The Fastest Way to Build Marketing Landing Pages That Convert

updated on 14 May 2024

As a startup founder, you know that high-converting landing pages are essential to your success. But between building your product, hiring a team, fundraising, and the hundreds of other tasks demanding your attention, creating custom landing pages often falls to the bottom of the priority list. What if there was an easy way to build landing pages that actually drive conversions without sacrificing your valuable time and resources? Check out Unicorn Platform's article on the simplest way to build the best creative agency websites for tips on how to create a stunning website in a fraction of the time required to code one from scratch.

Why You Need a Marketing Landing Page

A marketing landing page is essential for converting visitors into customers or subscribers. Here are the key reasons you need a dedicated landing page:

Increased Conversion Rates

A landing page focuses on one call-to-action, whether it's to buy a product, sign up for a service, or subscribe to a newsletter. By eliminating distractions, you guide the visitor to take that desired action. Studies show that dedicated landing pages have conversion rates up to 75% higher than a standard website page.

Optimized for Your Offer

You can tailor the content and visuals on a landing page to resonate with your target audience and highlight the benefits of your offer. Include engaging copy, eye-catching images, social proof like testimonials, and a clear call-to-action. Keep the page simplistic yet persuasive.

Improved Lead Capture

If your goal is to generate leads, a landing page makes it easy to capture contact information before visitors navigate away. You can gate complementary content or event registration behind an email signup form.

Valuable Insights

Landing pages provide analytics to help you optimize your marketing campaigns. See which ads, keywords, and content are driving the most traffic. Find out your conversion and click-through rates. Track the performance of different page elements like images, copy, or the call-to-action. Continuously improve based on data-driven insights.

In summary, a custom landing page is a powerful tool for turning more website visitors into customers or subscribers. By focusing on your offer and call-to-action, providing targeted content, and gaining actionable analytics, you'll boost the ROI of your marketing efforts and growth of your business.

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page
The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page

To convert visitors into customers, an effective landing page is essential. The anatomy of a high-converting landing page includes:

A Clear Value Proposition

State the key benefit of your offering upfront. Use an attention-grabbing headline and subheadline to convey how you can solve the visitor's problem or meet their needs. Keep your message focused and avoid generic claims.

Compelling Visuals

Relevant images, graphics, and video help to visually reinforce your value proposition and key points. They make your page more engaging and scannable. However, don't overcrowd your page, and be sure your visuals load quickly.

Social Proof

Build trust and credibility by including testimonials, reviews, case studies, media mentions, or statistics demonstrating your track record of success. But don't make claims you can't back up.

A Clear Call-to-Action

Tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do next and make it easy for them to do it. The CTA should stand out on the page and match your value proposition. Common CTAs include "Buy Now," "Sign Up," "Contact Us," or "Download."

To achieve results, continually test and optimize your landing page. Try different headlines, images, content sections, CTAs, and page layouts. See what resonates most with your audience and gets the highest conversion rates. With regular fine-tuning, your landing page can become a lead and sales generating machine.

Choose a Landing Page Template on Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform offers designer-made landing page templates to choose from, making it easy to create high-converting marketing pages. When building your landing page, select a template that aligns with your marketing campaign goals and branding.

Elegant and Minimal

For a clean, simple look, the Elegant and Minimal templates are ideal. With ample white space, subtle design accents, and a focus on your key messaging, these templates are perfect for promoting a premium product or service. The minimal design helps eliminate distractions so visitors can focus on your call-to-action.

Bold and Colorful

To make a statement, choose from the Bold and Colorful collection. These templates incorporate bright colors, large font sizes, and eye-catching graphics to capture attention. They work well for promotions, sales, new product launches, and creative businesses. The vivid designs are meant to evoke emotion and excitement from visitors.


For technology companies, mobile apps, and disruptive brands, the Startup templates provide a modern tech look. With asymmetrical layouts, geometric shapes, and futuristic graphics, these edgy designs appeal to innovative audiences. The templates are ideal for generating buzz around a new product, service, or business.


All Unicorn Platform landing page templates are fully responsive and mobile-optimized. Your page content will automatically adjust to fit the screen sizes of smartphones and tablets so visitors can easily view and interact with your page on any device. This is important as many people now access and browse the internet using mobile devices.

Selecting an eye-catching yet relevant landing page template is key to creating a successful digital marketing campaign. Unicorn Platform’s designer templates help you build professional pages that align with your brand and campaign goals to effectively convert visitors into customers. With a few simple clicks, you can have a customized landing page published and ready to start generating leads and sales.

F.A.Q.: Advertising Landing Page
F.A.Q.: Advertising Landing Page

F.A.Q.: Advertising Landing Page

One of the most common questions we receive is about the difference between marketing landing pages and advertising landing pages. While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few key distinctions to be aware of when building pages for your digital marketing campaigns.

What is a Marketing Landing Page?

