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published on 03 November 2023

The Rising Importance of Personal Websites

Having an online presence has become invaluable in our digital age. Personal websites enable you to share your unique story, perspective, work, and passions with the world.

For professionals, a personal site serves as an always-accessible online portfolio to showcase your projects and accomplishments. Creative types can exhibit their art, writing, photography, or other talents. Bloggers and influencers use personal sites to publish content on their topics of interest. The possibilities are endless when you have your own little corner of the web!

With social media profiles and personal branding now ubiquitous, taking ownership of your digital footprint is smart. A polished personal website lends credibility and allows you to control how you present yourself online.

Choosing the Best Platform for Building Your Website

Luckily, you no longer need advanced coding skills to create a personal site thanks to intuitive website builders. Options like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace provide templates, drag and drop editing, and easy customization.

However, I recommend using Unicorn Platform to build your personal website, especially if you're an entrepreneur or startup founder. Their templates, components, and features are designed specifically to empower startups to create stunning, effective websites.

Compare the Key Features

When evaluating site builders, consider core features like:

  • Intuitive editor - Unicorn Platform's drag and drop editor is extremely user-friendly. Even total beginners can master it quickly.

  • Designer templates - Professionally designed templates unique to Unicorn Platform provide a polished starting point.

  • Customizable design - Easily tailor fonts, colors, layouts and other elements to match your personal brand.

  • Responsiveness - Sites built with Unicorn Platform look fantastic responsive on all devices.

  • SEO optimization - Built-in tools like customizable meta tags and descriptions optimize your content.

  • Lead generation - Forms, popups, calls-to-action and other conversion elements help you generate leads.

  • Customer support - Unicorn Platform offers thorough tutorials, guides, and stellar technical support.

Evaluating the User Experience

Test driving a platform's interface gives the best sense of its ease-of-use. With Unicorn Platform, even editing complex pages is simple:

  1. Select a template and click Edit to customize it.
  2. Rearrange or resize sections by dragging and dropping.
  3. Upload images/videos, tweak fonts, colors, and add elements.
  4. Preview changes and publish with one click.

Within minutes, you can create beautiful, professional-quality web pages optimized for your goals.

Designing a Website That Showcases You

Determine your website's purpose and outline the content. Typical sections are:

  • Homepage - Welcome visitors and overview your brand.
  • About - Share your background, story, skills, interests.
  • Blog - Publish articles about your niche.
  • Portfolio - Exhibit projects, products, services, and work samples.
  • Contact - Let visitors get in touch via form, email, social.

Incorporate Visual Elements

Images, graphics, videos, and icons reinforce your brand identity. Select ones that align with your message and style.

For Steve, a freelance graphic designer, displaying his best client work upfront is crucial. His portfolio gallery with logo designs takes center stage on his homepage.

Optimized images not only look great but also improve site speed and SEO.

Craft Compelling Written Content

Text content brings your site to life. Devote time to writing an informative yet personable About page. Share your journey, interests, skills, and what makes you or your business unique.

Regularly publish articles and blog posts that offer value to readers. These demonstrate your expertise and help build your audience. Include keywords and phrases your target customers search for.

Design for Your Audience

Ensure your site reflects your ideal visitor's preferences. For example, a web developer's portfolio site should exude technical prowess and great UI/UX design. An artist's site can be more creative and visual.

Optimizing and Promoting Your Website

With your personal site designed, it's time to optimize it for visitors and search engines:

  • Perform SEO audits to identify improvements.
  • Improve page speed and fix broken links.
  • Enable security features like SSL and CDN.
  • Add analytics to understand visitor behavior.

Promote your site through:

  • Social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Sharing your site's content across niche community platforms.
  • Building partnerships and guest posting opportunities with complementary sites.
  • Running targeted ads to reach your ideal audience directly.

Conclusion: Take Control of Your Online Presence

Having your own website gives you the freedom to highlight your unique story and perspective. With Unicorn Platform's user-friendly editor, stunning templates, and built-in SEO, you can create a beautiful personal site tailored to your brand and goals.

Focus on providing value through compelling content, showcasing your best work, and designing an experience tailored to your audience. Promote your website across social channels, build partnerships, and optimize it for organic growth.

Don't wait - start building your personal site today and take ownership of your digital presence!

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