Personal Website Builder: The Best Platform for Your Online Home

published on 05 November 2023


Creating a personal website used to require complex coding skills or hiring a professional designer. But with intuitive website builders like Unicorn Platform, anyone can now build a beautiful online home in just a few clicks.

This post will explore how Unicorn Platform simplifies personal website creation for beginners through its drag and drop editor, modern templates, built-in features, and startup-focused perks. We'll compare Unicorn Platform to competitors like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress on criteria like ease of use, customization, integrations, and ideal use cases. By the end, you'll see why Unicorn Platform is a top choice for easily launching your own portfolio, blog, resume, or small business site.

When evaluating website builders, key factors include:

  • Simplicity - How easy is it to build pages and edit content?
  • Customization - What design options and controls do you have?
  • Integrations - What third-party apps and services can you connect?
  • Startup Features - Does it cater well to early-stage online businesses?
  • Price - How do the free and paid plans compare?

With these criteria in mind, let's dive into Unicorn Platform's biggest advantages for personal websites.

Key Advantages of Using Unicorn Platform

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

Unicorn Platform enables anyone to build professional pages through its intuitive drag and drop editor. Without touching code, you can:

  • Drag and drop blocks to add content
  • Easily customize fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Edit text, images, videos directly on the page
  • Preview on mobile to perfect responsiveness

The editor simplifies website creation for non-technical users. No programming skills are required to create great looking, functional pages.

Designs for Any Website Type

Unicorn Platform offers templates for all types of personal websites like:

  • Portfolio templates to showcase creative work
  • Blog designs to share your thoughts and experiences
  • Resume templates to highlight skills and achievements
  • Online store templates to sell products or services
  • Event registration sites and online galleries

The modern, mobile-friendly designs provide a solid starting point for any kind of personal site.

Robust Built-in Features

Unicorn Platform comes packed with features to enhance your site:

  • Integrated blog editor to easily publish content
  • Contact forms to capture leads and inquiries
  • Social media widgets to showcase your profiles
  • Site search to help visitors find content
  • SEO tools like meta tags and XML sitemaps
  • Secure SSL encryption for all sites
  • CDN for fast content delivery

These built-in tools help maximize the impact of your personal website without installing plugins.

Key Comparisons to Other Website Builders

How does Unicorn Platform stack up to popular competitors?


Wix offers over 500 templates but has limited customization options compared to Unicorn Platform. Their basic plan lacks key features like an online store.


Squarespace has beautiful designs but its interface can be clunky to use. It excels at galleries and portfolios.


WordPress is highly customizable but requires more technical skills. It's ideal for advanced bloggers and developers.

Unicorn Platform stands out with its easy drag and drop editor plus ample design flexibility. Integrations expand its capabilities, while startup-focused templates cater to early stage online businesses.

Ideal Uses and Limitations

Unicorn Platform excels at simple personal sites like:

It’s also a solid choice for small business websites, basic ecommerce stores, and blogs.

However, Unicorn Platform may struggle with complex web apps needing intense server-side processing, like:

  • Large B2B software suites
  • Data-heavy SaaS platforms
  • High-traffic video streaming sites

While it lacks some advanced functionality now, Unicorn Platform's roadmap includes features for larger, more complex sites.


With its easy drag and drop editor, customizable designs, robust features, and startup-focused perks, Unicorn Platform stands out as a top personal website builder. It strikes the right balance between simplicity for beginners and customization for advanced users.

If you're looking for an intuitive way to create a beautiful online home for your creative portfolio, resume, blog or small business, Unicorn Platform has everything you need to launch your site quickly and easily. While it has limitations handling complex web apps, it excels at most common personal website use cases.

So if you're seeking the best website builder for your own personal corner of the web, Unicorn Platform is an ideal choice to bring your online vision to life.

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