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updated on 14 May 2024

As an entrepreneur launching a new product or service, you know that first impressions matter. Your landing page is the first digital interaction many potential customers will have with your brand, so you need to make it count. However, building an attractive yet high-converting landing page requires both design and technical skills that not all business owners possess. Fortunately, using a simple yet powerful landing page builder tool can give you a helping hand. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, you can quickly create a professional landing page mockup to start converting visitors into customers and accelerate your growth. The right landing page builder allows you to visually design your page and see how it will appear on any device, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively regardless of how people access your site. For startups and small businesses, using a landing page generator is an easy way to create a customized web presence that fuels your success. Focus on your business goals and let technology handle the rest.

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Why You Need a Landing Page Mockup Generator

A landing page mockup generator allows you to quickly create professional landing page designs to showcase your product or service. Landing pages are focused web pages with a single goal, like capturing leads or selling a product, and an effective mockup tool can help you build one that converts visitors into customers.

Easy to Use Interface

Look for a landing page builder with an intuitive drag and drop interface. This makes it simple to add elements like images, text, buttons, and video without needing advanced technical skills. With pre-designed templates and elements, you can have a polished landing page mockup ready in minutes.


Your landing page must display well on mobile devices. Choose a builder that creates responsive designs that adapt to any screen size. This ensures your page looks professional and is easy to navigate no matter how visitors access it.

Lead Capture Options

For lead generation, your landing page needs lead capture forms. Look for a builder that provides integrated forms you can customize to match your brand. This allows you to start collecting leads as soon as your landing page goes live.


For more advanced needs, choose a landing page builder that offers integrations with other tools you use, like your CRM, email marketing service, payment processor, or web analytics platform. Integrations allow you to automatically pass leads and customer data between systems, saving you time and effort.


While pre-designed templates can save time, you need the ability to fully customize your landing page to match your brand and needs. Look for a flexible builder that allows you to change fonts, colors, images, content, and the page layout. The more customization options, the more you can optimize your landing page for conversions.

With the right landing page mockup generator, you can create an effective design to start engaging your audience and driving more leads in no time. Choose a tool with an easy to use interface, mobile-friendly designs, multiple lead capture options, useful integrations, and full customization abilities.

Choose a Template on Unicorn Platform to Get Started

To get started with Unicorn Platform, select one of their professional landing page templates. They offer a variety of options for different businesses and goals. Choose a template in your brand colors and style to make customizing even easier.

Once you've selected a template, you can effortlessly modify every element on the page. Easily add eye-catching images, update text, change fonts, adjust colors, and reorganize sections. Everything is customizable so you have full control over the look and feel of your landing page.

Unicorn Platform's drag and drop editor makes building your landing page a breeze. Simply click, drag, and drop to add new sections like:

  • An attention-grabbing header with your company name and a brief value proposition
  • A "Learn More" or "Get Started" call-to-action button
  • A section highlighting your product or service's key features and benefits
  • Social proof elements like customer reviews, testimonials or case studies
  • FAQs or other content to address potential customer questions and objections
  • A contact form so visitors can get in touch and convert into leads

With a variety of elements at your disposal, you can create a highly-effective landing page to achieve your goals whether that's generating more leads, driving sales, or spreading brand awareness. The possibilities are endless with Unicorn Platform.

In just a few minutes, you can have a professional landing page mockup ready to launch. Then simply publish your page and start driving targeted traffic to convert visitors into customers. Unicorn Platform's intuitive interface and powerful functionality make creating high-converting landing pages a breeze for businesses of any size.

The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page
The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page has several key elements that work together to achieve a single goal: getting the visitor to convert into a lead or customer.

A Clear Value Proposition

Your landing page should focus on one clear value proposition to your target audience. Explain how your product or service solves a specific pain point or need. Use visuals and minimal copy to convey your key message within a few seconds of the visitor arriving on your page.

A Strong Headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see, so make it count. An effective headline clearly states your value proposition in an exciting, eye-catching way. It should capture attention and draw the reader in while being highly relevant to your offer.

Compelling Visuals

Visuals are key to an impactful landing page. Use high-quality images, graphics, icons, and video to demonstrate your solution in an engaging, visually-compelling way. Images of your product or service in use help visitors understand exactly what you’re offering.

Clear Call-to-Action

Your landing page should have one very prominent call-to-action, such as “Start your free trial” or “Buy now.” Place your CTA prominently on the page, using a contrasting color so it stands out. The CTA should directly tie to your value proposition and move the visitor to the next step in your conversion funnel.

Minimal Distractions

An effective landing page has a minimal design with no extra links, ads, or clutter to distract the visitor. Remove the navigation menu and focus the page around your one goal to keep visitors focused on converting. Use plenty of white space to make the page clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate.

A Mobile-Friendly Design

With more and more web traffic coming from mobile devices, your landing page must be responsive and mobile-friendly. Optimize your page for smaller screens by using large text, buttons, and minimal columns. Ensure your CTA and forms are easy to fill out on a mobile device. A mobile-optimized landing page will convert visitors regardless of the device they're using.

