The Simplest Way to Create Your Software Company Page

published on 18 July 2023

As an entrepreneur building a software company, you need an online presence to establish credibility and connect with customers. However, creating a custom website requires technical skills and resources you may not have as a busy founder. The Simplest Way to Create Your Software Company Page shows how you can build a professional landing page in minutes without code using Unicorn Platform. This drag and drop website builder is designed for startups and SaaS businesses to launch fast. With 100% no-code templates and elements, you can create your software company page, share your story, feature your product, and start converting visitors into users. Stop wasting time trying to learn web development and focus on growing your business. Unicorn Platform makes it simple to build your digital brand.

Why You Need a Great Software Company Page

As a software company, having an effective yet simple landing page is crucial to your success. Here are a few reasons why you need to invest in creating a great page:

  • It’s your digital storefront. Your landing page is the first impression for many potential customers. It needs to look professional and convey what your product or service offers within seconds. An unappealing or confusing page will drive visitors away quickly.
  • It captures leads. The goal of your landing page is to capture contact information from interested visitors through a signup form. Offering educational content, resources, or a free trial in exchange for an email address is an effective lead generation strategy. With a good landing page, you can build up your list of potential customers and nurture them into long-term clients.
  • It explains your value proposition. Your landing page should make a clear and compelling case for why a customer should choose your company. Explain your key features and benefits in an easy to understand manner. Use statistics, customer reviews, case studies, or free resources to demonstrate your value. Keep your messaging consistent across your website.
  • It drives conversions. The ultimate goal is to convert visitors into paying customers. Use persuasive copy, social proof, and a strong call-to-action to encourage people to make a purchase or start a free trial. Place your CTA prominently on the page and make it easy to complete the desired action.

With some time and effort, you can create a high-converting landing page for your software business. Focus on clarity, value, and a great user experience. Your landing page is a pivotal part of your marketing strategy, so make it a priority and get started building one today.

What Is Unicorn Platform? The Simplest Website Builder

Unicorn Platform is an intuitive website builder designed for software companies and SaaS providers. It offers an easy drag and drop interface to quickly create and customize pages for your business without any coding required.

With Unicorn Platform, you can:

  • Build your homepage to showcase your product, team, and company mission. Add elements like image sliders, videos, testimonials, and call to action buttons.
  • Create product and pricing pages to highlight your offerings. You can include features, benefits, specs, pricing tables, sign up forms, and more.
  • Design contact and about us pages to allow visitors to get in touch and learn more about your company. Add contact forms, office photos, team bios, and company timelines.
  • Set up a blog to share insights, updates, tips, and news with your audience. Unicorn Platform offers pre-built blog templates to get you started.
  • Integrate with popular third-party services like email marketing, analytics, and customer support platforms. Connecting your website and tools has never been easier.
  • Customize the look and feel to match your brand. Choose from multiple color schemes, typography options, and layout designs. You can also add your own custom CSS or HTML code.
  • Get found online with built-in SEO features. Unicorn Platform automatically generates page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and sitemaps to help improve your search ranking.

With its simplicity and flexibility, Unicorn Platform has everything you need to create a professional software company website in minutes without technical skills. The easy-to-use interface provides an intuitive experience for business owners to build a site and blog tailored to their needs. Start your free trial today!

Drag and Drop Pages: No Coding Required

To build your software company’s landing page with Unicorn Platform, no coding experience is required. The drag and drop website builder allows you to create customized pages through an intuitive visual interface.

Select a Template

Unicorn Platform offers templates tailored for software companies to get you started. Choose one that aligns with your brand and vision. Then customize the template by adding your company logo, brand colors, and fonts to reflect your unique style.

Add Page Sections

Drag page sections like headers, images, text boxes, buttons, and more onto your page. Arrange them as you like by simply clicking and dragging.

