Build Your App Launch Landing Page in Minutes

published on 18 July 2023

You've spent months developing your mobile app and now it's ready to release into the world. But before you launch, you need to build hype and drive signups. The key to a successful app launch is creating an eye-catching landing page to capture interest and convert visitors into users. However, building an effective landing page requires time, money, and technical skills that many app developers lack. If you're looking for a no-code solution to create your landing page, check out this article on building a dating site landing page in minutes with Unicorn Platform.

Why You Need a Dedicated App Launch Landing Page

You've built an incredible mobile app, and now it's time to launch. A dedicated app launch landing page is essential to promote your new app, drive downloads, and gain valuable user feedback. Here are a few reasons why you need a customized landing page:

  • Focus attention on your app. A separate landing page allows you to highlight your app's key features, benefits, and value proposition without distractions from your main website content. Visitors can learn exactly what your app offers and why they should download it.
  • Build hype. A landing page is a key part of your pre-launch marketing campaign. Tease screen shots, videos, and details about your app to generate excitement. Offer a pre-registration option so people can sign up to be notified as soon as your app is live.
  • Test and optimize. Use your landing page to experiment with different marketing messages, calls-to-action, and content to see what resonates most with your target audience. Make changes and re-test to continuously improve conversion rates.
  • Capture leads. Ask visitors to enter their email address to pre-register for your app or to receive future updates. This allows you to build an engaged mailing list of potential users.
  • Drive app store downloads. The ultimate goal of your landing page is to motivate visitors to download your app. Include prominent "Download now" buttons that link directly to your app's page in the iOS App Store and Google Play.
  • Gather feedback. Include a feedback form on your landing page to collect input from early adopters. Ask what they like about your app, how they think it could improve, and what features they'd like to see added. Incorporate their suggestions into future app updates.

In summary, an app launch landing page is a must-have for promoting your new mobile app, building hype, optimizing your messaging, capturing leads, driving downloads, and gathering valuable user feedback. Put in the effort to create a customized landing page—it will pay off!

How to Create an App Launch Landing Page in Minutes with Unicorn Platform

To create an effective app launch landing page in minutes, simply follow these steps using Unicorn Platform:

  1. Select a template. Choose from our library of 100+ mobile app landing page templates to get started. These templates are professionally designed and optimized for conversions.
  2. Customize the template. Easily modify the template by dragging and dropping elements to rearrange the layout. Change colors, fonts, images and more to match your brand. No coding required.
  3. Add visuals. Include high-quality images and videos to demonstrate your app's key features and benefits. Visuals help visitors quickly understand what your app does and why they need it.
  4. Highlight features and benefits. Use short paragraphs, bullet points or numbered lists to outline the top features and advantages of your app. Explain how each feature will benefit the user. Keep the language simple and scannable.
  5. Include social proof. Add testimonials, reviews, media mentions or customer logos to build credibility and trust. Social proof shows visitors that others are already enjoying your app.
  6. Add a call-to-action. The primary goal of your landing page is to get visitors to download your app. Include large, prominent buttons that link directly to the Android and iOS app stores so visitors can easily get your app.
  7. Review and publish. Double check for any errors or inconsistencies before publishing your landing page. Once published, start driving traffic to the page through social media, search engines, email marketing and more. Track key metrics to optimize the page and boost conversions over time.

With Unicorn Platform, you'll have an optimized app launch landing page ready in minutes. Best of all, you can make unlimited changes anytime to keep improving your results. Build your landing page now and get your app in front of more users today!

Choose From Beautiful Landing Page Templates on Unicorn Platform
Choose From Beautiful Landing Page Templates on Unicorn Platform

Choose From Beautiful Landing Page Templates on Unicorn Platform

To build an effective app launch landing page using Unicorn Platform, select from one of their professionally-designed templates to save time. These templates provide an optimal structure and layout for promoting your new mobile app.

