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published on 21 July 2023

You have a vision for an inspired travel website to share your passion with the world. As an avid explorer, your experiences traversing jungles and summits, beaches and city streets, have given you unique insights to impart. But building an attractive website requires technical skills and time you would rather devote to planning your next adventure.

Unicorn Platform is the solution. This simple yet powerful drag-and-drop website builder lets you create a professional, custom travel website design in minutes without any coding. Choose from elegant templates, upload images, add text, and arrange layouts by dragging elements across the screen. Integrate an blog, photo gallery, and newsletter signup to keep visitors engaged. Launch your stunning travel website today so you can get back to the exploring that really matters. With Unicorn, adventure awaits.

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Why You Need a Dedicated Travel Website Design

As a travel company, having a professional, dedicated website is crucial to your success. There are several reasons why you need a custom travel website design:

  • Build credibility and trust. A high-quality, mobile-friendly website establishes you as a legitimate business and helps build customer confidence. Use professional photography, engaging copy, and a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Improve visibility. An optimized travel website with relevant keywords, internal linking, and blog content helps increase your search ranking and visibility to potential customers. Offer useful information and resources for your location or travel niche.
  • Generate leads and bookings. A website gives you a platform to highlight your services, destinations, and packages to generate interest and leads. Make it easy for visitors to contact you or book directly through your site.
  • Share your unique story. Help visitors connect with your brand by sharing details about your mission, values, and team. Explain what sets you apart and makes you the best choice for their travel needs. Keep content authentic and relatable.
  • Stay open 24/7. Unlike a physical office, a website is open around the clock, allowing customers to explore your offerings and contact you at their convenience, even outside of normal business hours. Offer multiple ways for them to reach you.
  • Expand your reach. With a well-designed travel website, you can connect with and serve customers almost anywhere. Optimize for an international audience by including currency converters, time zone details, and translated content.

In today's digital world, your website is the first impression for many potential customers. Invest in a dedicated travel website design to establish your brand, improve visibility, generate new leads, and gain a competitive advantage. With the right strategy and optimization, your website can become one of your most powerful marketing tools.

How to Choose a Travel Website Builder - Unicorn Platform

As a travel website owner, choosing the right website builder is crucial to your success. Unicorn Platform offers an intuitive drag and drop builder perfect for travel websites. Here are a few reasons why Unicorn Platform is an ideal choice:

  • Ease of Use. With Unicorn Platform, you don’t need any coding experience to build a stunning website. Its simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to add pages, images, galleries, blog posts, and more. You can have a basic travel website up and running in under an hour.
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs. A mobile-optimized website is essential for travel brands. Unicorn Platform offers designer-made templates optimized for mobile devices so your site will look great on any screen size.
  • Integrated Booking. Unicorn Platform seamlessly integrates with booking engines like and Expedia so visitors can easily book hotels and tours directly on your site. You’ll earn a commission for each booking, providing a valuable revenue stream.
  • SEO Features. Unicorn Platform makes it easy to rank high in search results with built-in SEO tools like meta title and description editors, alt image text, and schema markup for local businesses. Your travel website will get found fast.
  • 24/7 Support. If you get stuck while building your travel website, Unicorn Platform offers helpful documentation and video tutorials. You can also contact their support team anytime for fast, friendly assistance.

In summary, Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive website builder with features tailored for the travel industry. With its easy to use interface and powerful SEO and ecommerce tools, Unicorn Platform is the perfect choice for creating a high-performance travel website. Your dream travel website is only a few clicks away!

Unicorn Platform: An Overview of the Simple Yet Powerful Website Builder

Simple Yet Powerful Drag and Drop Features

Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop website builder that makes designing a stunning travel website design effortless, even for beginners. With Unicorn, you can simply select pre-made sections like image galleries, call to action buttons, social media icons, and testimonial carousels, and drag and drop them onto your page. Easily customize each section by changing the text, fonts, colors, and uploading your own images. No coding required.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Themes

Unicorn Platform comes with mobile-friendly responsive themes specifically tailored for the travel and tourism industry. Choose from destination themes like Tropical Beach, Mountain Escape or Cultural Wonders. Each theme is fully customizable to match your unique brand. Your website will automatically resize and reformat to fit any screen, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Give your customers an optimal viewing experience no matter what device they use.