  • Headers: Add H1, H2, and H3 headers to organize your content.
  • Images: Upload product images, customer logos, or team photos. Resize and reposition as needed.
  • Text boxes: Include descriptions of your software, company mission, or value propositions. Format the text by changing the font, size, color, and alignment.
  • Buttons: Add call-to-action buttons like “Sign Up” or “Learn More” to drive conversions. Customize the button text, link, size, and color.

Connect Sections (Optional)

To create a multi-page experience, connect sections together. For example, link a “Learn More” button to additional content on another page. This allows visitors to easily navigate through your site.

Preview and Publish

Preview your page to see how it will appear to visitors. Make any final changes before publishing your page. Your software company’s landing page will then be live and ready to start attracting customers!

Unicorn Platform’s simple yet powerful drag and drop builder requires no coding to create a customized landing page for your startup. In just a few clicks, you can have a professional page live that tells your software company’s story and converts visitors into customers.

Customize Your Theme: Choose a Style That Fits Your Software Company Pages

To establish a professional image for your software company, customizing your landing page theme is key. The theme controls the overall look and feel of your page, so choose one that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target customers.

Select a Pre-Built Theme

Unicorn Platform offers many pre-built themes for software companies to choose from. Browse the options to find one with a color scheme, layout, and styling that matches your brand. Pre-built themes are easy to set up and allow you to get your page launched quickly. You can always customize the theme further to make it unique.

Customize the Colors

Once you select a theme, you can adjust the colors to perfectly match your brand. Change the background color, header color, button colors, and more. Use your brand style guide to choose the precise colors and color codes for your company. Consistent use of brand colors builds recognition and trust with your customers.

Add Your Logo

Add your company logo to help visitors instantly recognize your brand. Select a prominent header image area to feature your logo front and center on the page. For the best quality, use a high-resolution PNG or SVG file of your logo.

Choose Complementary Fonts

The fonts you select also contribute to your brand image. Unicorn Platform allows you to choose from a variety of Google Fonts to find options that complement your brand style. Consider font pairings that provide both a heading and body font that work well together.

Include Visuals

Visuals like icons, graphics, images, and videos help bring your software company page to life. Strategically add visuals that illustrate your brand and product to capture interest. For example, include screenshots of your software interface or photos of your product in use.

With some customization, a pre-built theme can become the perfect framework for crafting your software company’s landing page. Place the finishing touches on your theme to make a great first impression on visitors and effectively convey your brand. By applying custom colors, adding your logo, choosing complementary fonts, and including strategic visuals, you’ll have a polished page tailored to represent your company.

Add Elements Like Testimonials, FAQs and Call-to-Action Buttons
Add Elements Like Testimonials, FAQs and Call-to-Action Buttons

Add Elements Like Testimonials, FAQs and Call-to-Action Buttons

To create an effective software company landing page, it is important to include elements that capture your visitors’ attention, convey key information about your product or service, and motivate them to take action. Adding components such as client testimonials, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and call-to-action (CTA) buttons can help achieve these goals.


Including authentic client testimonials on your landing page helps to build trust and credibility for potential new customers. Ask a few of your happy clients to provide a quote about their experience using your software product or service. Be sure to include their name, title, and company to add legitimacy. Position these testimonials prominently on your landing page.


An FAQ section addresses common questions and concerns that visitors may have about your software offering. This preemptively answers queries, eliminating confusion and doubts. Review questions you frequently receive from prospects and include explanations for each. Group questions into categories to make this section easy to navigate. Your FAQ can reassure visitors and move them closer to becoming a customer.

CTA Buttons

Strategically placed CTA buttons prompt visitors to take action, such as scheduling a product demo, starting a free trial, or purchasing your software. Use attention-grabbing button text like “Get Started Now” or “Buy Now” and a contrasting color to make your CTAs stand out. Be sure each button clearly communicates what action it will take the visitor to. Track how many people click on each CTA to determine which are most effective.