Elegant and Modern

For an stylish first impression, the Elegant and Modern templates feature a minimalistic design with ample negative space, clean typography, and subtle animations. The muted color palette and geometric shapes evoke a sense of sophistication. This template is ideal for productivity, lifestyle, and design apps.

Bold and Bright

To make a bold statement, the Bold and Bright templates incorporate vivid colors, dramatic fonts, and eye-catching graphics. The playful and energetic design is well-suited for gaming, social, and entertainment apps targeting younger audiences.

Simple and Minimal

For a straightforward approach, the Simple and Minimal templates remove excessive embellishments in favor of a stripped-down design that highlights your app. The sparse layout, neutral colors and minimal text allow your app to become the focus. This template is optimal for utility, finance, and productivity apps.

  • Review the different styles and select a template that aligns with your app’s brand and personality. You can then customize the wording, images, colors, and more using Unicorn Platform’s intuitive editor.
  • Add images of your app in action, screenshots, logos, and other media to help visitors understand your app’s key features and benefits.
  • Include concise and compelling copy that describes what your app does, who it’s for, and why people should download it. Share details about any special offers or promotions as well.
  • Provide clear calls-to-action like “Download on the App Store” and “Get it on Google Play” so visitors can easily install your app.
  • You can also add an email signup form to build your mailing list for future app updates and marketing.

Using one of Unicorn Platform’s landing page templates will enable you to launch your app with an impressive and high-converting web presence. With a few simple clicks, you can customize the design and content to match your app’s unique brand in minutes. Your perfect app launch landing page awaits!

Drag and Drop Your Content

To build your app launch landing page in minutes with Unicorn Platform, simply drag and drop the elements you need onto the page.

Add a Header

Select a header from the elements menu on the left. Drag it onto your page and enter your desired header text, such as “Your App Name.” You can change the font, size, color, and add custom CSS styling.

Choose a Template

Unicorn Platform offers professionally-designed templates to choose from. Select a template that matches your brand and the purpose of your landing page. The templates are fully customizable, so you can modify them as needed.

Add Images

Visuals help bring your landing page to life. Drag image elements onto your page and upload photos of your mobile app screenshots, user interface, or team. You can also choose free stock photos from our library.

Drop in Text

Add intro paragraphs, feature descriptions, testimonials, or any other text to communicate details about your mobile app. Select a text element from the menu, drag it onto your page and enter your content. Format the text using the built-in options including changing the font style, size, color, adding bullet points, etc.

Include Buttons

Add prominent call-to-action buttons to drive visitors to download your app. Choose either “Learn More,” “Sign Up Now” or create a custom button. Link the buttons to your app store listing or signup page.

Preview and Publish

Once you've added all your content, preview how your landing page will appear on desktop and mobile devices. Make any final tweaks then publish your page to share with your users and start promoting your new mobile app launch!

With an easy to use drag and drop builder, anyone can create a professional app launch landing page in a matter of minutes using Unicorn Platform. No coding skills required. Build your page, drive traffic, get more app downloads. It’s that simple.

Pick Eye-Catching Images and Videos on Your App Promotion Landing Page

To create an effective app promotion landing page, visually compelling images and videos are key. Carefully curating visual media that resonates with your target audience will make your page more engaging and memorable.

Choose High-Quality Images

Select 3 to 5 high-quality images that showcase your app in an authentic way. Images of your app interface, features in use, or lifestyle shots depicting how your app can be used are all great options. Opt for large images that span the width of the page. Ensure any images of people feature diverse and inclusive representations of your target demographic.

Include an Explainer Video

An short video, between 30 to 90 seconds, is an impactful way to demonstrate how your app works. Capture footage of your app in use on mobile devices with a voiceover explaining the key features and benefits. Keep the tone energetic yet professional. Place the video prominently at the top of your page where visitors will see it immediately.

Supplement With Screenshots

Round out your visual media with 2 to 3 screenshots of your app interface and key features. Screenshots allow visitors to quickly understand what using your app will be like and see details that may be difficult to convey in a lifestyle image. Select screenshots that highlight your app's most innovative and useful elements.

