Unicorn Platform: The Simplest Way to Build a Landing Page For Travel

published on 21 July 2023

As a travel business owner, you know that an eye-catching yet simple landing page is crucial for converting visitors into customers. However, designing and building a custom landing page requires technical skills and resources you may not have access too. Unicorn Platform provides an innovative solution. It offers an intuitive drag and drop website builder with designer-made templates tailored for the travel industry. With Unicorn Platform, you can create a professional landing page for your travel website in minutes without any coding required. Focus on what matters most to you - growing your business. Let Unicorn Platform handle the rest. Its simple yet powerful features give you the freedom to promote your brand and connect with new customers in a way that resonates with them.

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What Is a Landing Page and Why You Need One

As a travel business owner, having an attractive landing page is key to converting visitors into customers or subscribers. A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed specifically for a marketing campaign. It allows you to focus visitors’ attention on one key goal, such as booking a tour package or signing up for a newsletter.

An effective landing page typically has a clean, uncluttered design with minimal distractions. It should have a clear headline and subheading that convey your key message. Use bullet points or numbered lists to highlight the key benefits and features of your offering. Include professional photos and minimal text to make the page visually compelling and easy to read.

A strong call-to-action, such as “Book Now” or “Sign Up Today,” encourages visitors to take the desired action. Make sure the call-to-action button is prominent and visible above the fold so visitors see it as soon as the page loads.

To maximize conversions, your landing page should have a simple and straightforward layout. Remove any links or buttons other than your call-to-action. This helps to guide the visitor’s attention and minimizes the chance of them clicking away.

Testing different versions of your landing page is the only way to know what truly resonates with your target audience. Try different headlines, photos, button text, and page layouts to see which one has the highest conversion rate. You can then optimize your page to achieve the best results.

A customized landing page is one of the most effective tools for promoting your travel business. Put in the effort to create a visually stunning page focused on a single conversion goal. Keep optimizing and improving your page over time based on visitor feedback and conversion data. This can yield big dividends for the growth of your company.

Key Elements of an Effective Travel Landing Page

To effectively convey your travel business and capture leads, your landing page needs to include several key elements.

First, eye-catching visuals are a must. High-quality photos of exotic locations, stunning landscapes, and joyful travelers will spark wanderlust in your visitors and bring your travel offerings to life. Images are also helpful for search engine optimization (SEO), as they give search engines more content to index.

A clear value proposition will communicate how your company can meet travelers’ needs and desires. Explain your key differentiators, services offered, and benefits provided. For example, you might focus on personalized, authentic local experiences or a seamless booking process.

Social proof builds trust and credibility. Feature reviews and ratings from platforms like Facebook and Google, as well as testimonials from happy customers. Mention any awards or media features as well.

A strong call-to-action, like a sign-up form for a newsletter or free itinerary planning, gives visitors an immediate way to engage with your brand. Offer an incentive like a promo code or free downloadable resource to encourage sign-ups.

Finally, include information for multiple channels so visitors can connect with you in their preferred way. List your phone number, email, social media profiles, and physical business address.

With a visually stunning page, compelling messaging, social proof, a clear call-to-action, and multiple contact points, you’ll have an effective landing page that turns traffic into leads and builds your travel business. Make your page as compelling as the destinations you feature!

How to Create a Landing Page for Travel Website With Unicorn Platform

To create an effective landing page for a travel website with Unicorn Platform, follow these steps:

Choose a Template

Unicorn Platform offers many templates optimized for travel and tourism websites. Select a template that matches your brand and the specific destination or experience you want to promote. Some highly-rated options include:

  • Adventure Travel Template: For tour companies and activity-focused destinations. Includes image galleries, call to action buttons, and testimonial sections.
  • Tropical Getaway Template: Ideal for promoting beach vacations, cruises, and relaxing retreats. Features palm tree graphics, sunset images, and accent colors like teal and coral.
  • City Guide Template: Perfect for locations with a vibrant food, culture, and nightlife scene. Incorporates map sections, restaurant and event listings, and urban photography.