Additional elements

You may also want to consider including:

  • A product features overview or comparison table
  • Pricing plans with details of what each includes
  • Customer success stories and case studies
  • A contact form for people to get in touch with any questions

With the right components in place, you can create an effective software company landing page that resonates with your target audience and compels them to become customers. Continuously optimize your page based on metrics like conversion rates, bounce rates, and sales to maximize its impact.

Blog Integration: Share Your Knowledge and Build Authority

To establish your software company as an authority in your industry, start blogging. Writing blog posts is one of the most effective ways to share your knowledge with customers and position your brand as a thought leader.

Choose Relevant Topics

Focus your blog posts on topics that are relevant to your target audience and key areas you want to be known for. Some ideas include:

  • New features or products you've released
  • Tips for using your software
  • Industry trends
  • Common customer questions

Share Your Expertise

Use your blog to highlight your team’s expertise. Some ways to do this include:

  1. Interview key team members. Ask them about their role, experience, and insights into the industry.
  2. Share lessons learned from developing your software or overcoming key challenges. Discuss how you solved problems and the results.
  3. Publish in-depth guides on how to accomplish complex tasks using your software. Walk readers through the step-by-step process, explaining why each step is important.

Engage Readers

To build a loyal readership and become an authority, your blog posts should be engaging and helpful. Some tips for engaging readers include:

  • Use an active, conversational writing style. Address readers directly using "you."
  • Include relevant images, videos, graphs or other media to illustrate key points.
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage discussion in the comments section. Respond to all comments from readers.
  • Promote your new blog posts on social media platforms where your target audience is active. Engage with anyone who shares or comments on your posts.

Consistency Is Key

To establish authority and build trust, publish blog posts consistently. Aim for publishing at least two to three posts per month, on a regular schedule. Your readers will come to expect and look forward to your content. Be sure to optimize your blog for search engines so your content ranks well in searches and reaches more readers.

With time and consistency, your blog can become a vital resource for anyone interested in your industry or area of expertise. Positioning yourself as an authority through content creation and thought leadership is one of the most valuable things you can do to grow your software business. For insights on how to achieve revolutionary results in website building and enhance your online presence, check out this article on the Unicorn Platform blog: Get Revolutionary Results with Website Building AI - Unicorn Platform. Stay dedicated, and your blog will pay off through increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales.

This addition smoothly integrates the link and provides readers with valuable information related to website building and AI, while enhancing the SEO of the article.

Software Company Pages: Reach Customers on Any Device

To reach potential customers on any device, you'll want to optimize your software company's website for mobile-friendliness and responsiveness. Creating a simple yet effective landing page will allow visitors to learn about your product no matter what device they use to access your site.

Focus on Mobile-Optimized Design

With more and more people accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-optimized website is crucial. Use a simple drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create responsive pages that automatically adjust for optimal viewing on any screen size. Keep page layouts clean and minimal, with large text and buttons that are easy to tap.

Include Relevant and Scannable Content

On your landing page, include essential information about your product or service using an inviting yet professional tone. Break up content into sections with headers for easy scanning. Use bulleted lists when possible for quick comprehension. Explain your key features and benefits clearly while keeping text concise. Include visuals like screenshots, graphics, and short demo videos to demonstrate how your software works.

Offer a Strong Call-to-Action

Your landing page should motivate visitors to take the next step, whether that's starting a free trial, requesting a demo, or purchasing your product. Place prominent call-to-action buttons above the fold that stand out and are easy to spot on both desktop and mobile. Repeat your CTA at the bottom of the page as well. Keep your CTA concise and action-oriented, compelling the visitor to convert.

Track and Optimize Performance

Use built-in analytics in your website builder to see how visitors are interacting with your landing page. Look at metrics like bounce rates, time on page, and conversion rates. Make changes to improve page performance like simplifying your layout, strengthening your CTA, or rewording key content. Continually optimizing your landing page will help turn more visitors into customers.

