List of Website Builders for Startups

published on 19 October 2023

The Growing Need for Startup Websites

Having an online presence is more crucial than ever for startups and small businesses to reach customers and grow their brand. Recent surveys show that over 75% of consumers research a business online before purchasing. A professional website builds credibility and trust while enabling 24/7 access to your products and services.

However, building a custom website from scratch requires extensive technical skills and development resources that early-stage companies often lack. This is where website builders come in - they provide an accessible, cost-effective way for startups to create functional websites without coding expertise.

How Website Builders Help Startups

Website builders offer easy-to-use drag and drop editors, curated templates, integrated hosting, and built-in features like forms, ecommerce, marketing tools, analytics, and more.

With website builders, startups can launch beautiful, responsive websites optimized for multiple devices in days rather than months. Customization is made simple through template modifications, themes, plugins, widgets and code snippets.

For resource-strapped startups, evaluating website builders on essential criteria like ease-of-use, scalability, features, design quality and pricing is key to choosing the right platform as a foundation for their online presence and growth.

This article compares some of the top website builders tailored for startups based on these vital factors.

Key Criteria for Evaluating Website Builders

When assessing website builders, some important criteria for startups to consider include:

Design Flexibility and Quality

  • Modern, industry-specific templates

  • Customization options - modify templates or create new ones

  • Drag and drop editor for visual template changes

  • Image, video, animation, and badge integration

  • Mobile responsiveness and ADA compliant templates

Features and Integrations

  • Lead generation tools like forms, popups, live chat

  • Ecommerce capabilities - payments, shipping, tax

  • Email, social, SEO, analytics integrations

  • API and automation capabilities

  • Availability of common startup stack integrations

Ease of Use and Learning Curve

  • Intuitiveness of the visual editor

  • Technical skill required and learning curve

  • Available help resources like manuals, videos

  • Convenience factors like mobile site management

  • Any potential usability issues

Security Provisions

  • SSL encryption, data protection, backups

  • Website and server uptime guarantees

  • SEO and speed optimization capabilities

Support and Community

  • Documentation, tutorials, customer service quality

  • User community engagement in forums

  • Expert services available

Pricing and Scalability

  • Models like free, freemium, subscription, one-time

  • Price points for plans - lower cost options?

  • Whether pricing matches provided value

  • Expandability as your needs grow

Top Website Builders for Startups

Below are some top website builders designed for startups and SaaS companies:

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform specializes in building landing pages, blogs, and websites for startups with drag and drop customization.

For lean startups seeking a website builder tailored to their needs, Unicorn Platform is worth exploring. Their free plan allows you to easily test drive the platform.


Wix is one of the most popular website builders overall.

  • 500+ templates across industries and purposes
  • Drag and drop editor with mobile app
  • Forms, ecommerce, and marketing tools
  • Velo site builder for advanced customization
  • Scalable subscription plans

With beautiful templates and powerful built-in features, Wix suits many startups' needs.


Squarespace excels in elegant templates and robust features.

  • Award winning templates
  • Tools for mailing lists, permissions, analytics
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • All-in-one platform with commerce, marketing, analytics
  • Managed WordPress hosting also available

Squarespace offers an integrated solution for startups seeking aesthetics, features and support.


Webflow offers extensive design flexibility and front-end coding capability.

  • Fully customizable design
  • Animations, interactions, dynamic content
  • Intuitive visual editor
  • CRM, ecommerce, email marketing integrations
  • Active user community

For advanced customization needs, Webflow is a robust hosted web development platform.


As the world's most popular CMS, open source WordPress offers:

  • Thousands of themes and plugins
  • Powerful content, ecommerce, marketing features
  • Highly customizable but more manual setup
  • Managed WordPress hosting available
  • Scales from blogs to enterprise sites

With its open source extensibility and abundant resources, WordPress suits patient startups.

Assessing Your Startup's Needs

When selecting a website builder, startups should consider:

  • Whether the platform scales along with evolving business needs
  • Quality of templates and ease of customization
  • Specific features and integrations required
  • Options for advanced functionality through code
  • Pricing models suit current budget and future growth

Avoid choosing based on price alone, as cheaper builders often lack support, security and scalability. Thoroughly test via free trials before purchase.

Limitations to Note

While website builders make creating professional sites easy, some limitations exist:

  • Less full design control compared to custom development
  • Reliance on proprietary platforms limits flexibility
  • Potential vendor lock-in can hinder migrating platforms
  • Narrower extensibility than open source tools like WordPress

Understanding these tradeoffs helps set realistic expectations.


Choosing the right website builder impacts startups' ability to attract and engage customers online. This article compared top options based on key criteria like features, ease of use, design, pricing and customization capabilities.

Evaluating builders based on your specific business needs and goals helps identify the ideal platform to launch your online presence without engineering resources.

With the multitude of excellent website builders available today tailored to startups, it's easier than ever to establish a professional digital foundation and start interacting with your audience.

Are you a startup founder searching for the right website builder? Try out Unicorn Platform's easy-to-use visual editor and startup-focused features tailored to your needs with their free plan.

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