Build a Pet Boarding Landing Page in Minutes

published on 11 July 2023

As a pet boarding business owner, you know how important it is to have an effective digital presence to attract new customers. But between managing day-to-day operations and ensuring high quality care for your furry guests, building a custom website may seem like an arduous task. With Unicorn Platform, you can create a professional pet boarding landing page in just minutes without any technical skills.

What Is Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform is an easy-to-use website builder designed for small businesses and startups. It offers a simple drag and drop interface,

allowing you to quickly create a professional website without any coding experience.

  • What You Get. With Unicorn Platform, you get a custom domain name, professional templates, unlimited pages, a blog, ecommerce, and more.

You have full control to edit content, add images, change the layout, and customize the design.

  • Why Unicorn Platform? There are a few key reasons why Unicorn Platform stands out:
  • Simplicity. The intuitive interface makes it easy to build a great looking website in just a few minutes. No technical skills required.
  • Affordability. Plans start at just $12/month, including a free domain name and 24/7 support. For small businesses on a budget, the value can't be beat.
  • Customization. While the templates provide a solid foundation, you have the flexibility to tweak the design by changing fonts, colors, layouts and adding custom CSS or HTML code. Your site will look unique to your brand.
  • Mobile Friendly. All websites created with Unicorn Platform are fully responsive, meaning they automatically optimize for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Your site will look great on any screen size.
  • eCommerce Ready. For those selling products or services online, Unicorn Platform integrates with payment gateways so you can quickly set up an online store to start selling and accepting payments.

In summary, Unicorn Platform gives you the tools to build a professional website, blog or online store without needing any technical skills. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it's an easy, affordable solution to establish an online presence and start connecting with customers. Give the free trial a try and see how easy it is to get started!

Why Use Unicorn Platform for Your Pet Boarding Landing Page?

Using Unicorn Platform to build your pet boarding landing page has numerous benefits. Here are a few of the major reasons to consider this simple yet powerful website builder:

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor. The Unicorn Platform editor makes it incredibly easy to add elements like images, text, buttons, and more to your page. Simply drag and drop components where you want them - no coding required. This intuitive interface means you can have a professional looking landing page up and running in minutes.
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs. All Unicorn Platform landing page templates are fully responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to fit any screen size. Your visitors will have an optimal viewing experience whether they're on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Given that over half of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, a responsive design is crucial.
  • Integrations Available. Unicorn Platform offers convenient integrations with many popular third-party services like email marketing platforms, chatbots, and analytics tools. You can connect the services you already use to enhance your landing page.
  • Affordable Pricing. Unicorn Platform offers simple and affordable pricing plans for pet boarding businesses and other animal care facilities on a budget. Plans start at just $8 per month, including all the core features most pet sitters and kennels need in a DIY website builder.
  • Customizable Templates. While the Unicorn Platform editor is easy to use, it also provides a lot of flexibility. You have full control over colors, fonts, content, and more. You can start with one of their professional pet boarding website templates and fully customize it to match your brand.

In summary, Unicorn Platform is an ideal solution for quickly launching a customized pet boarding landing page. The drag and drop editor, mobile-friendly designs, available integrations, affordable pricing, and customizable templates will get you up and running in no time. Give your kennel or pet sitting business the strong digital presence it deserves with Unicorn Platform.

Choose a Template for Your Pet Boarding Landing Page

When building your pet boarding landing page, selecting an eye-catching yet functional template is key. Unicorn Platform offers templates specifically designed for pet boarding and dog kennel websites to help you create a professional online presence in minutes.

Choose a Template

Unicorn Platform currently offers three responsive templates ideal for pet boarding and dog kennel websites:

  • Urban Pet - A modern, minimal template with large images and bold typography. Suited for pet boarding facilities in urban areas.
  • Countryside Kennels - A rustic template with natural wood accents and outdoor imagery. Ideal for kennels in rural or suburban locations.
  • Pet Paradise - A fun, tropical-themed template featuring bright colors and beachy graphics. Perfect for pet boarding businesses aiming for a whimsical vibe.