Integrated Booking Functionality

Does your travel website design offer booking and reservation capabilities? With Unicorn Platform, you can easily integrate booking functionality to allow customers to securely book and pay for travel services directly on your website. Connect to booking systems like and Expedia or use one of Unicorn’s booking partners. Offer booking for flights, hotels, tours, cruises, rental cars and more. Booking integration has never been simpler, enabling you to provide a seamless booking experience for your customers.

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your visitors and customers with Unicorn Platform’s built-in analytics. See stats like page views, visit duration, referral traffic sources, and conversion rates. If you're interested in exploring the best property website design tool like Unicorn Platform, our article provides valuable insights on this topic. Check out The Best Property Website Design Tool: Unicorn Platform. Track how people interact with your website to optimize the user experience. Analyze your most popular travel destinations, services, and seasons to tailor your content and offerings. Make data-driven decisions to improve traffic, boost bookings, and increase revenue for your travel website design.

With simple yet powerful features, mobile-friendly responsive themes, integrated booking functionality, and advanced analytics, Unicorn Platform has everything you need to build a stunning and high-performing travel website design. Sign up today for your risk-free 14-day trial and start designing your dream travel website now.  

Travel Website Design Inspiration: Examples and Ideas
Travel Website Design Inspiration: Examples and Ideas

Travel Website Design Inspiration: Examples and Ideas

To design an stunning travel website, examining trending examples and ideas can provide inspiration. As a travel website builder, the Unicorn Platform offers a variety of polished templates and elements to create an attractive site. If you're looking for inspiration in building a real estate website, check out Unicorn Platform's article on the best real estate website developers for tips and recommendations.

Layout and Structure

A clean, uncluttered layout with ample white space is essential for a travel website. Sections should be clearly defined, with intuitive navigation that directs users to destinations, attractions, accommodations, and more. Images of exotic locations and adventures evoke a sense of wanderlust, so include large, high-quality photos throughout the site.

Color Palette

Select a color palette that reflects the location or overall travel experience. Blues and greens are soothing and represent natural elements like the ocean or lush landscapes. Warm sunset tones of orange and red feel adventurous. Neutral shades of gray, beige and wood textures are sophisticated. Sticking to a cohesive palette will give your site a polished look.


For a travel website, a stylish yet readable font is key. Consider fonts like Lato, Montserrat, or Poppins. Sans serif fonts tend to look crisp and modern. For headings, a decorative font like Chalkboard or Shadows Into Light creates contrast. Ensure all text, especially menus and CTAs, are large enough to read easily on mobile devices.

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements keep visitors engaged and enhance the user experience. Include features like an interactive map showing destinations, attractions, and points of interest. An inspirational travel gallery with hover effects is visually appealing. For adventure-focused sites, an interactive timeline or checklist adds value. Embed video clips or virtual tours to bring the locations to life.

Final Touches

Refine your site with final touches like social media links, an email signup form, and anchor links to help with SEO. Test your site on multiple devices to ensure responsive design. Review for any broken links or errors before launching. With the right blend of elements and polish, you'll have designed an stunning travel website in minutes.

Selecting a Travel Website Layout

Selecting an ideal layout for your travel website design is critical to providing an optimal user experience. There are a few standard options to consider:

Static Page Layout

A static page layout consists of separate web pages for each section of your site like “Home,” “About Us,” “Destinations,” “Hotels,” etc. This is a simple but outdated option.

Single Page Layout

A single page layout has all content on one long page that users scroll through. This layout relies heavily on eye-catching images and minimal text. It works well for highly visual brands but may frustrate users looking for specific information.