Optimize All Media

Be sure to optimize each image and video for web use. Compress files to reduce load times while maintaining quality. Use descriptive alt text for images and closed captions on videos for accessibility. Name files in a search engine-friendly manner using relevant keywords and your app name.

An engaging mix of high-quality images, an explainer video, and useful screenshots brings your app to life on the page and gives visitors a sense of what using your app will really be like. Curating a visual experience that resonates with your target audience is key to creating an app promotion landing page that converts.

Share Your App Landing Launch Page and Start Collecting Signups
Share Your App Landing Launch Page and Start Collecting Signups

Share Your App Landing Launch Page and Start Collecting Signups

Share Your Landing Page

Now that you have created your app launch landing page, it is time to share it with your target audience to start collecting signups. There are a few effective ways to promote your landing page:

Email Marketing

If you have an email list of potential customers or users, send them an email letting them know your app is available for signup. Include a link to your landing page in the email. Offer an incentive like early access or a discount to encourage signups.

Social Media

Post about your app launch on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Share details about your app and a link to the landing page. Engage with your followers by replying to their comments and questions. Pay for promoted posts or ads on social media to reach new potential users.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your landing page for search engines like Google so people can find it organically. Use important keywords related to your app throughout the page content, page title, meta description, image alt text, and URL. The higher your page ranks in search results, the more signups you will get.

Paid Advertising

Run ad campaigns on Google search and display networks to drive traffic to your landing page. You can target users who are interested in apps like yours. Consider advertising on industry-specific websites and media as well. Paying for high-quality traffic and signups can be very effective for an app launch.

Influencer Marketing

Reach out to influencers and industry experts with a large following relevant to your target audience. Provide them with details about your app and ask them to share your landing page with their followers. In return, you can offer them early access to your app or other perks. Their recommendation and promotion will significantly boost your signups.

By employing a combination of these marketing strategies, you can gain valuable exposure for your new app and start accumulating signups through your landing page right away. Keep optimizing and improving your campaigns over time to increase your conversion rates and reach your signup goals. With persistence and the right marketing mix, you will build momentum and launch your app successfully.

Promote Your App With Coupons and Deals

To encourage new users to download your app, offering promotional deals and coupons is an effective strategy. Discounts and special offers entice people to take action and can increase your app’s visibility.

Create an App Launch Promo Code

Using a promo code is an easy way to provide a special offer to new users. Offer a percentage off a subscription or service in your app for the first month or year. You can also offer bonus features or extra storage space. Promo codes should be:

  • Limited to new users only. Existing users may feel upset if they do not receive the same deal.
  • Time-limited to encourage quick action. For example, the code may only be valid for the first week after launch.
  • Promoted on your landing page, in social media posts, and in email campaigns. Give instructions for how and where to enter the code in your app.

Run an App Launch Contest or Giveaway

Contests and giveaways boost engagement and word-of-mouth promotion. You can offer prizes like free subscriptions, service upgrades, or swag. Require contestants to download your app and complete an action like posting a review, sharing on social media, or entering a contest code. Be sure to promote the contest:

  • On your website and in your email newsletter.
  • In social media posts on platforms your target users frequent.
  • By contacting influencers and media outlets your audience follows.

Provide App Launch Discounts and Deals

Special discounted pricing or bundled deals motivate new users to download and subscribe. You may offer:

  • A percentage off subscription plans for the first billing cycle.
  • A free trial period twice the normal length.
  • A bundle deal that includes extra features or services at a reduced total price.

Promoting your app launch with coupons, contests, and deals will encourage more new users to download and engage with your app. Be creative and combine different strategies for the best results. With an effective promotion plan in place, you’ll gain more subscribers and set your new app up for success.

Capture Leads With Email Opt-in Forms

To maximize lead generation on your app launch landing page, include email opt-in forms. These allow visitors to submit their email address to receive updates about your app, build interest, and stay engaged with your brand.