Select a template that aligns with your brand and the experience you want to convey to visitors. You can preview and try out each template to see how your content will appear before publishing your site.

Customize the Template

Once you choose a template, you can fully customize it to match your brand. Options include:

  • Uploading your logo and brand colors
  • Choosing custom fonts that complement your brand style
  • Adding images of your location, facilities, staff, and pets
  • Editing or reordering page sections as needed
  • Adding book now or contact buttons that link to your reservation system

With the point-and-click editor, you can quickly create a polished pet boarding landing page tailored to your needs without any coding required. If you're looking for an affordable pet shop website design solution, check out Unicorn Platform's article on how to create an affordable pet shop website design without the hassle. Focus on what you do best—providing quality care and services for pets—and let Unicorn Platform handle your professional website design.

Within a few minutes, you can have an attractive pet boarding landing page ready to start booking appointments and delighting new customers. Unicorn Platform makes it easy to get your pet business online so you can spend less time managing your website and more time enjoying the company of animals.

Dog Kennel Website Design
Dog Kennel Website Design

Dog Kennel Website Design

When designing a professional website for your dog kennel business, you’ll want to consider elements that establish your brand and convey key information to potential customers. A well-designed kennel website can help build trust in your services and attract new clients.

Focus on High-Quality Images

Feature high-quality images of your facility, play areas, boarding spaces and staff interacting with dogs. Potential clients want to see your kennel’s amenities and get a sense of the level of care and attention their dogs will receive. Include gallery pages dedicated to images of your location and services.

Highlight Your Services

Clearly outline all services offered, including boarding, daycare, grooming, training and transportation. For boarding, note details like single suites versus community play, bedding provided, feeding schedules, exercise, playtime, medication administration if needed, and 24-hour staffing and veterinary care. Pricing for each service should also be prominently displayed.

Share Staff Bios and Credentials

Introduce your staff and their experience working with dogs. Discuss staff training and certification in areas like pet first aid. This helps establish your team as caring, qualified professionals and builds additional trust in your kennel’s level of care.

Provide FAQs and Testimonials

Include pages for frequently asked questions and customer testimonials. FAQs allow potential clients to get answers to common questions quickly. Testimonials from happy clients help to reassure website visitors about the quality of your facility and staff.

Make Contact Information Clear

Prominently display your business name, address, phone number and email address on all pages. Also include options for potential clients to request additional information or schedule a tour via your website. Making contact details easy to find helps convert more website visitors into customers.

An informative yet visually compelling dog kennel website with a focus on professionalism, transparency and customer service can help set your business apart. By highlighting what makes your kennel unique, you’ll attract more clients and build a reputation for excellence.

Showcase Your Pet Boarding Amenities and Activities
Showcase Your Pet Boarding Amenities and Activities

Showcase Your Pet Boarding Amenities and Activities

Spacious Accommodations

Your pet boarding facility should offer spacious rooms or enclosures to keep animals comfortable during their stay. Describe the size of your standard kennels or enclosures and any available upgrades to larger spaces. Highlight any amenities like raised beds, windows, or indoor/outdoor access. For example, you might state that “our standard enclosures are 4ft by 6ft, but for larger breeds or longer stays, we offer deluxe enclosures up to 8ft by 10ft with access to private outdoor runs.”

Engaging Activities

In addition to walks and time outside, discuss any activities or enrichment you provide to keep pets stimulated. Options like puzzle toys, tunnels, and obstacle courses are ideal for high-energy dogs. For cats, include opportunities for scratching posts, climbing structures, and feather toys. You might say “we offer a variety of activities to keep your pet happy including tug-of-war, fetch, and agility equipment for dogs and laser pointers, catnip toys, and scratching posts for cats.”