Multi-Page Layout

A multi-page layout separates your site into multiple pages but keeps a consistent style and navigation across pages. This is an excellent choice for most travel websites. You can have pages for:

  1. Home - Eye-catching images, inspiring content, call-to-action buttons
  2. About - Company mission and values, team bios, contact information
  3. Destinations - Featured locations, destination guides, things to do
  4. Hotels - Property listings, accommodation types, room rates
  5. Blog - Recent posts on travel tips, experiences, lifestyle topics

Combination Layout

A combination layout incorporates elements of the single page and multi-page designs. For example, you can have separate pages for “Home,” “About,” and “Blog” but use a single scrolling page for “Destinations” and “Hotels.” This provides focused content as well as an immersive experience.

The layout you choose depends on your priorities and preferences as a travel brand. A multi-page or combination layout is versatile, user-friendly and ideal for most companies. Keep your site organized, make navigation simple, and include stunning visuals as well as written content on destinations, accommodation and travel experiences. An attractive yet functional website design will make it easy for people to find what they need and keep them engaged with your brand.

Adding Your Content With the Drag and Drop Editor
Adding Your Content With the Drag and Drop Editor

Adding Your Content With the Drag and Drop Editor

Once you have selected a template and customized your color scheme, it’s time to add content to your travel website. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to create stunning pages in minutes.

Add Sections

To organize your content, add sections by clicking the “plus” icon and selecting “Section.” Give the section a header and choose a layout with columns, images, icons or whatever suits your needs. Sections allow you to group related content together in a visually cohesive way.

Include Eye-Catching Images

No travel website is complete without photos that inspire wanderlust. Upload your own high-quality images or choose from Unicorn’s library of over 1 million royalty-free photos. Simply drag and drop images onto your page and the editor will automatically resize and position them for you.

Share Your Story

Use the rich text editor to add text, links, quotes or any other media to bring your story to life. Choose from over 600 Google Fonts and set unique styles for headings, paragraphs, links, etc. The editor makes it simple to:

  • Format text (bold, italic, underline, align)
  • Create numbered or bulleted lists
  • Add blockquotes, code blocks or pull quotes
  • Insert links, buttons, icons, emojis and more

Promote Your Brand

Add elements like your logo, social media links, contact info and email signup forms to build brand awareness and stay connected with visitors. These components are included with many templates and can easily be added to any page.

By utilizing the drag and drop editor, you have the flexibility to create a custom travel website that reflects your unique brand and style. Sections, images, text, and brand elements come together to craft an experience for visitors and share your passion for adventure with the world. Begin designing your mobile-friendly travel website today with Unicorn's simple yet powerful builder.

Showcasing Visuals With an Image Gallery

To showcase stunning visuals on your travel website design, an image gallery is a must. An image gallery allows you to prominently display high-quality photos from destinations and experiences.

Carefully Curate Your Image Selection

Choose eye-catching, high-resolution photos that evoke a sense of wanderlust in your viewers. Select a diverse range of images that capture the essence of different locations and activities. For a travel business, images are a key way to convey your brand identity and the experiences you offer.

Group Images into Galleries by Location or Experience

Organize your images into galleries based on destination, region or experience. This makes it easy for visitors to browse photos from places or activities that interest them. For example, create separate galleries for photos from Europe, Asia, South America as well as adventure tours, culinary tours or family vacations.

Keep Your Image Captions Brief but Descriptive

For each photo, include a short caption that provides context about the location, attraction or activity shown. Mention the destination and any key details. Keep captions to 1 or 2 sentences. This gives visitors information about what they’re viewing without distracting from the visuals.

Include a Prominent Call-to-Action

Add a call-to-action like “Plan Your Trip” or “Learn More” below your image galleries. This prompts viewers to take the next step in booking their travel experience. Link the CTA to your tour or booking page.