Add Compelling Visuals

A landing page should capture interest and convey the essence of your destination through impactful visuals:

  1. High-quality hero images: Select a stunning photo of your location or experience to feature prominently at the top of the page. This should inspire wanderlust in visitors.
  2. Image galleries: Include galleries of photos highlighting activities, landmarks, cuisine, culture, nature, and more. With Unicorn Platform, you can easily add pre-made image gallery sections.
  3. Embedded videos: Embed promotional travel videos, virtual tours, and video testimonials. Videos help bring a destination to life and are highly engaging for visitors.

Write Persuasive Copy

The text on your landing page should motivate readers to take action - such as booking a trip or signing up for your mailing list. Some tips for persuasive copy include:

  • Focus on benefits and experience: Describe the transformative experiences visitors can expect. Discuss relaxation, adventure, culture, food, natural scenery, etc. depending on your destination.
  • Build urgency: Use scarcity and time-sensitive messaging to encourage quick action, e.g. "Book by the end of the month for 20% off rates!" or "Only 2 spots left at this price!".
  • Include a clear call-to-action: Tell readers exactly what you want them to do, whether it's booking a tour, contacting you for a custom itinerary, or joining your mailing list. Place the CTA prominently on the page.
  • Share social proof: Add ratings, reviews, and testimonials from past travelers. Quotes and stories from real visitors build trust in your services.

With compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and a clear call-to-action, you'll create a landing page that inspires visitors and drives leads for your travel website. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Choose a Landing Page Template

To build an effective landing page for your travel website, selecting an appropriate template is key. The template provides the overall look and layout for your page. Choosing a template designed for the travel industry will give your landing page a professional appearance and make it easy for visitors to find the information they need.

Focus on Appearance and Functionality

Select a template with an attractive, minimal design that spotlights large, high-quality images to capture the reader’s attention. Image-focused templates are ideal for travel websites to showcase destination photos. The template should also have a clean layout with clearly defined sections for:

  • An eye-catching headline and subheadline
  • A brief introductory paragraph highlighting your services
  • Large Calls-To-Action (CTAs) buttons for visitors to easily contact you or book a trip
  • Testimonials or reviews from happy clients
  • FAQs or additional details about destinations and packages

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, choose a template optimized for mobile viewing. A responsive template will automatically resize and rearrange content to fit any screen size. This provides an optimal viewing experience for visitors on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Easy to Customize

Select a flexible template that is simple to customize to match your brand. You should be able to easily:

  • Change fonts, colors and styles to align with your brand guidelines
  • Add or remove sections as needed to include relevant content
  • Include custom CSS or HTML code
  • Integrate with third-party apps to collect emails, reviews or payments

An effective yet straightforward landing page template will allow you to create a professional page to capture leads and drive more traffic to your travel website. With some customization, a thoughtfully-designed template can become the perfect vessel to promote your services to new clients.

Customize Your Landing Page
Customize Your Landing Page

Customize Your Landing Page

To effectively customize your landing page, focus on its visual elements and written content. A clean design and compelling copy tailored to your target audience will make your page more persuasive and increase conversion rates.

Choose an Appealing Theme

Select a theme that matches your brand and appeals to potential customers. For a travel company, an image of an exotic destination or scenic natural landscape works well. Ensure all colors, fonts, and styling align with your brand guidelines. Keep the theme minimal and avoid distracting animations.

Write an Impactful Headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see, so capture their attention immediately. For travel, focus on experiences and destinations, e.g. “Discover Hidden Paradises” or “Journey to Ancient Cultures.” Mention your unique selling proposition or value to pique interest. Aim for under 65 characters so it is easy to read.

Share Concise and Benefit-Focused Copy

In 3 short paragraphs, explain your service and its key benefits. Focus on experiences and transformation, e.g. “We curate authentic travel adventures to connect you with natural wonders and local cultures.” Highlight what makes you different. Use an active voice and speak directly to the reader.

