How to lower landing page cost with Unicorn Platform

published on 11 November 2023

Creating an effective landing page is crucial for converting website visitors into leads and customers. However, building custom landing pages from scratch can be expensive between design fees, developer costs, and investing in various software tools. Startups especially need to maximize conversions without breaking the bank early on.

Fortunately, solutions like Unicorn Platform make professional landing pages more affordable. With its pre-made templates, drag-and-drop editor, and built-in integrations, startups can optimize landing pages while lowering associated costs.

Leveraging Templates and Themes

One of the biggest value adds of Unicorn Platform is its library of beautifully designed templates and themes. Instead of paying a designer to create a custom landing page from scratch, startups can choose from dozens of pre-made templates tailored to different niches and goals.

These templates enable founders to quickly build landing pages simply by customizing the template with their own branding, images, and messaging. Rather than spending weeks perfecting a design, startups can launch beautifully designed landing pages in just hours or days.

Using Unicorn Platform's templates cuts design costs significantly. Founders can focus budgets on testing different variations and optimizing page content for conversions. Unicorn Platform also allows startups to upload their own custom themes for further customization without added designer fees.

Integrating Forms and Analytics

Integrations are another area where Unicorn Platform reduces costs for startups. Services like MailChimp, Google Analytics, Stripe, and Slack are pre-built into the platform for easy implementation.

For example, integrating MailChimp forms to capture leads cuts development time and costs. Google Analytics can be added to measure landing page performance without paying for expensive analytics tools. Unicorn Platform's flexible form builder is also free to use versus needing to pay extra for 3rd party form services.

These integrations provide startups with deeper insights to continually optimize landing pages over time. A/B testing form placement or design is free and easy within Unicorn Platform to boost conversions.

Optimizing with Unicorn Platform's Page Builder

Unicorn Platform also simplifies landing page creation with its user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder. Startups can easily customize page sections and elements like text, images, buttons, and more to optimize conversions - no coding required.

The platform makes it simple to A/B test different layouts and content variations to determine what resonates best with your audience. Page speed can also be optimized to reduce landing page loading times which directly impacts conversions.

Call-to-action design is critical for conversions as well. Unicorn Platform's editor simplifies tweaking CTA shape, color, size, and placement to maximize effectiveness.

Adding Value Through Blogging and SEO

Having an integrated blog is another way Unicorn Platform improves organic traffic to lower costs. Optimizing landing page content for relevant keywords can help pages rank higher in search engines like Google - resulting in more qualified visitors without expensive ads.

The blog also enables startups to create gated content offers that capture lead details in exchange for downloads. These leads convert better than cold traffic and cost little compared to paid ads. Investing in quality content overall has huge SEO benefits to sustainably grow traffic.

Leveraging Unicorn's Startup-Specific Features

Unicorn Platform also provides components tailored specifically for high-converting startup landing pages. Features like pricing tables, custom fonts, trust badges, special offers, and social proof elements help startups maximize conversions affordably.

For example, displaying social proof with testimonials or customer logos can increase conversions by 34%. Unicorn Platform makes it easy to add these elements without added design or development costs.

The platform's startup-centric features, combined with its templates, editor, and analytics enable startups to optimize landing pages for more leads and sales without breaking the bank.

Comparison to Other Landing Page Builders

Compared to other landing page tools, Unicorn Platform stands out for its affordability and startup-specific features. Let's compare it to some popular competitors:


  • Powerful editor and features but more complex for non-coders.

  • Lacks integrated blogging and content tools.

  • Pricing starts at $80/mo vs Unicorn's $29/mo.

  • Caters more to enterprise vs early-stage startups.

  • Fewer native integrations like email, chat, CRM, etc.


  • Robust functionality but steeper learning curve.

  • Blogging requires upgraded Business plan.

  • Pricing starts higher at $99/mo.

  • Not tailored specifically to lean startups.

  • Lighter integration options compared to Unicorn.


  • Drag and drop editor but less beginner-friendly.

  • Blogging locked behind premium plan.

  • Pricing from $37/mo with fewer discounts.

  • More general SaaS focus, less startup customization.

  • Smaller breadth of startup-focused integrations.


  • Very powerful but complex editor.

  • Blogging requires pricy Etison Suite plan.

  • High pricing at $97/mo with limited discounts.

  • Generic functionality lacks startup focus.

  • Integrations better suited for established businesses.


  • Strong templates but interface less intuitive initially.

  • Blogging needs Business package upgrade.

  • Pricing starts at higher $49/mo point.