Add an Eye-Catching Header

A visually striking header is one of the most important elements on any landing page. It should capture attention and convey your key message within seconds. For the Unicorn Platform, consider a header like:

Build Beautiful Landing Pages in Minutes

This header is short, powerful, and highlights the key benefit of speed and ease of use. The large text size, use of an emotive word like “beautiful,” and time-saving promise of “in minutes” helps to capture interest.

Below the main header, include a subheader with a more specific message, such as:

No coding required. Just drag and drop.

This reinforces the simplicity of the platform for users. For those with no technical experience, “no coding required” will be appealing. “Drag and drop” is a commonly used phrase that connotes an easy, visually-oriented building experience.

Under the subheader, add a concise blurb expanding on your services, for example:

Unicorn Platform makes it effortless to design mobile-optimized landing pages, sales pages and entire websites. With designer-made templates, stylish elements, and an intuitive editor, you can build a professional site in under an hour—no expertise needed.

This overview touches on key features like mobile optimization, designer templates, an easy editor, and speed of setup. Mention of “no expertise needed” further emphasizes the simplicity and beginner-friendliness of the platform.

For visual cohesion, choose a header font that matches your brand image. Sans serif fonts like Montserrat or Open Sans have a clean, modern feel that pairs well with many startup and SaaS brands. Use a very large text size, on the order of 50 to 100 pixels for the main header. The subheader should be slightly smaller, around 30 to 50 pixels.

An eye-catching header introduces your landing page in a powerful way. With compelling copy and typography, it can capture interest and instantly convey your value to visitors. For a landing page mockup generator, emphasize ease of use, speed, and beautiful results to grab attention right from the start.

Share the Benefits With Bullet Points

Unicorn Platform allows you to easily create and customize a landing page mockup to visually represent your product or service to potential customers and investors. To effectively convey the key benefits of your offering, include concise bullet points highlighting:

  • Increased Conversion Rates - A professionally designed landing page can significantly improve your website’s conversion rates by up to 600% compared to a standard homepage. With Unicorn Platform’s built-in conversion optimization features, you can create a landing page tailored to your target audience and business goals.
  • Cost Savings - Unicorn Platform is an affordable, do-it-yourself landing page builder. For a low monthly subscription fee, you have access to everything you need to create high-performing landing pages, saving you the cost of hiring an expensive web designer.
  • Customization Options - Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop interface and hundreds of customizable templates to choose from. You have full control over the look and feel of your landing pages, from choosing a template to editing colors, fonts, images, and content. Create a landing page experience that matches your brand.
  • Integrations - Unicorn Platform integrates with popular third-party services like email marketing platforms, payment processors, and analytics tools. Connect your landing pages to your existing marketing and sales workflows to optimize the customer journey from first visit to conversion.
  • Mobile-Friendly - All Unicorn Platform landing pages are fully responsive and mobile-optimized. Your landing pages will display beautifully across all devices, ensuring a great experience for visitors on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • A/B Testing - Use Unicorn Platform’s built-in A/B testing feature to compare different versions of your landing page and see which one performs better based on your key metrics like conversions, click-through rates, and time on page. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your landing pages for the best results.

In summary, Unicorn Platform provides an easy-to-use landing page builder with powerful functionality to help you create high-converting landing pages, drive more traffic, connect with your audience, and grow your business.

Use Visuals to Engage Visitors
Use Visuals to Engage Visitors

Use Visuals to Engage Visitors

Visuals are essential for engaging visitors and conveying information on your landing page. Images, graphics, photos, icons, and videos are all useful visuals that can be leveraged.

Use High-Quality Stock Photos

Stock photos of people using your product or service help visitors visualize how it can benefit them. Choose photos that match your brand and target audience. For the best results, use authentic, high-resolution photos. Low quality or irrelevant photos can reflect poorly on your business.

Include Info-Graphics

Info-graphics are visual representations of data, statistics, or concepts. They make information easy to digest at a glance. If you have studies, statistics, or data that would be useful for visitors, turn them into simple but eye-catching info-graphics. Keep info-graphics uncluttered and focused on one main message or piece of information.

Add Icons

Icons are a simple way to draw attention, break up text, and convey information. Use icons that relate to your product, service or industry. For example, a tech company might use icons representing apps, software or devices. Minimal, flat icons with a modern esthetic typically work best for landing pages.

Embed Highlight Videos

Short video clips, known as highlight reels or sizzle reels, are highly engaging for visitors. A video demonstrating your product in action or highlighting customer stories and success can be very persuasive. Keep highlight videos under 2 minutes in length, with an upbeat and optimistic tone.

Use Captions

Don't forget to provide captions and brief descriptions for your visuals. Captions give context and help with accessibility for vision-impaired visitors. They also improve search engine optimization by including keywords and related terms.

Overall, fill your landing page with high-quality, relevant visuals to capture attention, communicate persuasively, and create an esthetically appealing user experience. But don't overcrowd the page, as too many visuals can seem cluttered and distracting. Aim for a balanced mix of visuals and text, with plenty of negative space.