Include High-Quality Images

Feature large, striking images of destinations, experiences, and people that bring your copy to life. For travel, show landscapes, city scenes, activities, culture, food, etc. Ensure all images load quickly and have informative alt text for search engines.

Provide a Clear Call-to-Action

Your CTA should encourage visitors to sign up, buy, or book now. For travel, “Book Your Adventure” or “Discover Destinations” work well. Place the CTA prominently on your page, such as at the top and bottom. Make it stand out with a contrasting color.

An attractive, benefit-focused landing page tailored to your audience can effectively highlight your services, build trust in your brand, and motivate visitors to convert. With compelling copy and visuals, you will capture interest and inspire your customers to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Add Striking Images

Adding eye-catching images is key to creating an engaging landing page. Images not only attract attention and capture interest, but also help convey your message visually. For a travel website, include photos of exciting destinations, stunning scenery, and happy travelers.

Choose High-Quality Photos

Select high resolution, professional photos that are crisp, clear, and capture the spirit of adventure. Avoid stock images whenever possible. Authentic travel photos will resonate most with your audience. If using stock photos, choose premium images from reputable sources.

Use a Variety of Images

A mix of portrait and landscape images, close-ups and wide shots will give your page visual interest. Photos of people enjoying an experience are always appealing. Pictures of scenic vistas, landmarks or activities unique to a location inspire wanderlust in potential travelers.

Optimize Images

Be sure to optimize all images for web use. Resize photos to 1000-2000 pixels wide, and compress them to reduce file size without compromising quality. This will ensure your page loads quickly. Use alt text and captions for SEO and accessibility.

Feature a Hero Image

Select one stunning, evocative image to feature prominently at the top of your page. This “hero image” should capture the spirit of travel and adventure to make a bold first impression. For a travel site, an expansive landscape, scenic natural wonder or culturally iconic scene works well. Use the hero image as a banner that spans the full width of the page.

Use White Space

Don't crowd your page with too many images. Allow for adequate white space between photos and sections. Whitespace makes a page appear uncluttered and easier to navigate, allowing your striking images to shine through. For the best results, limit yourself to 1 image per short paragraph or roughly 1 every 2-3 sentences.

Following these tips will ensure you have a collection of images that bring your travel landing page to life and inspire the wanderlust in your visitors. Compelling visuals paired with an exciting message about adventure will motivate readers to take their next journey with you!

Include an Attention-Grabbing Headline
Include an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Include an Attention-Grabbing Headline

To capture the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore your travel website landing page, include an attention-grabbing headline. A compelling headline should convey the key benefits and solutions offered on your landing page. It should speak to your target audience and their needs or desires.

Choose an Emotionally Evocative Headline

Select a headline that sparks interest or emotion. For example, “Discover Hidden Paradises” or “Journey to Places You’ve Only Dreamed Of.” An emotive headline helps form an instant connection with the reader.

Highlight a Key Benefit

A benefit-driven headline clearly states how the product or service will improve the customer's life. For example, “Book Five-Star Luxury Getaways at a Fraction of the Cost” or “Travel the World Without the Crowds.” Focusing on a significant benefit gives the reader a reason to continue engaging with your landing page.

Use Power Words

Incorporate power words like “discover,” “journey,” “explore,” “wonder,” “escape,” or “wanderlust.” These expressive words tap into the desire for adventure and new experiences. They give the headline more impact and gravitas.

Keep it Concise

Aim for a headline of 60 characters or less, including spaces. A short, punchy headline is more attention-grabbing and easier to read. Get straight to the point without unnecessary words.

Place Prominently at the Top

Position your headline prominently at the top of the landing page so it is the first thing visitors see when the page loads. This prime placement, along with an eye-catching font or design, helps to instantly capture interest and draw the reader into your content.