Design the Opt-in Form

  • Keep the form short, with only an email address field and submit button. Don’t ask for too much information upfront.
  • Place the form prominently on your page, such as at the top right. This makes it easy to see and fill out.
  • Use an attention-grabbing headline like “Be the first to know when we launch!” to encourage signups.
  • Offer an incentive for signing up, e.g. access to an exclusive beta or discount. This gives visitors a reason to share their email.

Choose Your Email Service

Select an email service to collect and organize signups. Popular options include:

  1. Mailchimp - Free plan for up to 2,000 contacts. Easy to use with many features.
  2. Constant Contact - Affordable plans with drip campaigns and analytics.
  3. Drip - Focused on marketing automation with useful workflows and integrations.
  4. ConvertKit - Specializes in lead capture and nurturing for online businesses. Very customizable.

Compare plans and pricing to find one that suits your needs. Most offer free trials to test out.

Send a Welcome Email

Once someone submits their email, send an automated welcome message. This helps to:

  • Confirm their signup and thank them for their interest.
  • Share more details about your app and when they can expect access or updates.
  • Keep your brand and product fresh in their mind going forward.

Nurture Your Leads

Having leads sign up is only the first step. Continue to nurture them by:

  • Sending periodic app updates, blog posts, resources and other content to stay engaged with your audience over the long term.
  • Surveying them to gain valuable insights into their interests and needs. Then tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Providing opportunities for them to give feedback and feel invested in the development process.
  • Delivering on the incentive or access promised in exchange for their email. This builds goodwill and trust in your brand.

With an effective lead capture and nurturing strategy in place, you'll have primed and eager users as soon as your app launches! Build hype, gain useful insights into your target audience and create brand advocates who will spread the word about your new app.

App Promotion Landing Page FAQs: How to build with Unicorn Platform

To launch your mobile app successfully, an effective landing page is key. Unicorn Platform makes it simple to build a professional app promotion landing page in minutes without any coding required.

What is an app promotion landing page?

An app promotion landing page is a single web page focused on promoting your new mobile app. It provides an overview of your app to capture interest and convert visitors into downloads or subscribers.

Why do you need an app promotion landing page?

A dedicated landing page for your app launch helps in several ways:

  • Highlight your app's key features and benefits to attract potential users.
  • Clearly state the purpose and value of your app to resonate with your target audience.
  • Provide screenshots and an explainer video to visually demonstrate your app.
  • Offer an incentive like a discount or free trial to drive conversions.
  • Collect email addresses to build your mailing list for future app updates and promotions.

How do you build an app promotion landing page?

With Unicorn Platform, building your app's landing page is extremely easy:

  1. Select a mobile-optimized template to get started. Choose from many stylish options for apps and startups.
  2. Add images, videos, text, and more by dragging and dropping elements onto the page. No coding is required.
  3. Customize the layout, fonts, colors, and styles to match your app's brand. You have full design flexibility.
  4. Include call-to-action buttons for the app stores where your app is available for download. Send traffic directly to your app's listing.
  5. Add an email signup form to capture leads and build your mailing list. Offer an incentive for subscribers like a discount or exclusive trial.
  6. Review and publish your page. Your app's landing page will be live and ready to start promoting your new app launch!
  7. Continue optimizing to improve conversions. Make changes to the content, design, and offers based on visitor feedback and analytics.

An effective app promotion landing page built with a simple no-code solution like Unicorn Platform will convey the value of your new mobile app and turn interested visitors into engaged users. Launch your app with success and start growing your audience today!


In summary, building an effective app launch landing page has never been easier. Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop interface to create a custom landing page in minutes without any coding required. Whether launching a new mobile app, promoting an existing app, or driving downloads, Unicorn Platform gives you the tools to design an eye-catching landing page to achieve your goals. With beautiful templates, easy customization, and powerful features, you have everything at your fingertips to create a high-converting landing page for your app launch campaign. Stop wasting time and start building your app landing page today with this simple, powerful platform. Success is just a few clicks away.

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