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published on 04 November 2023

Creating a cool personal website is an impactful way to showcase your personality, interests, skills, and work online. Unlike social media profiles limited to short bios, a custom personal site allows you to fully tailor the design, content, and user experience to create a memorable first impression that highlights your uniqueness.

With a creative personal website, you can go beyond a traditional resume to showcase web design skills through an interactive, visually-appealing site. The creative elements you add reflect your personal brand and style. This makes your work and content easy to discover through search engines. Whether your goal is to stand out in your industry, promote a business, share a portfolio, or display your interests, a personalized website helps you achieve that.

This article will cover key strategies for designing an engaging, creative personal website. We'll explore elements like color schemes, fonts, themes, layouts, visuals, and more. You'll uncover tips for balancing personality with professionalism in your design. We'll also analyze real examples of unique personal websites and break down what makes them so effective. Follow along to ignite ideas for the perfect platform to creatively showcase the best you!

Key Components of a Personal Website

Let's first look at some of the essential elements that make up an impactful personal website:

Stunning Visuals

Photos, illustrations, videos, and graphics showcase personality while breaking up blocks of text. They also make the site more visually interesting and memorable. Using full-screen images or an embedded video background can create an immersive experience.

Organized Content

Well-written, scannable content presented in short paragraphs or bullet points is readable, focused, and easy to digest. Blog posts and project pages should have good organizational structure.

Cohesive Branding

Consistent design elements like color schemes, font pairings, logos, and icons carry your visual brand through the site.

Intuitive User Experience

Easy navigation, responsive design, fast load speed, and simple page flows enhance usability for visitors.

The key is striking that crucial balance between personality and professionalism. You want to stand out with creativity while also conveying credibility as an authority in your field. Keep reading for tips to achieve that goal beautifully!

Choosing Design Elements to Showcase Your Style

The visual design choices you make go a long way in setting the tone and style of your personal site. Consider which elements can best reflect your personality and the impression you want to make.

Color Schemes

Colors evoke powerful emotion and meaning for viewers. Pick a cohesive color palette that enhances your personal brand. For example, an artist could use vibrant jewel tones that reflect creativity. A finance professional might prefer sophisticated muted tones. Monochromatic palettes using various shades of a single color have an elegant, minimalist look. Complementary colors like blue and orange provide appealing contrast when paired well.

Tools like Coolors, Adobe Color, and Picular make it easy to generate color palettes instantly. Unicorn Platform also has a built-in color picker that lets you sample hues from photos to inspire your palette.


Fonts are another way to express your style. For body text, choose a clean, simple sans-serif font with excellent readability. Pair that with a display font that has a playful, handwritten, or retro vibe for headers to add personality. Limit font pairings to 2-3 for cohesion. Google Fonts offers hundreds of free fonts to experiment with. Avoid overused default fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.

For a bold brand statement, custom fonts tailored to your company require licensing and technical setup. However, services like Adobe Fonts streamline this process. Unicorn Platform simplifies font choices with its collection of 100+ beautiful web-safe fonts to browse.

Visual Interest

Photography, illustrations, artistic patterns, subtle animations, and video backgrounds grab attention while conveying your vibe. Showcase your best photography full-screen. Patterns, shapes, or illustrations add depth as background accents. Animations on hovers or scrolling delight visitors with motion. Cinematic looping video backgrounds captivate audiences.

Many templates on Unicorn Platform include visually stunning backgrounds, from photos to graphic patterns. The image and content blocks also make it easy to add your own visuals throughout your site. Options like sliders and lightboxes showcase images in an engaging way.

Choosing the Right Theme and Structure

Once your design elements are set, effectively structure them by choosing the right theme and site layout. Common personal website themes include portfolios, blogs, resume sites, and online stores. Identify 1-2 sections to highlight as your core content focus. This avoids an unfocused site. Streamlined navigation also keeps the focus clear for visitors.

Here are some tips for picking a theme and planning your content structure:

Common Personal Website Themes

  • Portfolio - Showcases creative work like art, design, photography, writing, or projects.
  • Blog / Magazine - For writers, influencers and thought leaders sharing content.
  • Minimalist - Focused content with clean design conveys sophistication.
  • Playful / Interactive - For creatives, gamers, or entertainers to show personality.
  • Classic / Professional - Traditional structure for corporate types or academics.

Unicorn Platform provides both portfolio and blog themes to match your goals. The templates and blocks simplify realizing your vision.

Creating an Impactful Home/About Page

This anchor page should quickly communicate who you are and what you do. Key elements include:

  • Hero banner - Prominent visual like a photo or video
  • Tagline - Short slogan or quote
  • About section - 1-2 paragraphs about you and your work
  • Services or skills - List your offerings and expertise
  • Social proof - Testimonials and achievements
  • Contact and social links - Make it easy to connect

Building Out Core Content Pages

Beyond the home/about page, include any of these core sections as needed:

  • Portfolio - Samples of work, case studies, client highlights
  • Blog - Thought leadership content
  • Resume - Experience, education, skills
  • Contact - Email, social media links, contact form

Unicorn Platform's templates and content blocks simplify adding these critical pages.

Real Examples of Creative Personal Websites

Analyzing examples is a great way to draw inspiration for your own site's design. Let's check out some creative sites from different fields and break down what makes them so effective.

Art and Design Portfolios

These sites place the spotlight firmly on showcasing visuals and creativity. Common elements include:

  • Vibrant colors - Bold, contrasting color palettes
  • Artistic textures - Brush strokes, paint splatters
  • Full-width layouts - Immerse visitors in designs
  • Stylized fonts - Unique, artistic typography
  • Minimal navigation - Let artwork shine

For example, Lisa Glanz's portfolio uses vibrant colors, videos, and a full-screen layout to highlight her design work.

Unicorn Platform's full-screen gallery and slider blocks are perfect for art and design sites.

Photography Websites

Photographers rely heavily on visual design to make their work pop. Typical features include:

  • Full-screen photos or sliders to make images immersive
  • Sleek video backgrounds add a cinematic feel
  • Dark color schemes keep the focus on photos
  • Heavy visual use - Galleries, hero images
  • Minimalist UI design - Let imagery shine

Check out Jeffrey Betts' site for a great example.

Unicorn Platform's robust image blocks like full-screen sliders are ideal for photography sites.

Writer and Blogger Websites

These sites creatively highlight written content. Elements like:

  • Blog-focused layout - Featured posts, archives
  • Eye-catching photos - Article headers
  • Readable fonts - Optimize text
  • Topics and categories - Help visitors browse

Courtney Seiter's blog uses many of these strategies beautifully.

For writers, Unicorn Platform offers both blog themes and built-in SEO tools.

Key Takeaways for Creating Your Own Cool Personal Website

A personalized website represents a special chance to creatively showcase your best self online. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Reflect your style through cohesive visuals like color schemes, fonts, and images.
  • Prioritize visuals and interactivity to engage your audience.
  • Choose a streamlined theme to highlight your core content whether it's a portfolio, blog or resume.
  • Feature your best work prominently. Show off your skills!
  • Balance creativity with professionalism to be memorable yet credible.

With its beautiful templates, customizable blocks, and easy WYSIWYG editing, Unicorn Platform makes it simple to build an impressive, creative personal website that showcases you. Explore Unicorn Platform's website builder to turn your creative vision into reality!

In summary, take time to reflect on your brand, interests, and goals when conceptualizing your personal site's design. Play with visual elements tailored to your style. Organize your content effectively around your strengths. Browse examples to uncover inspiration. And leverage tools like Unicorn Platform to create a showstopping personalized site that highlights the amazing you!

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