An image gallery, when thoughtfully curated and organized, is a simple yet powerful way to make your travel website visually compelling. By showcasing stunning photos, grouping them effectively and including concise captions and a CTA, you create an engaging experience that inspires your audience to embark on an amazing journey. Build your image galleries today using the intuitive drag and drop features in Unicorn Platform.

Promoting Your Travel Brand on Social Media

To successfully promote your travel website and brand on social media, there are several key strategies to implement:

Post Engaging Content

Share visually appealing photos, short video clips, blog posts, and other content from destinations you feature on your site. Post 2-3 times per week to stay active in followers’ feeds without overposting.

  • Highlight unique experiences, hidden gems, culture, food, natural scenery, etc.
  • Use hashtags to increase visibility, e.g. #travel #wanderlust #adventure
  • Engage followers by asking questions and responding to comments

Build Your Following

Grow an authentic following of people genuinely interested in travel. Focus on quality over quantity.

  • Follow influencers in the travel industry and engage with their followers
  • Run contests and giveaways to increase brand awareness
  • Promote your account on your website, in newsletters, and with advertising

Interact With Followers and Influencers

Social media is meant to be social. Connect with your followers and other industry influencers.

  1. Like and comment on followers’ posts, especially photos featuring destinations on your site
  2. Reply to all comments and messages received
  3. Tag influencers when featuring their content or a location they've visited
  4. Collaborate with influencers on giveaways and promotions when possible

Analyze Your Results

Use analytics tools to see what's working and make adjustments.

  • Track impressions, reach, engagement, clicks, and conversions for your posts
  • See which posts resonate most with your followers based on likes, comments, and shares
  • Determine the best times and days to post for maximum visibility
  • Refine hashtags and topics based on performance

Promoting on social media requires time and effort to execute effectively. Stay up to date with trends and tools to keep improving your strategy and results. With stunning visuals, authentic connections, and consistent optimization, you'll build a travel brand followers can't wait to engage with.

Travel Website Design FAQs: Answered

When designing your travel website, you will likely encounter questions regarding layout, features, and functionality. As you build your site, keep the following FAQs and answers in mind.

What is the typical layout for a travel website?

A common layout for travel websites includes:

  • A visually striking homepage featuring rotating images of destinations
  • A navigation menu linking to destinations, travel guides, booking, and about pages
  • Destination pages showcasing locations with photos, descriptions, and suggested itineraries
  • Travel guide pages offering recommendations on activities, lodging, dining, and transportation options
  • A blog to share travel stories, tips, news, and promotions
  • Contact and about pages to build credibility

What features and tools should I include?

Essential features for a travel website include:

  • A content management system (CMS) like WordPress to easily add and update content
  • A booking engine to enable visitors to make reservations
  • A lead capture form to collect email addresses for your mailing list
  • Social media sharing buttons so visitors can spread your content
  • Optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and images to rank well in search engines

How can I monetize a travel website?

There are several ways to generate revenue from a travel website:

  • Affiliate marketing: Earn a commission by promoting travel products and services
  • Advertising: Sell ad space to travel brands and tourism boards looking to reach your audience
  • Sponsored content: Get paid to feature a destination or travel provider on your site
  • Consulting and freelancing: Use your expertise to provide services to travel companies
  • Premium content: Charge users a fee to access enhanced travel guides, videos, and other resources

By considering layout, features, tools, and monetization strategies, you can build a travel website that captivates visitors and generates income. With the right approach, you'll be designing an effective platform for inspiring travel dreams and turning them into reality.


In summary, Unicorn Platform allows you to easily build an attractive travel website design without needing advanced technical skills. With a simple drag and drop interface, stunning templates, and powerful features, you have everything you need to create a professional site to showcase your travel brand or destination. Whether you want to feature lush landscape photos, share blog posts about unique cultural experiences, or promote special travel deals and packages, Unicorn Platform provides an all-in-one solution. Best of all, you can have your new travel website up and running in practically no time. What are you waiting for? Start building your dream travel website today with Unicorn Platform. The opportunities for adventure are endless!

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