An compelling headline is essential for an effective landing page. Following these tips will help you craft a headline that sparks interest in your travel website and gives visitors a reason to continue reading and engage with your content.

Explain Your Offer Clearly

To effectively explain your offer on the landing page, provide details on what exactly you’re selling in a clear, concise manner.

Focus on Benefits

Rather than just listing features, emphasize the key benefits and solutions your product or service provides. Explain how it will make the customer’s life easier or solve their problems. For example, state how your guided tour service allows travelers to experience the authentic side of a city without the hassle of planning it themselves.

Share the Details

Give the reader more context about what they will receive. For a tour, note the destinations, duration, group size, amenities included, and any other relevant details. Be transparent about what they can expect. Use images to help visualize the experience.

Highlight the Value

State the total value or cost savings the customer will gain. If possible, compare your price to competitors to demonstrate how affordable and worthwhile your offer is. For a multi-day tour, calculate the total cost of hotels, food, and transportation had they planned it themselves. Your all-inclusive price may seem very reasonable in comparison.

Offer Incentives (Optional)

Consider offering launch specials, discounts, or other incentives to encourage sign-ups. For example, “The first 20 travelers will receive a 25% discount on our Signature Tour.” These types of offers create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Use them sparingly as they may not fit with your overall brand image and strategy.

Call the Customer to Action

Finally, end by prompting the reader to take the next step, whether it’s to book a tour, subscribe to a newsletter, or contact you for more details. For example, “Ready for an unforgettable getaway? Reserve your spot today.” Include buttons that link directly to your booking or contact form to make it easy for them to act.

A well-crafted offer section following these key principles will effectively explain the value of your services and compel the customer to become a paying client. Keep refining and improving it over time based on feedback and conversion rates. An irresistible offer and strong call to action are essential for landing page success.

FAQs: How Can Unicorn Platform Help Build My Travel Landing Page?


Unicorn Platform makes building a travel landing page simple. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you don’t need any coding experience. You can easily add and customize:

  • Eye-catching images to showcase destinations and experiences
  • Engaging headlines and text to highlight offerings
  • Buttons for visitors to take action like “Book Now” or “Learn More”
  • Image galleries, countdown timers, maps and more


Unicorn Platform offers full customization of your landing page. You have total control over:

  • Layout and design using pre-made templates or building from scratch
  • Typography including font style, size, and color
  • Color scheme to match your brand
  • Content placement by dragging and dropping elements
  • And much more.


Unicorn Platform integrates with many popular third-party services travel companies use like:

  1. Email marketing tools to capture leads from your landing page
  2. CRM software to organize and manage leads
  3. Booking platforms so visitors can easily schedule tours or lodging
  4. And various other integrations to enhance functionality


Unicorn Platform provides analytics to gain insight into how your landing page is performing. Track metrics such as:

  • Page views
  • Referral sources (social media, search engines, etc.)
  • Conversion rates
  • Visitor actions
  • And other key performance indicators.

Use this data to make informed optimizations to improve lead capture and conversion.


Unicorn Platform offers helpful support resources including:

  • Knowledge base with guides on features, customization, and best practices
  • Video tutorials walking you through building a landing page step-by-step
  • Live chat for quick questions and troubleshooting
  • Phone and email support for more complex issues

Rely on Unicorn Platform’s dedicated support team to assist you in creating an high-converting travel landing page. Let us know if you have any other questions!


In conclusion, if you're looking for an easy way to create a high-converting landing page for your travel website or app, Unicorn Platform is the perfect solution. With its simple drag and drop interface, stunning templates, and powerful features, you'll be able to build and customize a professional landing page in no time. Your visitors will have a seamless experience on any device, and you'll have access to insightful analytics to optimize your page for the best results. For travel startups and businesses looking to increase traffic, leads, and sales, Unicorn Platform provides an affordable, user-friendly platform to help you achieve your marketing goals. Start your free trial today to experience how Unicorn Platform can revolutionize your landing page creation process.

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