Include Social Proof

Social proof refers to evidence that shows your product or service is trusted and valued by others. For a landing page, include elements like testimonials, case studies, media mentions, and customer logos. These help build credibility and trust in your brand, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Testimonials from satisfied customers discussing specific benefits or results they experienced are highly effective. Include a photo of the customer, their name and title, a quote, and optionally their company name. Place 2-3 testimonials prominently on your landing page.

Case studies demonstrate how your product or service solved a problem for a customer. Describe the challenge, solution, and measurable results or ROI. For a landing page, include a summary with an image, key stats, and a link to the full case study. This gives visitors confidence your offering will work for them too.

Media mentions and coverage in reputable publications also build authority. Include logos of media outlets that have covered your company with links to the articles. Mentions in well-known media sources carry more weight.

Customer logos show you have a proven track record of success with companies similar to your visitor’s. Display several notable customer logos, ideally 6-12, at the bottom of your landing page. This signals you are a trusted and credible solution provider.

These elements work together to assure visitors they will be in good hands. While a new company may lack extensive social proof, start building your base with a few strong testimonials and case studies. Add media mentions and customer logos over time as you gain more exposure and close deals. A landing page with robust social proof is far more likely to convert visitors into customers.

In summary, invest in developing compelling social proof to strengthen your landing page. When visitors see others vouching for your product and brand, they feel more confident in becoming a customer themselves. Include testimonials, case studies, media mentions, and customer logos to build credibility and boost conversions.

Add a Clear Call-to-Action

A clear call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements on any landing page. It tells your visitors exactly what you want them to do next. Without a strong CTA, even the most beautifully designed landing page will struggle to convert visitors into leads or customers.

When adding a CTA to your landing page, follow these best practices:

Make it prominent. Place your CTA above the fold (the top portion of the page visible without scrolling) and in an area that attracts attention, such as the top right. Use sizing, color, and whitespace to help it stand out.

Keep it simple. The CTA should be short, straightforward, and action-oriented, e.g. “Sign Up Now,” “Get Started,” or “Learn More.” Don’t confuse visitors with too many options.

Describe the benefit. Let visitors know exactly what they will gain by clicking, such as “Get Your Free Trial” or “Download Your Guide.” This helps motivate them to take action.

Match your brand. Use the same font, color palette, and stylistic treatment as the rest of your landing page so the CTA feels cohesive and professional. This also reinforces your brand identity.

Consider A/B testing. Try different CTAs, placements, colors or wording to determine which option resonates most with your audience. Even small changes can significantly impact conversion rates.

Drive visitors to the next step. Ensure your CTA links to the logical next page in your conversion process, such as a signup form, product page or checkout. Removing any friction or confusion will help visitors complete the action.

An effective CTA is the culmination of an optimized landing page experience. By following the guidelines above, you’ll create a CTA that motivates visitors, matches their expectations, and ultimately drives more conversions for your business. Continuously test and refine your CTA for the best results.

FAQs About Our Landing Page Mockup Generator

Many first-time users of our landing page mockup generator have questions about how it works and its key features. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

How easy is it to use the landing page mockup generator?

Our drag and drop website builder is designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use, even for those with no technical experience. You can simply select pre-designed sections and blocks and customize the content and style to suit your needs. No coding is required.

What elements can I include on my landing page?

You have access to a wide range of useful elements to create an effective landing page, such as:

  • Eye-catching headers
  • Engaging hero images
  • Descriptive content sections
  • Testimonial blocks
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Pricing tables
  • FAQ accoridons
  • Social media icons
  • And more

You have full flexibility to arrange these elements as you like using our drag and drop editor.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of our landing page mockup generator so you can test it out and ensure it meets your needs before purchasing. No credit card is required to sign up for the free trial.

What happens if I go over the page view limit?

Most plans include a generous number of page views per month for your landing pages. However, if you do exceed the page view limit for your plan, you will be charged $0.10 per additional 1,000 page views. Page view overages are billed monthly.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, we provide helpful customer support to all users. You can contact our support team via live chat on our website, email, or phone. We aim to respond to all support requests within one business day.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of the 14-day free trial period, your account will be automatically downgraded to the free plan unless you purchase one of our paid subscription plans. On the free plan, you can continue using the landing page mockup generator to build pages, but with limited functionality and no custom domain support. You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time to access full features and benefits.


You now have access to an easy-to-use yet powerful landing page mockup generator. With Unicorn Platform, creating customized landing pages has never been simpler. Whether you're launching a new startup, promoting a mobile app, or growing your SaaS business, stunning landing pages are key. This landing page builder provides everything you need to create an eye-catching landing page in minutes.

The drag and drop interface, pre-designed templates, and integrated elements enable you to build professional landing pages without any coding required. You can choose from a variety of sections like headers, images, text, calls-to-action, and more to craft the perfect page for your needs. The end result is a custom landing page tailored to your brand that is proven to convert visitors into customers.

With landing page examples and best practices built right in, you have a recipe for landing page success. Now the only thing left to do is choose a template, add your content, and launch your new landing page. May your new landing page lead to new opportunities and spur your business growth. The power is now in your hands with Unicorn Platform.

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