Experienced Staff

Highlight the experience and qualifications of your staff. Pet owners will feel more at ease knowing their animals are in good hands. You might state that “our staff are highly trained and experienced in animal handling, pet first aid, and ensuring high quality care for the animals in our facility. ”

Monitoring and Updates

Discuss how you will monitor pets during their stay and provide updates to owners. Options like scheduled check-ins, video monitoring, and daily reports via email or an online portal will reassure owners. For example, “pets in our care are monitored 24 hours a day through live video feeds. Owners will receive daily email reports on their pet's activities, eating, elimination, and any issues.”

In summary, showcasing spacious and enriched accommodations, experienced staff, and close monitoring with regular updates will build trust in your services and convert more visitors into customers. Focusing your landing page on the amenities, activities, and quality of care you provide will set you apart from competitors.

Share Testimonials From Happy Pet Parents

To build credibility and social proof for your pet boarding business, include testimonials from happy pet parents on your landing page. Their reviews and stories help prospective customers feel more at ease leaving their furry family members in your care.

Gather Genuine Reviews

Reach out to your current and past clients and ask them if they would be willing to provide a testimonial for your website. Offer an incentive like a discount on future services or a small gift to show your appreciation for their time.

  • Be professional in your request. Explain that you are building your online presence and would like to feature reviews from satisfied customers. Provide some questions they can answer or ask them to share their experience freely.
  • Request high-quality photos of the pets along with the testimonials. Images of happy, well-cared for animals will strengthen the reviews. Get written permission to use the photos on your site.
  • Once you have collected several reviews, read through them to ensure there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors before publishing them. Make any corrections needed or ask the client to revise and re-submit.

Display Reviews Prominently

Place your testimonials in a prominent position on your landing page, such as near the top or in a sidebar. This allows visitors to see them immediately and builds trust right away.

  • Use large text for the quotes or snippets from the reviews. Below each quote, include the full name of the client, a thumbnail photo of them and their pet if provided, and location.
  • Format the testimonials attractively with blockquotes, background colors, borders or your brand colors. Space them evenly apart so they are easy to read.
  • Keep your testimonials up to date. As you gain new clients and reviews, rotate the older ones to your full website and replace them on the landing page. This shows you value the latest feedback.

Using genuine reviews from happy clients is an effective way to build trust and assurance that you provide high quality care and service. Their words and stories help convert website visitors into contacts and customers. Make your testimonials a prominent feature on your pet boarding landing page to maximize their impact.

Explain Your Pet Boarding Landing Page Prices and Packages

To convert visitors into customers, you need to clearly communicate your pet boarding service offerings and associated fees. On your landing page, include details on the types of boarding options you provide and your pricing packages.

Standard Boarding

For dogs and cats, describe your standard boarding services. For example:

  • Private suite with bed, food/water bowls, toys
  • Three walks per day
  • Playtime and exercise in outdoor area
  • Grooming and bathing available for additional fee
  • 24/7 staff onsite to monitor pets and address any needs

List your standard boarding fees, e.g. $25-35/night for dogs, $15-25/night for cats.

Premium Boarding

If you offer premium suites, deluxe care options, or VIP packages, describe them here. For instance:

  1. Premium suites: Larger private suite, raised bed, HD pet cam access. $40-60/night.
  2. Deluxe care: Additional walks, playtimes, grooming included. $50-70/night.
  3. VIP package: Premium suite, deluxe care, spa treatments. $70-100/night.

Add-On Services

Describe any extra amenities or services available for additional fees, such as:

  • Spa treatments: Bath, brushing, nail trim. $15-25.
  • Extra walks or playtimes: $5-10 per session.
  • Medication administration: $5 per day.
  • Dietary accommodations: $5 per day.

Discounts and Special Offers

Mention any ongoing discounts or current special offers, for example:

  • 10% off for multi-pet boarding
  • 15% off premium suites on weekdays
  • First night free for new clients

By providing detailed information on your boarding options, fees, and special promotions, you establish your business as a transparent and affordable provider of professional pet care services. Visitors will appreciate your upfront pricing and the ability to choose a package suited to their needs and budget.

