. All customer websites and accounts are isolated from one another. Personal information is encrypted and protected.
  • Regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing are performed to identify and address any weaknesses. Unicorn Platform’s security practices are rigorously maintained and updated to counter emerging threats.
  • No personal health information (PHI) is stored or accessed. As a website builder, Unicorn Platform does not have any access to enter or store patient data. We build the website, you enter the content.

Customized Policies and Procedures

Unicorn Platform works with your agency to develop tailored HIPAA policies and procedures that meet the specific needs of your medical clients. We provide:

  1. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) establishing Unicorn Platform as a HIPAA compliant business associate.
  2. A standard set of pre-built HIPAA policies and procedures which you can customize for each client.
  3. Assistance modifying or developing new policies as needed for different practice areas (e.g. mental health, hospital systems, insurance providers, etc.).

Staff Training and Attestation

All Unicorn Platform staff members complete mandatory annual HIPAA training and attest that they understand policies and procedures for handling private health information. Unicorn Platform maintains records of:

  • Staff training and attestation documentation
  • Signed employee confidentiality agreements
  • Employee handbooks outlining HIPAA compliance responsibilities

Ongoing Risk Analysis and Audits

Unicorn Platform regularly reviews and analyzes the risk to patient data privacy and security. We perform both internal audits and independent third-party audits of our HIPAA compliance program. Any issues detected are addressed promptly with corrective action plans and updates made to policies, procedures, and security measures as needed. Continuous improvement helps ensure compliance over the long run.

Let Unicorn Platform handle the complexities of HIPAA compliance so you can focus on creating amazing medical websites for your clients. Our simple, secure website builder is the prescription for your agency’s success.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Website Design Best Practices

To design an effective medical website, there are several best practices to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will ensure your site is professional, accessible, and helps build trust with visitors.

Focus on a Clean, Simple Design

A clean layout with ample white space is ideal for a medical website. Use a minimal color palette and avoid flashy graphics or cluttered pages. This makes your site appear reputable and content easy to read.

Optimize for Mobile

With more people accessing healthcare information from their phones, your site must be mobile-friendly. Use a responsive design or mobile-first approach so pages scale correctly on any device. Include large tap targets for easier navigation on touchscreens.

Include an About Page

An About page helps establish your credentials and build authority. Share details on your practice, staff, education, experience, awards, and affiliations. You can also include photos of doctors and staff to create personal connections with visitors.

List Services Clearly

Clearly list the medical services, treatments, or areas of care you offer. This helps visitors quickly determine if you meet their needs. For each service, include a brief description and any details on conditions treated, procedures performed, or technology used.

Make Health Information Accessible

Any health information or resources you provide should follow accessibility best practices. This includes alt text for images, captions for audio/video, logical heading structure, clearly worded content, and an option to increase font size. Strive for a grade level suitable for a general audience.

Optimized for Search Engines

To rank well in search and get found by more people seeking medical care, you need a site optimized for search engines. This includes optimizing page titles and meta descriptions, using important keywords, internal linking between relevant pages, fast load times, and a mobile-friendly design.

By following these best practices, you can create a medical website that builds trust, provides value to visitors, and helps your practice thrive. Regularly revisiting these guidelines will ensure your site continues meeting the latest standards for accessibility, search optimization, and user experience.

FAQs: Answering Common Questions About Medical Website Design

What are the benefits of hiring a medical website design agency?

As a healthcare organization, your online presence is crucial for educating patients, building trust, and attracting new clients. A medical website design agency has the expertise and experience to create an effective site tailored to your needs.

Will a custom website cost more than a template?

While custom design does typically cost more upfront, it offers significant long-term benefits. A bespoke site can incorporate your brand identity and key messages, with a user experience optimized for your target audiences. It will also rank higher in search engines, as the content is unique. Over time, increased traffic and lead generation will offset the initial investment.

How long does it take to build a medical website?

The timeline depends on the complexity of your needs and content requirements. On average, a small- to mid-sized healthcare site takes 3 to 6 months to design and develop. The agency will work with you to define the scope, features, and content, then provide an estimated schedule. Be prepared for several rounds of reviews to ensure the end result meets your vision.

What technical experience do I need?

None. Reputable medical website design agencies handle all technical aspects, from information architecture and wireframing to coding, security, hosting, and more. Your role is to provide brand assets, content, images, and input on design and functionality. The agency will translate your requirements into an attractive, user-friendly site, optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms.

How can I ensure HIPAA compliance?

Work with an agency experienced in medical website design and HIPAA regulations. They will choose a secure hosting provider, implement proper security controls, and obtain Business Associate Agreements to protect patient data. Your site should also have restricted access to patient portals and comply with accessibility standards like WCAG 2.1. Be sure all content, images, and multimedia adhere to HIPAA guidelines before publishing to the live site.

By partnering with professionals focused on the healthcare industry, you can have an effective medical website up and running quickly, with full confidence in its security and compliance. An investment in custom design will establish your online presence, build trust in your brand, and support your long term success.


In conclusion, using a simple yet powerful website builder tool like Unicorn Platform allows you to create a professional medical website without technical skills. Their easy drag and drop interface, pre-built templates, and integrations make designing an eye-catching healthcare site straightforward. By focusing on your content and services instead of struggling with code, you'll have an optimized site up and running to start connecting with patients and growing your practice in no time. For medical professionals seeking an affordable, user-friendly solution, Unicorn Platform should be at the top of your list.

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