  • Not specifically tailored for lean startups.

  • Smaller selection of martech integrations.

Tips for Further Optimizing Landing Page Costs

Here are additional tips to lower costs as you build out landing pages on Unicorn Platform:

Template Customization Tips

  • Focus design edits on colors, fonts, logos versus full redesigns.

  • Resize and crop images quickly to fit layouts.

  • Tweak messaging and text for your unique value prop.

  • Only rework critical sections for conveying your offer.

  • Test major changes on a staging URL before going live.

No-Code Form Optimization Tricks

  • Experiment with different form field types and arrangements.

  • Limit form length to only essential info.

  • Offer a compelling lead magnet incentive.

  • Use conversational and benefit-focused copy.

  • Place form strategically near call-to-action.

Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks

  • Improve page speed and mobile experience.

  • Highlight social proof elements.

  • Use contrasting colors for call-to-action buttons.

  • Focus page content on one clear user goal.

  • Limit distractions and emphasize key actions.

Free Promotion Tactics

  • Create valuable content for organic search traffic.

  • Leverage social media and email lists.

  • Network with influencers for coverage.

  • Guest post on industry blogs in your niche.

  • Participate in relevant online communities.

Analytics Without Added Costs

  • Use free Google Analytics for in-depth data.

  • Install website heatmaps to see click patterns.

  • Monitor social channels for lead source trends.

  • Track email clickthrough rates.

  • Survey customers directly for feedback.

Key Unicorn Platform Integrations

Here are some of the top services that integrate with Unicorn Platform to enhance functionality while reducing costs:

  • MailChimp, Google Analytics - Optimize landing page forms, measure performance data.

  • Stripe, PayPal - Accept payments seamlessly from landing pages.

  • Slack, Discord - Enable chat support right from landing pages.

  • GitHub, BitBucket - Integrate code repositories into the development workflow.

  • Zoom, Calendly - Allow prospects to schedule meetings from landing pages.

  • Segment, Mixpanel - Track user analytics events beyond page views.

Lead Generation Integrations

  • MailChimp - Create email signup forms, manage subscriber lists all in one platform.

  • ConvertKit - Build sequences and automations to nurture leads over time.

  • Drip - Send personalized emails and campaigns based on subscriber actions.

  • ActiveCampaign - Combine email marketing, messaging, CRM, and marketing automation.

  • Klaviyo - Drive conversions with triggered and behavioral email campaigns.

Chat Support Integrations

  • Intercom - Have real-time conversations with prospects on your website.

  • Drift - Connect with visitors via chat or video to capture leads.

  • Crisp - Guide visitors through your landing pages with live chat.

  • Zendesk Chat - Provide instant customer support directly on landing pages.

  • Olark - Build relationships and qualify leads faster with chat.

Payment Integrations

  • Stripe - Accept credit card payments from customers with low processing fees.

  • PayPal - Let buyers pay instantly with their PayPal account.

  • Braintree - Accept payments from multiple sources beyond just cards.

  • Recurly - Manage subscriptions and recurring billing smoothly.

  • Chargebee - Handle complex recurring payments and billing scenarios.

Marketing Automation Integrations

  • Marketo - Score and nurture leads based on their site engagement and activity.

  • Pardot - Segment and personalize cross-channel marketing campaigns at scale.

  • HubSpot - Attract, engage, and delight customers across the funnel.

  • SharpSpring - Track lead activity across devices and automate workflows.

  • Ontraport - Combine CRM, email, landing pages, and forms in one platform.

CRM and Analytics Integrations

  • Salesforce - Manage contacts, track deal stages, and analyze pipelines.

  • Zoho CRM - View the entire customer lifecycle from lead to close.

  • Insightly - Build pipelines, workflows, contact lists, and reports.

  • Pipedrive - Visualize sales funnels and activity to optimize conversions.

  • Mixpanel - Analyze user engagement and retention data to improve product experience.


In summary, Unicorn Platform provides an affordable way for startups to create high-converting landing pages through its templates, drag and drop editor, and built-in integrations.

Optimizing page speed, leveraging organic traffic sources, and experimenting with page elements are all low-cost tactics to boost conversions. Compared to other landing page tools, Unicorn Platform stands out for its combination of ease of use, customization, and focus on empowering early-stage startups.

By leveraging Unicorn Platform's startup-tailored features, founders can drive growth and scale their businesses cost-effectively through well-designed, conversion-optimized landing pages. The platform's templates and tools enable even non-technical entrepreneurs to create beautiful, effective landing pages that capture leads and drive revenue.

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