A marketing landing page is focused on converting visitors into leads by capturing their contact information. These pages feature informative content about your product or service, along with a lead capture form. The goal is to provide value to visitors in exchange for their email address or other details so you can continue to market to them.

What is an Advertising Landing Page?

An advertising landing page is optimized specifically for a paid ad campaign. These pages are highly targeted to the audience of the ad in both content and design. Their primary goal is to generate direct conversions and sales from the traffic driven by the ad. Advertising landing pages typically have a strong call-to-action to purchase, sign up or schedule right on the page.

Do I Need Both Types of Pages?

For many businesses, using a combination of both marketing and advertising landing pages is the most effective approach. Your marketing pages build your lead list and subscriber base over the long-term, while your advertising pages generate short-term sales and revenue from paid campaigns. By linking your ad campaigns to tailored landing pages, you can maximize your return on investment for paid advertising.

Some tips for building high-converting landing pages:

  • Focus on a single goal or call-to-action
  • Include persuasive headlines and copy highlighting benefits
  • Use eye-catching images and media
  • Simplify the page and remove any distractions
  • Place your CTA prominently above the fold
  • Test and optimize your pages based on analytics and performance

Landing pages are a key element of any digital marketing strategy. By understanding the differences between marketing and advertising landing pages, you can build the right pages for your campaigns and drive more leads and sales.

Include Benefits-Focused Content on Your Advertising Landing Page

To convert visitors into customers, your advertising landing page must clearly articulate the benefits of your product or service. Focus on how your offering solves your target customer's problems or improves their lives.

Highlight the Most Compelling Benefits

Carefully select 3 to 5 of the most significant ways your product or service benefits customers. For example, if you offer a project management tool, key benefits might include:

  • Increased team productivity through improved collaboration and communication.
  • Reduced wasted time and effort thanks to streamlined processes.
  • Peace of mind from having visibility into project status and deadlines.

Explain Each Benefit in Detail

For each benefit, include a paragraph describing exactly how your product or service achieves that benefit. Use specific examples and statistics when possible to strengthen your explanations. For a project management tool, you might write:

Our software makes collaboration seamless by giving all team members a centralized place to communicate about tasks and share files. No more long email chains or searching for the latest document version. Studies show that project management solutions can improve team productivity by up to 32% and reduce time wasted on administrative tasks by up to 42%.

Highlight Benefits Prominently

Place your benefits-focused content prominently at the top of your page, especially on mobile devices. Use compelling headlines, images, stats, and testimonials to capture attention and draw readers in. The benefits you highlight should match what your target customers care most about and align with your product or service's key differentiators.

By focusing your advertising landing page content on how you benefit customers, you make a persuasive case for your offering that inspires action. Benefits-focused copy is essential for converting visitors into leads and customers. Crafting a clear articulation of your benefits also helps ensure your marketing message is consistent and impactful across channels.

Add Visual Elements Like Images, Icons, and Videos

To maximize the impact and conversion rate of your landing page, visual elements are essential. Images, icons, and videos help bring your page to life and resonate more strongly with visitors.

When selecting images, opt for high-quality, eye-catching photos that emotionally connect with your audience. Images of people using your product or service in an enthusiastic manner are particularly effective. Icons can be used to draw attention to key points or sections. Minimal, flat icons with a modern esthetic tend to pair well with landing pages.

Videos are an extremely powerful way to demonstrate the value of your offering. An explainer video walking through how your product solves a key pain point or a customer testimonial video sharing a success story can be very compelling. Keep your videos under 2 minutes for maximum impact.


Strategically place your visual elements throughout the page for the greatest influence on your visitors. Feature your most impactful image, icon or video prominently at the top of the page to capture attention and interest immediately.

Use visuals to break up large blocks of text, as people are more likely to engage with a page that is visually appealing and easy to read. Align your images and icons with related points or sections to provide visual reinforcement. The proximity between visuals and text should be close enough that the connection is instantly clear.


For the main image or video at the top of the page, opt for a large size that spans the full width of the content area. Other images placed throughout the text can be medium size, around 600 to 800 pixels wide. Icons should be sized appropriately for the amount of emphasis you want to give a particular point. Very large icons, around 128 to 256 pixels, help signify primary points or calls to action.

By strategically incorporating high-quality and visually compelling images, icons and videos into your landing page, you will create an impactful experience for your visitors and guide them smoothly down the conversion path. With an optimized blend of content and visual elements, your landing page is sure to drive more leads and sales.

Include Social Proof Like Testimonials, Reviews, and Trust Badges

To build landing pages that actually drive conversions, you need to establish credibility and trust with your visitors. One of the most effective ways to do this is by including social proof on your landing pages. Social proof comes in the form of testimonials, reviews, case studies, and trust badges.

Testimonials are quotes from your happy customers talking about their experience with your product or service. Reviews from third-party sites like Trustpilot or Yelp also carry a lot of weight. Case studies that detail how you helped a customer achieve success are impactful too.