Highlight Your Dog Kennel Website Design

A Professional Design Builds Trust

To appear reputable, your dog kennel website design should look polished and modern. A messy or outdated site will make potential customers question your services and professionalism. Focus on a minimal, clean layout with high-quality photos of your facilities and happy dogs.

Highlight Your Facilities and Amenities

Showcase what sets your kennel apart by featuring photos of your play areas, spacious kennels, grooming areas or any other facilities. List details of your amenities, for example:

  • 24/7 monitoring and veterinary care
  • Daily walks, playtime and grooming
  • Premium pet food and treats
  • Comfortable bedding and bowls in every kennel

Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Build trust by prominently displaying reviews and testimonials from happy customers on your landing page. Potential clients want to see that other pet owners were satisfied with your kennel’s care and service. Ask satisfied long-time clients if they would be willing to provide a photo and short review for your website.

Promote Your Kennel’s Credentials

Do you have certifications or licenses that set you apart? Be sure to list any credentials, awards or associations your kennel belongs to. For example:

  • Certified by the National Association of Kennel Operations
  • Five-star rated on Yelp, Google, and Facebook
  • Voted “Best Pet Kennel” three years in a row by local magazine

Offer an FAQ Section

Include a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on your landing page to address common concerns. For example:

  1. Do you have emergency vet care available? Yes, we have an on-call veterinarian 24/7.
  2. Can I drop off and pick up my pet anytime? We have convenient drop-off and pick-up hours from 6 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.
  3. Do you accept aggressive or anxious dogs? We carefully evaluate each dog to ensure we can properly care for them. We may not accept dogs with severe aggression or anxiety issues.

A professional, trustworthy website with details about your facilities, services, credentials and FAQs will give potential customers confidence in leaving their beloved pets in your care. Be sure to optimize for search to help pet owners in your area easily find your kennel online.

FAQs: Questions Pet Owners May Have About Your Pet Boarding Services

Pet owners considering boarding their dogs or cats at your facility may have several questions about your services and policies. Addressing common FAQs on your website's landing page can help reassure owners and convert more leads.

What are your staff's qualifications and experience?

Your pet care team's training, skills, and experience caring for animals are extremely important to pet owners. Highlight any certifications, degrees in veterinary medicine or related fields, and years of experience your staff have.

What is a typical day like for a boarded pet?

Provide an overview of the daily schedule and activities for pets in your care. Discuss things like potty breaks, playtime, grooming, feeding, and any training or socialization. Pet owners will want to know their animals' basic needs are being met and they will receive plenty of affection and mental stimulation.

What safety and security measures do you have in place?

Detail the precautions taken to ensure pets cannot escape, access one another, or access any toxic substances. Discuss your building's security system, fencing, individual enclosures, and any 24-hour staff monitoring pets. Pet owners' top priority is their animals' wellbeing and safety.

What amenities and services do you offer?

Highlight any amenities that enhance pets' comfort and enjoyment, e.g. cozy bedding, toys, webcams. Discuss any additional services like grooming, training, or veterinary care. The more amenities and extras you offer, the more value you can provide to customers.

What are your rates and availability?

Be transparent about your standard boarding rates, any discounts or packages offered, and your typical availability, especially during holidays. Provide an easy way for pet owners to check rates and book boarding on your website.

Addressing common questions and concerns about your pet boarding facility and services will build trust with pet owners and give them the information they need to feel fully confident leaving their animals in your care. Creating a comprehensive FAQ page on your website's landing page is an easy way to provide these important details to potential and current customers.


As you have seen, creating an attractive landing page for your pet boarding business can be quick and easy using the right tools. With a simple drag and drop website builder like Unicorn Platform, you have the power to design a professional page in minutes without any coding skills. Your pet boarding page is the first impression for potential customers, so make it count. Focus on clear messaging, eye-catching images, an easy signup form, and social proof from happy customers. Keep optimizing and improving your page over time based on visitor feedback and analytics. With the right landing page, you'll be booking more boarding reservations in no time and growing your pet care business. The possibilities are endless when you have an easy, powerful website builder at your fingertips.

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