The Lifetime Deal Round Success: $9000 Raised

published on 28 August 2023

I'm excited to share that the Lifetime Deal Round has successfully closed before the deadline and we were able to raise $9000 to fund the development of the second version of Unicorn Platform. Unicorn Platform is a landing page builder for startups that I developed myself.


Sales Stats (Paddle dashboard). Includes both Lifetime Deals and Pro purchases.

According to my calculations, this is just enough funding to create the second version of Unicorn Platform.

A brief introduction for strangers: Unicorn Platform is a landing page builder for startups. I’ve coded the first version of the tool myself. Now it is a static landing page generator that produces HTML templates for export. Users should edit content locally and host the page themselves.

I’m aimed to create a more advanced website builder with an online content editor and hosting provided. To do that I need to hire a backend and a frontend developer. The coding phase will take approx. 2 months, $9,000 is just enough to pay the salaries for this period. The money has been successfully crowdfunded, hence this post.

Let me introduce my next steps and answer some popular questions in this post.

But first I want to thank you, guys. Without your support and priceless feedback, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m very flattered with your trust and all the warm words you said.

I’m sure this will be a long and fun journey full of pleasant surprises for you.


Currently, I’m mainly focused on 3 things:

  • Updating of the existing version of Unicorn Platform: new components, templates are to come. Sign Up forms, more Pricing Tables, unique Call to Actions, complex Forms, more Testimonials.
  • Creating a prototype and a feature map for the second version. After the feature map is finished, I will publish a detailed roadmap.
  • Hiring developers. I need a frontend and a backend developer to start coding the v2.0.


Q: Why did you aim at such a small sum? A: “Dream big, start small”. Very small in my case. At this point, I need this exact sum to make a progress. I may have created a bigger plan, but I have decided to stick to this simple one. And this plan doesn’t involve anything except the tool building. All the rest stuff (marketing, scaling, business development) will be paid attention in the future. I’m the only founder at this moment so I need to prioritize things.

Q: OK-OK, congrats. What are the timings? When will the v2.0 of the product be ready? A: As I said, I’m in the process of prototyping and creating the features map. When it’s done, priorities and estimations will be set. After that, I will be able to publish the release date.

Q: When a feature {x} will be released? A: I haven’t created a roadmap yet and that is why I can’t say exactly what will be in the v2.0 and when it will be ready. The prototyping and the feature map creation will take approx. 2 months (until the 1st of January).

Q: Do you plan to run another Lifetime Deal round? What about AppSumo? A: I don’t have any plans for raising more money at this moment. But if I will need more funds to ship the product, running a second Lifetime Deal round is an option. Not sure if AppSumo will like such a high price though.

P.S. Special thanks for Nitesh Manav. This man made a huge work to help me with the round. I will share more about Nitesh and the contributions he made on my personal blog.

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