Feature a few glowing testimonials from your satisfied clients prominently on your landing page. Their words will reassure visitors and address any objections they may have. For the highest impact, include:

  • A photo of the customer. People connect more with real people.
  • The customer’s full name and title. This adds legitimacy.
  • A quote highlighting a specific benefit or result. Keep these concise at 1 or 2 sentences.
  • The company they work for. Mentioning a reputable company helps build credibility.


If you have good reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Yelp or Google, display some of your top reviews on your landing page. These third-party reviews are very persuasive. Be sure to link to your full company profile on these review sites as well. Visitors can then see all of your reviews in one place.

Trust Badges

Trust badges are seals of approval from third-party organizations that have verified certain claims about your business. For example, display badges confirming your certifications, security measures like SSL encryption, or association memberships. These badges instill confidence in your brand from the moment visitors land on your page.

By incorporating various forms of social proof like testimonials, reviews and trust badges on your landing pages, you will build instant credibility and authority. This will put visitors at ease and move them closer to converting. With a more trusting audience, your marketing and sales efforts will become far more effective.

Add a Clear CTA That Matches Your Offer

To convert visitors into customers or subscribers, your landing page needs a clear call-to-action (CTA) that matches the offer or content highlighted on the page. An effective CTA should:

  • Be prominently placed above the fold on desktop and mobile. Studies show CTAs placed in the top right area of the page get the most clicks.
  • Use an active verb like “Get Started,” “Subscribe Now” or “Download Now” to compel the visitor to take action.
  • Repeat the CTA at the bottom of longer pages so visitors don’t have to scroll back up. This also gives them a second chance to convert.
  • Match the CTA button style to your brand colors for visual consistency. The button should stand out on the page but still look cohesive.
  • Specifically state what the visitor will receive or accomplish by clicking, e.g. “Get Your Free Trial” or “Join Our Newsletter.” Be transparent about the action they are taking.
  • For gated content or email opt-ins, consider using a two-part CTA with “Download” and the content name as the first button, and “Get Free Access” or similar as the second button after they enter their email. This further clarifies the conversion process.
  • AB test different CTAs to optimize for your audience. Even small wording changes can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Track key metrics to determine the most effective option.
  • On mobile, make sure your CTA buttons are large enough to easily tap and that they remain prominently visible at the bottom of the screen without scrolling. The conversion process should be seamless regardless of device.

Following these best practices for creating clear, concise and compelling CTAs will drive more visitors to take the desired action on your landing page, whether that is making a purchase, subscribing to your email list or downloading an offer. Optimizing your CTAs is one of the most impactful ways to improve your conversion rates and build a sales funnel that generates leads and customers.

How to build a Marketing Landing Page with Unicorn Platform

To build a marketing landing page with Unicorn Platform, follow these steps:

Select a template

Unicorn Platform offers both pre-designed landing page templates as well as blank canvases to start from scratch. For most users, selecting an existing template will allow you to get started quickly. Templates are organized by industry and conversion goal to make it easy to find one suited to your needs.

Add your content

Once you have selected a template, it is time to add your own content. Replace the sample text, images, and videos in the template with your own. Be sure to include persuasive yet concise copy that clearly states the goal of the page, such as encouraging visitors to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, or book a demo.

Include social proof

Social proof, such as customer reviews, testimonials, or media logos, helps to build trust and credibility. Unicorn Platform allows you to easily add social proof widgets to your landing pages. You can source reviews from sites like Yelp or Google My Business and add logos from publications that have covered your company.

Optimize for mobile

With more and more people accessing the web via mobile devices, it is crucial that your landing page is optimized for mobile viewing. Unicorn Platform landing pages are built to be responsive, automatically adapting to different screen sizes. However, you still want to review how the page looks on mobile and make any tweaks to the content or layout to ensure an optimal mobile experience.

Drive visitors to the page

Once your landing page is built, it is time to drive targeted traffic to the page. You can promote your landing page on social media, via email marketing, through search ads, and more. Be sure to track key metrics like page views, time on page, and conversion rate to see how visitors are engaging with the page and make improvements.

A/B test different versions

To optimize the performance of your landing page, try A/B testing different versions with small changes, such as different headlines, call-to-action button colors or placement, image choices, etc. See which variation has a higher conversion rate and make that your primary landing page. Even small improvements can lead to big increases in conversions.

With some time and testing, you can build marketing landing pages with Unicorn Platform that capture visitor attention and drive high conversion rates. Let the platform handle the technical aspects so you can focus on crafting a persuasive message and optimizing the user experience.


You now have all the tools and guidance you need to build high-converting marketing landing pages in record time. Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop interface so you can create customized pages for your business quickly and easily without any coding required. Their designer templates and elements were built with conversion in mind, so you can have confidence your pages will achieve the results you're looking for. Whether you're launching a new product, running a promotion, or simply want to drive more traffic and leads, Unicorn Platform gives you the power to build landing pages that deliver. Now it's time for you to unlock your creativity and start designing pages that will take your marketing to the next level. With Unicorn Platform, the possibilities are endless.

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