With a well-designed, mobile-friendly landing page and strong, relevant content, you'll give potential customers an excellent first impression of your software company and increase the likelihood of gaining new clients. Focusing on responsiveness, scannable yet compelling copy, prominent CTAs, and continual optimization will ensure your page is effective in reaching and converting visitors on any device.

Integrations Galore: Connect the Tools You Already Use
Integrations Galore: Connect the Tools You Already Use

Integrations Galore: Connect the Tools You Already Use

To maximize the functionality of your software company landing page, take advantage of the various integrations available with Unicorn Platform. Connecting the tools you already use streamlines your workflow and provides a seamless experience for your visitors.

Email Marketing

Integrate your email service provider (ESP) like Mailchimp, Drip or ActiveCampaign to capture lead email addresses from your landing page forms. New contacts are automatically added to your email lists so you can stay in touch with prospects and nurture them into customers.

Live Chat

Add live chat software such as Intercom or Drift to provide real-time support for your visitors. Help answer questions, address concerns and guide visitors to the next step in their journey with your company. Live chat boosts engagement and conversion rates.


Link your customer relationship management (CRM) system to automatically import new leads from your landing page. Popular CRM options include Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and more. A CRM helps you effectively manage contacts, track deals and gain customer insights to improve your sales process.


Connect Google Analytics, Mixpanel or another analytics tool to gain valuable insights into how visitors are interacting with your landing page. See metrics like page views, bounce rates, conversion rates, traffic sources and more. Analytics enable you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your landing page for the best results.


Use a form builder like Typeform, Google Forms or Jotform and embed forms on your landing page to capture information from visitors. Forms are a simple way to get lead contact details, run surveys, request product feedback and more. Form integration allows information submitted on your landing page to be exported to other connected services.

In summary, take full advantage of the variety of integrations available with Unicorn Platform to enhance your software company landing page. Connect the tools you already rely on for a streamlined experience and to gain actionable insights to improve your page’s performance. Integrations provide a seamless workflow and the best possible experience for your visitors.

FAQs: Common Questions About Unicorn Platform Answered

What is Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform is a no-code website builder that allows you to easily create professional websites and landing pages for your software company without any coding required. It provides a simple drag and drop interface so you can design custom pages by adding blocks like text, images, buttons, and more. Then instantly publish your site and share it with the world.

How much does Unicorn Platform cost?

Unicorn Platform offers a free plan so you can build your site at no cost. We also have paid plans with additional features like a custom domain, extra storage space, and email marketing integration. Paid plans start at only $12 per month.

Do I need any technical skills?

No, Unicorn Platform is 100% no-code so no technical skills are required. Our simple drag and drop builder allows anyone to create a professional website with ease. You don’t need to know how to code to get started.

How do I create my site?

It only takes a few simple steps to build your software company site with Unicorn Platform:

  1. Sign up for a free Unicorn Platform account.
  2. Choose a template or start from scratch. We offer both website templates and blank canvases.
  3. Add content blocks like text, images, videos, contact forms, and more by dragging and dropping onto your page.
  4. Customize the look and feel using our styling options to change colors, fonts, sizes, and other design elements.
  5. When your site is ready, publish with the click of a button. Your live site will be hosted on Unicorn Platform.
  6. Promote your new website and start driving traffic. You can also connect custom domains and set up email marketing.

Unicorn Platform provides all the tools you need to create a beautiful, professional software company website with no coding required. Our simple yet powerful drag and drop builder will have your new site up and running in no time. Let us know if you have any other questions!


You now have all the tools and knowledge to create an impactful landing page for your software company. By leveraging a simple yet powerful page builder, you can showcase your product, highlight key features and benefits, build trust and credibility, and ultimately convert more of your website visitors into customers. With a professional design, clear messaging, social proof, and a strong call-to-action, your new landing page will serve as an essential growth tool for your business. What are you waiting for? Get started today and watch as your new landing page helps take your software company to the next level. The possibilities are endless when you have the right resources at your fingertips.

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